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Astrology & Tarot Speak on the Scotland Independance Referendum

Scotland goes to the polls today to determine whether or not it should become independent of England, perhaps breaking up the United Kingdom, after some 300 years!  Polls show results are too close to call, but that’s where ASTROLOGY and TAROT can help!

MOON is in Cancer today, in a favorable (trine) aspect to conservative old SATURN in Scorpio. This is a sign that a cautious approach is likely to be taken. People are thinking about basic values of things.  Who will pay to fix the potholes?  What’s going to happen to the currency? It’s much more a “vibration” about  “what could we LOSE?”  than “what can we GAIN by independence?”

With a quick Tarot spread on the Question: “will the Scots vote for independence?  Or to stay with England?”  I got the following:

6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups

6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups


The VI of Pentacles. A generous person of wealth, drops gold coins into the hands of a worthy beggar, as another poverty-stricken man on his knees, has to do without.

My interpretation is that matters of finance and of commerce are very important at this time.  Who is going to provide welfare for the poor?  What Currency will Scotland be using? Doubts about these matters will feed the no vote.


VII Of Cups. A young person is trying to decide between a number of different options. It is not at all easy to choose, since wealth, power, ego gratification, compete with dragons, snakes, and fickle beauty!

I interpret this as choice taken almost to a standstill!  Making a choice to move forward, puts one at risk!  Temptations are certainly there, but different voters will see things differently.


The VI of Cups.  A boy and a girl stand together facing each other. The boy presents his little friend with one of the golden cups.

The symbolism is obvious; the two affirm their bond of friendship. This is not a card about a separation taking place, or independence being desired or chosen;  it is clearly a card of Unity!

That is how both predictive methods show the “No” Vote triumphing.  Scotland will not vote for independence!

—Ed Augusts

The Murder that COULD have been Prevented!

I was struck by the fact that the mother and her boyfriend were at Walmart (at MIDNIGHT?) while their 8 and 10 year old daughters were left to play "hide and seek" (according to the surviving 10 year old) with this weird-looking "family friend". The linked story says that "The State" REMOVED The surviving daughter from the home yesterday. Presumably, the parent not being home, that late at night, coupled with her choice of the nit wit pervy-looking friend (See his photo in the news story,) to be up with the children at such a late hour, rather than making sure that they were in bed, might be justification to remove the surviving child until things were sorted-out better, though I am very seldom an advocate of the removal of a child. Of course, there might be issues that we don't know, that still haven't been made public; perhaps the family was already known to CPS. I just did a Reading about this terrible situation (after the News story:)

Bullhead City, AZ Girl Strangled, Medical Examiner Says

Hanged Man, 3 of Swords, Magician

Hanged Man, 3 of Swords, Magician

My cards suggest this tragedy could have been prevented, because the mother and possibly other relatives or friends, must have known that there was danger in their midst, and that both children had been suffering from a lack of attention (the Hanged Man) and that this issue has been going on and building up, for some time. The Hanged Man shows actual suffering, a kind of martyrdom, perhaps a kind of background situation that at least the one child had been going through… but it could have been both. The lack of a two-parent home (the loss of the real father), may have been crucial. Replacement "men in her life" (the boyfriend the mom went to Walmart with at 11 p.m.), and the "family friend" (arrested for the murder,) were bad choices. The loss is brutally and stunningly heart-breaking, (3 of Swords), certainly one of the SADDEST cards in the whole deck), as it one of loss and despair;  it is certainly one of the cards that you just can't do very much about, other than to try to soothe a broken heart.  The hopeful heart, for there always seems to be hope, is here pierced three times with swords, showing the mother's trust was totally betrayed. There's nothing hidden about the tragedy;  just like the heart. it is right out there in the open.  

   BUT, even these awful cards don't quit without tying up the situation and showing us a bit of hope. A sudden transition, a new beginning, (The Magician), is indicated for the surviving child.

    Also importantly, The Magician indicates the police and prosecution has or will have all the 'elements' needed to try the case and win, since the card is distinguished by all four suits laid out for ready use on the Magician's table. 

    The 'bad cards' cannot be undone, Isabella can't be brought back, but things will become better-organized now, as the faults and failings that led up to this nightmare, come out. I would suppose the mother really needs a lot of help now.  The Magician, as the best and most progressive part of the system, can help with that.

    There is nothing ever "BAD" about the Magician card, it is a solid solution,  an improvement that follows a terrible disaster, an improvement that should have happened a long time ago!


Joan Rivers, the cards paint the picture

I was sorry to hear that irreverent comedienne Joan Rivers had been taken to a hospital in New York City a few days ago with cardiac and respiratory failure, and was now hooked up to machines. I did a quick 3- card Tarot reading on how she's going to do over the next little while:  [pix are attached!]

Tarot cards - 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups, 8 of Cups

Tarot cards – 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups, 8 of Cups

(1)  3 of Wands. Others, specifically her relatives, will cautiously wait and see if she is getting better, and what the doctors can report back  Just Like the figure on this card, of someone staring into the distance. It's a matter of waiting for news to come. This could also represent Joan, in her mind and spirit, looking on into the distance… and into the future. Nothing overly sad or negative about this card;  its all just a matter of attaining knowledge, having expectations, and waiting.

(2) 5 of Cups. A person wearing black stands in sorrow because of what has been lost. Two cups are still standing, but 3 cups have been knocked over and spilled. This suggests that Joan Rivers enters a physical state where it may not be possible for her to come back to live successfully in this world.  The card also shows the sorrow… and the dilemma..
felt by those who love her. It does not show that she has passed on, but that so much has been lost, that a decision may have to be made to let her go.

(3) 8 of Cups. Under noctural skies, a solitary figure leaves the scene, leaving many things and much treasure behind. Joan will "be released" soon from the bondage of the body.  It appears her close relatives will make this decision, especially if she has entered a vegetative state, rather than holding on to her at all costs. According to this card,  her Soul is ready to be released, and will be going on its journey to the next place waiting for her to explore.  The cards are helping remind us that despite our love for each other, and our natural desire to stay with our loved ones, there's nothing really lost when a person passes on!

All the Best,  —–Ed

Bettie Page: Dysfunctional Family to Pin-Up Queen

Bettie Page was born April 22, 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee and came (eventually after many travels),  to New York City.  She had a broad, expansive mind, ever-ready for a challenge.  This is seen in various aspects in her chart, including a Jupiter-Uranus trine, which gives her the spirit of an adventurer… an explorer, or inventor, practically!

She was lovely, and lovely is a VENUS quality.  Her Venus is conjunct Uranus, the planet of novel, eccentric, unusual, and sudden ideas and escapades.  In a Solar Chart,using 12 Noon as the birth time, her Venus is in the 8th House, the house of Sexuality.   Venus with Uranus easily meets others, loves whatever's different and exciting, and is definitely NOT old fashioned or prudish.  Her Venus ALSO is in a good aspect with the Moon, the planet of basic womanhood, women's cycles, and motherhood. And her Moon is in Cancer, the sign of the Mother and Family. So it is interesting that Bettie "vibes" like the "girl next door",  Men found her image to be exciting, and hard to dismiss or dislike.

She was propelled forward in the eyes of the world, by MOON–Jupiter–and Uranus together forming a Grand Trine.  This combination of three planets is exceptionally outgoing and optimistic — one might also say hedonistic — with the focal point being the very female MOON.  She was not stuffy. She was not old-fashioned. She was eager to get ahead.  Simplest way to put it ,is that Jupiter-Uranus prominent, get her into many opportunities, including advanced, cinematic, photographic, fashion, etc., ventures.   Linked with MOON, the female nature springs to the forefront!  This is what the focus on photography was all about,.

Yes, she was propelled forward in the eyes of the world — but she had a hard time getting "out of her own head", there were tremendous pressures caused by several terrible shortcomings in her chart, as well, which I will mention, below.

Her Moon's connection with Planet Uranus, in a 120 degree "trine", a harmonious aspect, tying-together Pisces and Cancer, indicating that ALL the "female forces" are synchronized to work together, in her birthchart.  But Uranus bringts both Moon and Venus the factor of short-lived adventures and short-term romances.  Formed quickly and easily, they can be swept away just as fast.

She definitely WAS successful as an image of the beauty and excitement of womankind.  Yet, her life did not go very smoothly. Her glory years as a model were shortened abruptly when S&M shots came to the attention of Congress.  It is said she was "consulted" by the FBI, and may have been named in a Kefauver committee hearing about pornography. It should be noted, by the way, that Bettie NEVER appeared in explicit x-rated pictures or movies. The S&M was what was questionable.

 What in her chart shows the possibility that her success would be short-lived?
Born with an extremely rare lack of ANY planetary or lunar aspects to her SUN, this lack was matched — doubled or tripled! — by the fact that her MARS in the first degrees of Gemini, also made NO ASPECT with any planet or the Moon or Sun.  Her planet of work, of energy — of MALE energy in her life — was without any connection with any other planet in her chart. The lack of Mars energy implies she may NEVER have found the right man.  And the lack of Solar aspects can often represent the Father, she was born with a waning or lacking fatherly influence in her chart, and throughout her life, I think she was trying to find "him".,  Actually, she was determined to find both a MAN and a FATHER, but both of these quests would be blunted and hindered by her terrob;e natal 'heritage'.

Her chart shows profound dislocation and hardship during her childhood.  The lack of good aspects to Sun and Mars caused her father, as the prime male presence and role-model to act despicably toward her, and then be taken away from the family, never mentioned again:

Here is an important Wikipedia quote about her childhood:

Page was the second of six children born to Walter Roy Page and Edna Mae Pirtle. At a young age, Page had to face the responsibilities of caring for her younger siblings. Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old. (In the 1930 Census, a few weeks before Bettie's 7th birthday, her mother Edna Pirtle Page was already listed as being divorced.) After her father, whom Page would accuse of molesting her starting at age 13, was imprisoned, Page and her two sisters lived in an orphanage for a year. During this time, Page's mother worked two jobs, one as a hairdresser during the day and washing laundry at night.

(A good Progression occurred:  around age 15 –16, SUN progressed over her natal Mercury, the planet of the mind and of communications, and her shadowy childhood years were swept away by sunshine.  Her studies advanced. She was noticed for her scholarship.  She graduated with honors and was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by her classmates.

Her ambitions were noteworthy. She wanted to act.  But getting to either New York or Hollywood wasn't so easy.  Bettie's lack of the ability to connect with males, particularly,  in her chart made her like a "Lost Soul!"  No father, no brothers or other male relatives of any possible use to her are ever mentioned in her Bio.  Surely she was 10X more lonely than Marilyn Monroe.  She felt she had no father, and no boyfriend or lover in her life, either.  Irving Klaw finally, in the early and mid-1950's substituted for both!  The men and youths of the world who saw her dressed-up like a black-haired spitfire, in heels and stockings and little else, were enraptured. THESE became her "missing" family, the appreciative family she had evidently never really had at all. 

 When she couldn't find her real father, (he was away in prison, and after that, never mentioned again), I think she became eager for men to notice her, and to please them so they would accept her.  Poor Bettie was also determined to be in a good marriage, and kept trying to achieve that goal.  Here are relevant relationships (again, thanks to Wikipedia:) 

In 1943, she married high school classmate Billy Neal in a simple courthouse ceremony shortly before he was drafted into the Navy for World War II. For the next few years, she moved from San Francisco to Nashville to Miami and to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she felt a special affinity with the country and its culture. In November 1947, back in the United States, she filed for divorce.

Her being drawn to Haiti, and later, wishing to go to Africa on missionary work,is a Mercury-Jupiter factor.,  Jupiter is travel, and Uranus (in trone) provides ample chances to treavel.  But Mercury adverse to Jupiter means these travels are often poorly timed and badly planned.  She never did get to Africa, her previous divorce ultimately made her ineligible to do missionary work., for example.

She dated industrial designer Richard Arbib in the 1950s. She then married Armond Walterson in 1958; they divorced in 1963.

She briefly remarried Billy Neal, her first husband, who helped her to gain entrance into missionary work; however, the two divorced again shortly thereafter.[citation needed] She returned to Florida in 1967, and married again, to Harry Lear, but this marriage also ended in divorce in 1972.

Her fate was to have four marriages — one, a short-lived re-marriage. Astrologically, Venus in a conjunction with the unstable and erratic planet, Uranus, and the Moon tied into the aspect, as well,  accounts for probable lack of long-term marriage connections.

Here's another factor:  No children are cited despite all the men in her life; nor are children promised in her natal chart. Her Moon was natally in conjunction with Pluto.  This sometimes appears in the lives of both men and women who are not favored by the Fates to have babies or raise children.  In Bettie's case, as the second of six children, she may have had enough of child-raising with her four younger siblings.

 When she met Irving Klaw, the New York City cheesecake photographer, she may have found her "father figure".  He was older and an actual husband and father, so despite his questionable profession, she must have felt very much in agreement with him and his wife, with whom she also bonded.

(SUN progressed over her natal MARS about 1951 or so., The two celestial bodies which make NO aspect in her birthchart, met via progression, and the doubled male significance of Sun and Mars hit home:  Just when she found her image proliferating into magazines everywhere, and, conversely, men all around her, and became the poster-girl emblematic of the erotic female, MARS, which denied her a long-term happy marriage, in its "work planet" guise, brought her to the high-point of personal success!)

Together, this trio put together quite a dossier of erotic photos. It may still have not been quite enough… All her life she was trying to "find" herself, (not just her father!), as she went through various "new incarnations", (typical of Jupiter-Uranus aspects),  from model and small-time actress, to appearing before the FBI,  to becoming a Re-born Christian.  In her later years, if not earlier, she showed signs of mental problems.

That mental disease was really, rather an imbalance, caused by several factors, including Jupiter's opposition to her mental ruler — Mercury.  But her Mercury also squared Neptune, which tends to make the mind less practical.  And Neptune, in turn, squared Jupiter, which is associated with flights of fancy in the direction of cults and religions in some people…,alcohol in others.  I have seen aspects like this frequently!  When these forces are combined, Jupiter, the planet of positive and optimistic energy, becomes an inflated, gargantuan soap bubble taking her up, up, to heights of feeling very pleased about things, and then, often plunging her moods down, down, into reckless areas of possible depression.  The Neptune-Jupiter energy is a different kind of "soap bubble" it is conversion and belief that goes beyond the rational mind.  Put them all together, and her chart starts to look "bi-polar" to me, but I don't have the qualifications to diagnose such a thing.  But her flights of fancy, her dreams, her visions, her excitement, would be sooner or later dashed, and then built-up again.  What kept her moving forward, is the Grand Trine.  She was emotionally wired (Moon) to engage in the unusual, novel, and to do so suddenly and with total committment.  Her erotic photo-shoots were like that, and her conversion to being a re-born Christian was just as sudden and thorough.

Her lengthy series of marriages and re-marriages points to this lack of "Sun" and "Mars" connections in her chart.  She tried to connect, but these only had short-term success. Finally, her "demons" started catching up to her:

Here's another snippet, a very upsetting one,  from Wikipedia:

She moved to Southern California in 1979.  There she had a nervous breakdown and had an altercation with her landlady. The doctors who examined her diagnosed her with acute schizophrenia, and she spent 20 months in a state mental hospital in San Bernardino, California. After a fight with another landlord she was arrested for assault, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity and placed under state supervision for eight years.[6] She was released in 1992.

At what was the very height of her career, she got out of the photography business, found Jesus, and severed all her ties to her former life. She even worked for Billy Graham for awhile, and attended three different Bible colleges. Was this reality?  Or had reality been her former life?  At some point along the path, she began to lose contact with consensus reality;  Nor did she really ever recover.  Her mind and her memories were playing tricks on her.  The negative aspects made her last two decades obscure. ( SUN progressed over her PLUTO, planet of Hades and Darkness, in 1995 or so.)   We are left with the tokens of her life's activities:  Her broken relationships, her unfulfilled religious quest, and perhaps the best that there is — hundreds of her exciting images. All the departments of her life, the sequence of events,  agree with her astrological coordinates.

Best Wishes,  —–Ed

Sins of Yanukovych and Salvation of the Ukraine


After months of political and social upheaval, news comes out of Ukraine that its Russian-leaning President Yanukovych has fled Kiev, the Capital, leaving the reform-minded Legislature in charge. The police and other local authorities have gone over to the rebels.  He fled from his Imperial Villa at night, leaving no-one behind but a zoo full of animals — that I hope someone is taking good care of! 

There is almost no difference between a natal chart, and the forces that influence it, that is to say: the transiting planets, and a mundane or political chart, based upon an important date in history for a country, city, or other entity. The Ukraine is all about revolution and reform because its 1991 Declaration of Independence chart features planet Uranus, indicator of reform and revolution, Rising, thus coloring the whole chart with a tendency to reinvent itself every decade or so.

Parts of Old Kiev remind me of my colorful old architectural fantasies.

Parts of Old Kiev remind me of my colorful old architectural fantasies.

The square to the Moon was very significant as Moon is the common man and woman and  their standard of living, and their success or failure The Astrology of the times is clear: The oppressive forces and a President aligned much too closely with the powerful coercive influence of Russia, show up as a transiting Saturn influence, going through the Midheaven of the Republic of the Ukraine's national astrology chart (based on the Ukraine's declaration of independence chart in 1991.) This chart affects Ukraine today; the earlier independence chart of 1918 is no longer valid since the break-up with Russia 23 years ago.It was also made valueless by many decades of Ukraine's incorporation within the Soviet Union.

Gloomy old Saturn was identified with communism and socialism 100 and more years ago. The levelling of society, the destruction of religion, poverty and starvation as seen in the harsh land reforms, pogroms and general oppression, are all readily linked with Saturn.

Therefore, It should be no surprise that Saturn had gotten up into the very Midheaven of the mundane chart of the Ukraine Republic during the past few months, or that from that powerful position, Saturn was squaring Ukraine's mundane Moon in Aquarius on one side, and closing in on squaring its Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. 

The square to the Moon was very significant as Moon is the common man and woman and their standard of living, and their success or failure.  The recent uprising, which has the earmarks of a popular revolution, is the "push back" by the man and woman in the streets, who wish to become more aligned with the West, rather than go back to their former oppressors,  the Russians.

It is also no surprise that as the oppressive square is now just PASSED, the President of the Ukraine has fled out of Kiev, and may decide to leave the country altogether, for his own safety.  (I'm intuiting that, I haven't actually heard it said!)
When the aspect by Saturn was the closest to the Moon is when many feared the reformers were losing, and that Ukraine would sink into a linked, dependent relationship with Russia, like it had before Independence in 1991.
Now, quite suddenly the situation has totally changed. "Saturn's forces", have been at least temporarily defeated.


It is always instructive to see how people live when they have tremendous power.  It turns out that Yanukovych had a mansion 16 miles outside Kiev that was an incredible showplace of luxury and comfort, with his own animal menagerie.  THAT is NOT Saturn, that is Pluto — as in "Plutocrat!"  In its first day of liberation (or rather abandonment, because 40 helicopter loads of "stuff" and people were taken out suddenly),  the first "liberators" took Yanukovych's golf clubs and went out for a leisurely round of golf on Yanukovych's own golf course. A wonderful break in the tension!

Yanukovych was born on July 9, 1950, with Mars and Neptune Rising. in Libra.  He obviously had some quirky, romantic, and unusual interests. He liked the stage, he liked Hollywood.  He did not spare himself luxuries and pleasures.  So it was natural that when Uranus, the planet which likes to turn everything topsy-turvy moved to EXACTLY oppose his Mars-Neptune, that the whole "house of cards" rapidly fell apart.  At the same time,  to oppose his Midheaven.  Midheaven is one's station in life, one's career.  How one is seen by others.  With Pluto in the 4th, deeply critical, powerful, and subversive elements squared off against him. ,The combination of these two outer planet GIANTS working against him at the same time,was too much for him, and his "house of cards" collapsed. He was not necessarily punished for his crimes or his passions… its just that time goes by… things change!  Planetary motion indicates how and when.

A good Tarot card for this situation is the "Wheel of Fortune",  what goes up — must come down!   But vice versa is also true.

Is trouble over for the Ukraine? No, certainly not!  There still a high level of danger.  Although Saturn has passed the Moon, it is turning retrograde and will go over the Moon position again. And it hasn't finished squaring Jupiter. Mercury or Venus yet!  Not by a long shot!  We seem to be in a lull between storms… or maybe just the eye of the storm! 

Now that the Winter Olympics are ending in Sochi, Putin will feel obliged to make some kind of gesture, or perhaps a show of force, so as not to lose face in the region.
More to come!  —–Ed


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Paula Deen’s Troubles

Paula Deen was a high profile super-Chef on the Food Network, with a number of successful TV food shows on her trophy shelf.  She has two sons with whom she began her catering and restaurant business, who also got on the air with their own show.  She wrote several well-received books, as well.  She put in a LOT of hard work, as many Capricorns are capable of, and had a lot to smile about.

Then, all hell broke loose, and the salient point, the iceberg that sank the Titanic, was the charge that she had used the “N-word” and had said some rather sordid racial remarks.  From what I can tell, Paula Deen readily admitted that she had used the N-word.  She was born in Georgia, raised in the South;  and it cannot be excused, but maybe that kind of thing is frequent south of the Mason-Dixon line in her family or her class.   But the idea of a woman using that kind of invective in front of employees or fellow business people or other chefs,  was so offensive that people couldn’t disassociate themselves from her fast enough.  She lost her T.V. contract, her book publishing contract, and various other backers.

A look at her natal Astrology chart shows the whole problem!

Paula Deen Solar Chart. Thanks to

Paula Deen Solar Chart. Thanks to


She was born January 19, 1947 in Albany, Georgia. (This is a Solar Chart rather than using her  exact birth-time, which was not available.)  The critical factor is that Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind, speech and writing, is in a very close conjunction to Mars in her chart, and in the Sign of Capricorn.  The Sun is adjacent.  You can see them at the VERY TOP of the attached CHART.  These few factors are enough to describe her entire problem.

* Mercury conjunct Mars — vigorous (Mars) heated (Mars) speech (Mercury).

* Mercury and Mars in Capricorn — Capricorn is a very down-to-earth Sign which often doesn’t mince word when either Mercury or Mars are present.

* Sun conjunct Mars — masculine, dynamic, “double-Mars” energy. Fearless and not particularly sensitive to what others might feel.

* Sun conjunct Mars in Capricorn — totally work-driven nature, not apt to be extremely worried about what is “politically correct” or not.

* Sun, Mercury and Mars all in a wide opposition to Saturn.  Losses are shown by hard aspects to Saturn,which tends to “teach lessons”, sooner or later, for things the person doesn’t expect or is not even aware of.  “The past catches us!”

* Saturn opposes her Sun.  At some point in her early life, she was very much taken to task by either her father or a teacher or other person, probably male, and this hurt her ability to empathize with others.  Others had screwed with her, been highly critical of her, and she was therefore willing to use bad language about others, either personally, one-on-one, or racially, as a group or class.

*The asteroid Pallas Athena is only a quarter of a degree from an exact oppositon to Saturn, and hard Pallas aspects to Saturn seem to indicate “feeling stupid”, (in this case, being MADE to feel stupid), for mistakes they have made.  Bob Marks (in  indicates people with this obscure aspect often need to “practice.. practice.. practice their self-esteem.”  Well, after the world gets finished denouncing them, as in Paula Deen’s case!

To be sure, Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in a good aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio, and Jupiter holds the promise of prosperity, wealth and fame.  And this is the reason for her rise to “stardom” and success.  But the aspect is a sextile, a 60-degree aspect, which is not as strong as other Jupiter aspects such as trines and conjunctions, and the benefits of the sextile can be lost when other factors intrude.

If you have my “Planetary Combinations in Astrology Charts”, (Amazon/ Kindle), you can see some other examples of people who have a Sun-Mars conjunction in people which include  Nazi theorist Joseph Goebbels,  controversial Louisiana politician Huey P. Long, (who was assassinated), porn actress Traci Lords, (who got a second chance on MTV),  early Federalist Alexander Hamilton (who was shot to death in a duel),  Caryl Chessman,(who was executed at San Quentin),  Lenny Bruce (prosecuted for saying obscene things, and died young),, outspoken feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem, and popular singer Aliyah (who died in a plane crash).   You can see the Mars energy, when combined with the Sun, at birth, creates SO MUCH energy that often unexpected and violent events occur.   Please notice how most of these people with Sun conjunction Mars made some powerful enemies, to say the least.   (Please see my book to find out more: 

  “Planetary Combinations in Astrology Charts”  $5.99)

Mars transited Deen’s planet Uranus very recently.  This aspect often indicates sudden and unexpected (Uranus) attacks (Mars),  in this case, the denunciations of those who were involved in a law-suit against her.

Mercury went retrograde last week, within range of an opposition to Deen’s critical natal Mercury-Mars conjunction.  Everything about this situation is hard for her to deal with while Mercury, which rules publicity and news, speech and writing, is going retrograde.  This is a key to her being unable to pull herself out of the quagmire she’s found herself in.  At the end of the retrograde, in three weeks, Mercury will come toward the opposition and go over the exact opposition, a little more than a month from now;  I don’t think she can make much progress until that aspect takes place.

She has a GREAT series of Neptune aspects, and these have to do with artistry, with talent, as well as inspiration.  On some level, great cooking must be a Great Art... that’s what her chart says, anyway!   I’m sure she’s got a BOOK in her that will explain all that we are talking about.  With her good Jupiter and Neptune, she’s not going to go broke.

As a tough Capricorn with hard-hitting Mars and crafty Mercury conjoined in the most practical and ‘earthy’ of all the Signs,  one must believe that she has a tough-enough skin to not let this kind of debacle totally destroy her.  Her Jupiter sextile to these three planets will actually protect her from the worst of the worst, and she may not lose her court battle, as Jupiter in good aspect at birth is extremely good in helping during litigation and the courtroom.

The hard-as-nails part of her chart is what caused her to speak disrespectfully and thoughtlessly.  But finding the right response that is as sensitive as a Water Sign — not an Earth Sign — is what seems difficult.  The “right touch” in this circumstance is sadly lacking.

EDWARD SNOWDEN — The Chart Says It All!

By Ed Augusts * July 2, 2013

The Government really needs to start using Astrology as a forensic tool, or at least in character evaluation of the people it or its contractors employs. Edward Snowden is a case in point.  His Birth Chart DESCRIBES what he just did, that made him famous.  It WARNS of it, in fact!  It also explains his recent travels around the world.  It also JUDGES his actions, as I will show you.

Snowden’s Natal chart can be seen here:

The chart is for EDWARD SNOWDEN, born June 21, 1983, at 4:42 a.m. In Elizabeth City, New Jersey.   (The chart has an “AA”  reliability rating by Lois Rodden standards,  meaning the data is quite reliable!)

Put together the separate specific chart elements, and you get “The Man”.   Is he right, wrong, deluded, crazy, or a traitor? 


* Mercury Rising in Gemini. Mercury was very close to the Ascendant at his birth; he is a good and versatile communicator, he could be an author, he surely has a number of interests, and he can be flexible. Very good with data, computers, etc.

* Mercury opposition Uranus. He is not one to see things ‘straight’, his thinking (Mercury) is often disturbed or can be twisted (opposition Uranus). All kinds of mental problems are indicated by Mercury in ‘hard aspect’ to Uranus. What he really needed wasn’t to work as a contractor for the U.S. Government… he needed regular visits to a therapist… or astrologer!

* Mercury opposition Jupiter. He is given to excesses; he tells tales and stretches the truth to suit himself. His flights of fancy sometimes turn into flights to other countries. But the opposition does not bring him any credit through these journeys, any more than his fancies and obsessions.

* Sun conjunction Mars in Gemini.  Good for energy, bad for the temper.  He is a HOTHEAD, especially on a mental level.  He will spar, argue, and is often able to play either side, with the adaptability of Gemini Mercury Rising.  And in his ways of communicating with others, he is likely to be PARTISAN,  bold, passionate, daring, and militaristic on some level of his feeling-thinking apparatus. People with Mars-Sun conjunct in Gemini can be relied upon to act on impulse, without due reflection that others may have.

* Sun and Mars are in close opposition to Neptune. Sun opposition Neptune indicates the kind of person who “hears music that no-one else does,” i.e., he would well be deluded. When we think iof Hippies in the sense of impractical dreamers, Sun-opp-Neptune was very descriptive. Mars opposition Neptune is literally the poisoning of his work (Mars) by the seductive and unrealistic (Neptune). Therefore, being in a tug-of-war or struggle over what one’s work really is, is symbolized perfectly by Mars (work) opposed by Neptune (ideals, but also confusion). Mars in hard aspect to Neptune is unhealthy and can lead to derangement. Together, both Sun and Mars opposing Neptune, make it seem he is one to be swept away by idealistic and unrealistic visions. IF they were realistic and not deluded, he would not have this particular pair of oppositions!

* Jupiter close conjunction with Uranus. He has a feeling of superiority, and an inflated feeling of ego (Jupiter),  out of the ordinary  (Uranus),  and definitely thinks big. Jupiter can be religion, and Uranus is quite unorthodox, so he can hardly be expected to be a devout member of a known church.  In view of  Mercury being in opposition to this pairing,  it shows he never suspects that what he really possesses is a spirit of revolt and anarchism, which has replaced what in other men are strong religious values.

* Mars trine Saturn. This is a good aspect. He is undoubtedly a hard and capable worker, capable of gruelling and personally unrewarding work, so long as it is constructive. This is one part of this chart which is admirable, but the rest of it makes him misuse his capabilities so that he ends up doing what’s wrong.

(You can see all these astrological aspects explained, with numerous examples from the lives of famous people, past and present,  in my 420+ page  e-book:  “Planetary Combinations in Astrology Charts”  $5.99)

*Mars trine Pluto.  Another good aspect.  He can work (Mars) diligently (trine) on secret and sensitive projects (Pluto), except for the other aspects which overcome and pervert this energy.

* Moon in Scorpio, aspected only by Venus in a hard (square, 90 degree) angle. Venus and Moon are both lonely in his chart, and these are two of the softer, feminine planets.  Delicacy is not indicated, but hard feelings, jealousy, and inability to have a rewarding relationship with either his mother or a wife or girlfriend are shown, Since this aspect indicates that he is emotionally isolated, despite being in a world of desire, greed for success and passion that he feels is never really his… it may turn his mind toward criminal acts.

After reviewing his natal chart, I can make a critical judgement about the man’s likely effect, good or bad, if working in an important government position. I can even say that he saw the whole issue in a clouded or deluded condition, since ths planets are not placed in his chart in a way that make it likely he would see things clearly when it came to big issues.  This man should not have been put in charge of any sensitive, much less Top Secret data or programs.  Why can’t the Government do something like examine the natal astrology patterns when it hires people for the most sensitive and important positions?  If Government won’t do it,  maybe the companies and corporations should use astrology to single-out individuals who are more likely than others to be troublemakers.  And if nobody uses astrology to prevent problems like this from occurring, then at least Law Enforcement agencies ought to use it, to help determine which of various suspects is most likely to have done a given criminal act…  since it will be there, given accurate information, in the Stars!

At this moment (late on July 2, 2013), Snowden, by all reports, is evidently trapped in Moscow airport waiting area, known for its lack of comforts. He is not officially in a part of Russia, not a part of the country he came from, nor yet the country he is going to… wherever that is.  Snowden has asked for asylum from various countries around the world, and those who have said they might honor his request nevertheless say he has to get there, first. Which doesn’t look too likely, now. The U.S. Is putting pressure on governments around the world to snub him.

It’s not surprising, is it, from an astrological point of view? With the Mercury retrograde on, now, it is amusing to ponder that Mercury retrogrades are known as times when people find their travel plans don’t work out exactly as planned that looks like what is happening to Edward Snowden, who was born very late in the Sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Planet Mercury, and he also has Mercury and Mars and his Ascendant in Gemini.  Mars… his actions… his work… is “going retrograde” right now, too,  Yes, this retrograde has more than an ordinary impact on him. He is the QUINTESSENTIAL ” future text-book example” of what can happen to a Mercury-powered chart during a Mercury retrograde period!   I just hope that nobody gets hurt!  

Best,  ——Ed



Lisa Williams. Allison DuBois & Other Psychics


Why don’t you join me?  I’m just looking at some charts of psychics. Some common features are coming up which may intrigue you, since a person wonders sometimes about who is genuine and who’s fake when it comes to the business of being a psychic!

First — what do the authorities say?  What do the astrological text-books say?  They say look at the position and aspects of NEPTUNE. Various authors who have studied the matter say that mesmerism (hypnotism), trance states, channelling, etc., all involve Neptune.  Probably interest and ability with Tarot Cards or Palmistry, etc., also involve Neptune!   I would concur from my previous experiences and add the proviso that it takes a highly-developed Neptune before we can call anyone’s chart likely a truly PSYCHIC chart. Neptune should ideally be in an aspect with either MOON or MERCURY, but other combinations are possible;  Pluto and Uranus are also involved with some strange and mysterious powers, as spiritualism operates in a sea of feelings and visions that is just beyond this everyday world that we’re in, and it takes VISION and INTUITION to make contact with that world!

Without a doubt, EDGAR CAYCE “The Sleeping Prophet” had some amazing psychic powers, which he manifested in a light trance-state that simulated sleep. His answers to questions from numerous clients were often amazing, since they even included diagnoses and “cures” for various ailments, which he could give people 80 or 100 years ago, but not in this day and age.

Born March 18, 1877 at 3:20 p.m. in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, CAYCE’s Uranus is within 3 degrees of his Ascendant, and births such as this mark the individual as unique if not ‘strange’.  Uranian people can be quite talented, but they always stand out in a crowd and often are challenged by loneliness because so very few can be part of their unique mental and spiritual world.

Pluto , meanwhile, another very interesting Outer Planet, is within three to four degrees of Cayce’s Midheaven at birth.  Intensity, compulsion, with a dark or twisted ‘edge’ is common for Plutonians.  The fact Cayce’s Midheaven as well as Ascnednat are marked by the presence of these two Outer Planets reveals that he was going to be unique and bring gifts to Earth from distant places of his mind and spirit,  even without his conscious decision to do so.  The trance states just “happened”.  The information he gave in a trance was unavailable to Cayce in normal state.

Neptune is in a conjunction with his Moon in the early part of Taurus, and both are in a fine trine (120 degree aspect) to Jupiter in Capricorn which stimulates the sensitivity and power of his feelings (Moon).  Jupiter and Neptune in aspect oftenhave a metaphysical or religious component, and by all accounts, Cayce was a deeply religious man when he was awake, and an incredible mystic when he slept (or fell into a trance!)

LISA WILLIAMS is on a tour to Australia and then Sweden right now where she is holding demonstrations before large audiences of her ability to reach the spirits,usually members of families who have passed into the Great Beyond.   I did her chart recently, thanks to a Bay Area friend who knows her.

Ms. Williams was born June 19, 1973,  [See:  Note below!]  I did her chart myself and was immediately impressed:  Pluto is within 3 degrees of her Midheaven — just like in Cayce’s birth chart!   The Greek God Pluto was Lord of the Underworld which in ancient times was not thought of as any kind of place of punishment — simply the realm of departed spirits!   Having Pluto at the Midheaven seems to bring about some connection with the Realm of Spirits, whether we think of the place these spirits are part of as the Great Beyond, the Afterlife, the Underworld, Hades, etc.

Even more exciting:  She has Neptune RISING, within a degree or two of the Ascendant, and this makes it absolutely natural for her -- a way of life! — to be involved with the mystic arts.  The mystical side of someone with Neptune exactly rising in a birth chart, knows no bounds!

As you may recall,  Cayce’s Moon was conjunct his Neptune.  Williams’ Moon is in a wide sextile (60 degree), a good aspect to her Neptune;  Moon sheds its light, (literally!)  on planets it touches in a natal chart, and in Ms. Williams’ case, it brings her visions into her mind, and injects a lot of emotions with them,  that is,  she wants to reveal them to others. She wants to HELP OTHERS through her psychic talents.

Both Cayce and Williams have a Mercury-Saturn aspect.  A conjunction in Cayce’s case;  a 1-1/2 degree semisextile in Williams’ case.  Mercury is the mental ruler, and Saturn is the planet of tradition, responsibility,  These aspects make a person feel responsibility for others.  Einstein had a close Mercury-Saturn aspect, as well.  The mind is able to study in-depth, and learns for an entire lifetime.

PETER HURKOS, born May 21, 1911,  5:20 a.m., in Dordrecht, Netherlands, was a very unusual psychic.  He was 30 years old before this ability manifested, and only because he was hit on the head  and lay unconscious for three days.  When he regained consciousness, he had psychic abilities.  At least one serious researcher said Hurkos was the most gifted psychic he’d ever studied.   Hurkos’ Neptune (the psychic planet!)  was in a close opposition to planet Uranus at birth;  Uranus is associated with sudden and unexpected events, and Mars was in a very close trine with Neptune.  Mars at times involves accidents and injuries,  so his developing psychic talents (Neptune) is indicated to come through an accident (aspect with Uranus and also Mars), unlike Lisa Williams, for instance, who was born with the gift (Neptune RISING).

Here we again see Mercury in a close aspect with Saturn (the conjunction),  I wonder if Einstein was psychic, since he had this one, too?  Well, to be a physicist — I would suppose intuition would be a good thing to have!

SYLVIA BROWNE, born in Kansas City, MO.,on October 19, 1936, at 2:00 p.m., a long-time fixture of the Montel Williams Show.  She has a chart which is strikingly different from those of the other psychics on this page. The mediumistic, psychic planet Neptune is in a conjunction with Mars, which is not considered a good aspect to have;  Mars muddles-up the purity of psychic impressions with partisan, judgemental, or perhaps angry  or frustrated energy.  Neptune either opposes or squares two other planets and the Moon in her chart.  It is just too many bad aspects to Neptune.  It cannot be that such an energy is wholly beneficial.  When there are no benevolent aspects to one’s Neptune, it seems that the psychic visions, if any, may be either on the “dark side” or problematic in some way.  She has the most “challenged” chart on this page.

ALLISON DUBOIS,  whom the “Medium” was based upon, thanks to her helping Law Enforcement authorities with her psychic impressions, was born  January 24, 1972, at 11.31 p.m. in Phoenix, Arizona.   URANUS, MERCURY, and MARS are all angular in her birth chart, with Uranus Rising.  Her Neptune has an almost exact (20 minutes of longitude) sextile (positive) aspect with the Sun, which is an aspect reputed to sensitive a person and bring them happiness through music and the arts.  She has a number of risky and difficult aspects, of a kind that make her look to be vulnerable to accidents and possibly attacks;  I can see her involvement with the police as an outgrowth of this “rough side” of her chart, because this kind of chart puts her in touch with not only the police, but crime scenes, forensics, etc.  It isn’t very pretty, it’s very gritty, but that’s what Law Enforcement involves.  It looks to me like risky and frightening situations in her life led her to find a kind of “escapism” that involved the psychic world.  Hers is a different ‘energy’ than the others;  I think she stressed her way into being psychic, whereas Peter Hurkos was hit over the head and became psychic!  Edgar Cayce went into a trance to become psychic.  Sylvia Browne — I’m not sure about her planetary qualifications to be a helpful psychic, whereas the chart of Lisa Williams, shows psychic abilities that she’s had her whole life.

I should confess here,  that I was born with Neptune in aspect to Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon;  with a Moon-Pluto and Sun-Uranus conjunction.  The Uranian energy tends more toward Astrology than Psychism in many cases.  The Plutonian energy is just simply… intense!  Yep!  The strong conjunctions to outer planets by BOTH Sun and Moon indicate I’m an “outer planet” kind of guy, nothing too simple or sweet.  Love to help you, though!   See my Rates page, then  Give me a call:  (520) 305-8768  or drop me a line:

Ed Augusts’ latest Astrology ebook is out!   420 pgs … just $5.99.      More Stars & Planets for your Dollar.  Your Amazon review would be appreciated!

Here’s Cayce’s chart:

…and Hurkos’ :,_Peter

…and DuBois':,_Allison

…and Browne’s:,_Sylvia

Note:  I only have Lisa Williams’ chart from a close friend of Lisa Williams, who spoke with her personally.  I don’t believe it is on either the Astrotheme or Astrodienst databases yet, and I shouldn’t reveal the exact information.