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Wow! So MUCH Has Happened!

Here’s a Synopsis: Since my last entry, I got a job which involved a two week training course as as student loan advisor, got up to the point of getting recognition and financial bonuses on that job; then quit that job after a subsequent rebirth put me into a different ‘head space’ which didn’t allow for that job anymore. . This 2nd rebirth was impulsive and to my detriment because it brought Saturn to my exact Ascendant. I go more into that below… did ANOTHER rebirth, geared toward becoming more social, and attracted a lovely Bay Area woman and her 2 young kids to be roommates here. She flew from San Francisco to Phoenix to be here. Everything that happened occurred exactly as indicated by each new REBIRTH chart.

I’ve discovered and continued working with rebirthing using what I now call the Sacred Pool! In fact, I’m on the edge of another rebirthing this very afternoon, because I want to manifest prosperity arising from my communications over the phone at home, and I’m going to put the transiting trine of MOON to JUPITER as well as MERCURY at the MIDHEAVEN to that very use today! .

I’ve gone through an initial rebirth the first week of June, and two subsequent rebirths. The results of each rebirth have been manifested immediately.

I almost at once got a job that involved much self-discipline, a professional dress code, working for an established and competitive student loan sales organization, a lengthy commute to work, and various other factors that fit perfectly with the chart which that rebirth had given me. I was well-suited for this, because of a Capricorn Moon, a strong, elevated Mars, and other factors!

Then I changed things completely by undergoing another rebirth. I missed noticing that my 2nd rebirth put Saturn exactly on my Ascendant. This is a negative place to have Saturn. Saturn is, among other things, the planet of Death! Immediately a host of Saturnian issues and developments came up — as if out of nowhere! That very night as I was starting to cross the street at the corner of 19th Avenue and Southern, a pick up truck ran a red light, smashed into a sedan with six people (mostly kids) in it no more than 25 feet from where I was standing, continued on at full speed on a diagonal across 4 lanes of traffic and crashed into a tree just outside Walgreen’s where I had been just moments earlier. I and others in the crowd moved back at the smell of spilled gasoline, cops raced to the rescue of people trapped in vehicles…. That was just ONE Saturnian event I witnessed.

Another wasn’t so much an event as something in my environment. No sooner had I done the “Saturn rising” rebirth than all kinds of chunks and pieces and weird and worthless objects made of various kinds of metal were in my path. Metal brushes, switches, broken bits of varous machines, was before me, everywhere I went. When I rebirthed a 3rd time, all this metal debris simply vanished, and didn’t return!

The Saturn Rising threat was replaced with good things happening. I found a hat on the bus and wore it home, and as I walked under a shade tree in a park near my home, a bird’s egg fell on the hat and rolled off into the hand that I raised, just at that moment! Gentle things happened. I found a golden locket and a few days later, a colored glass bracelet, and a couple of days later, a man’s gold ring in the storm runoff from a storm!

When I rebirthed at a day and time which brought Mercury in Cancer to my 5th House and Moon in Scorpio to my 8th, connected by a “1 minute of longitude” exact trine, I instantly met a woman on MySpace, and two weeks later she and her two kids (Mercury, 5th House) moved in with me as roommates. But Saturn was now in my 6th House of (among other things) small animals as well as work, and a little chihuahua-mix dog of mine suffered from loneliness (Saturn = loneliness, among other things!), because of my long work hours. Yes, I was working TOO hard, I was away from home almost 12 hours every day!

It is to correct these conditions and to replace the Student Loan Advisor job with something better that I can do right out of the home — telesales of my own intellectual properties, books, records, Readings, stock market secrets, etc., I quit the student loan job under the burden of realizing I don’t wish to sell Student Loans all day, and that of course I hate being micromanaged by the company, just as I hate the rejection of so many people inevitably hanging up when confronted with a telemarketer. The other reason was having a lonely, sick dog alone at home all day Can’t I get a job where my dog won’t be miserable all day because I’m away? I am going to perform another Sacred Ritual of Rebirth upon myself later today, when the situation will be optimal for success in these particular chosen areas of life! As always, I will let you know how it develops! But if I don’t post here very often, it is only because I got VERY busily at work!, which is what I want!

That’s All for Now! ——-Ed

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