Transits & Aspects du jour – Moon enters Taurus

Let me call attention to some interesting things happening among the planets and luminaries on this, the morning of the 16th of December, 2010.  Mars is in 6 and a half degrees of Capricorn, moving 2+ degrees away from its very recent conjunction with Pluto, and its conjunction a few days before that, with Mercury.   Mercury is not very happy in Capricorn, which is the sign of Saturn. Mercury transiting Capricorn is often lethargic or non-productive when it comes to works of inspiration, art, and song;  all the more so when it is going retrograde as has been the case lately.   Right now Mercury is in 2 degrees of Capricorn, and its retrogradation is very slow, but taking it even faster away from Mars, which has been tinkering with Mercury, inflaming but also angering it, over the past week.

The effect of Mars on Saturn, which is now in 4 degrees Capricorn, is more intense, because Mars ignites a flame of activity and excitement wherever it goes, and although Mars and Saturn are enemies, Mars can move business and industry forward when its in Capricorn.  Pluto is the dark underpinnings of things, but includes the plutocrats, the ‘makers and shakers’; the movers and Hoovers.  We come close to a real battle-royal when Mars goes over Pluto in Capricorn;  you know people are going to get killed.  You now all the economic news is NOT going to be good, especially in areas where prosperity is being hoped for — such as in real estate sales and values!  No, this will not happen under Mars going over Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, the economic news will generally be adverse. But people will strive like crazy to get going with things, and to some extent they will, especially as the retrograde Mercury is no longer being touched by closely conjuncted by Mars OR Pluto.

Latent and long-lying conditions become more aggravated at this time for some people, especially those who have planets in the early degrees of the signs that conflict with Capricorn, such as Cancer (the opposite sign) and Aries and Libra, signs that square (90 degree angle from) Capricorn.  I had a surprise visit from a long-term client whom I hadn’t seen in two years.   She came in because she is a Cancerian, her daughter is a Cancerian, and there is an evil man who’s been annoying both of them, and the crisis brought about by her relationship with this man spilled-over into some hardships and sorrows, just as Mars conjuncted Saturn in early Capricorn where they both critically opposed her Cancer Sun and the Cancer Sun of her daughter.  The threat was strong enough to cause her to need to find answers, and thus she visited me.  But she is not alone.  I have Mercury in early Cancer, and the opposition of both Mars and Pluto to my natal Mercury brought me some bad news, as well as swamp gas…  Yes, there is some kind of swamp gas or other nefarious and possibly toxic gas at work in the ground near my store, and it will take a couple more days to ascertain what the hell is going on…  This is hurting (Mars) business (Mercury).

There is a guy in New Zealand who has a single-engine plane who is a Capricorn and has Mercury in early Capricorn as well…  He was stirred-up by all the early Capricorn planets, especially Mars, and wanted to fly 1,000 kilometers a few days ago (Saturday), during the ARIES Moon, which lit a Mars-ignited fire under him…  He tried hard, but only did 800 kilometers, down along the South Island,  before having to land, having a desperate need to use the bathroom (Pluto).    This was a direct result of Mars going over Pluto, and Pluto reacting back at him.  Mars caused the desire to fly, to outdo himself…  but Pluto clipped his wings.  Pluto has to do with what’s going on Under-the-Earth, under the surface… It is a planet of secrets and secret desires.   Anyway,  I hope nobody out there thinks that astrological positions and aspects don’t affect you quite personally… because they do!

Those people and those cities and states that have planets in zero to seven degrees of Cancer, Aries or Libra have been affected in a negative way,  while people who have their Sun Sign or a cluster of planets (possibly including the Moon), in signs favorable and friendly to Capricorn, especially Taurus and Virgo, will actually do quite well at this time, as making 120 degree triangles out of the 360 degree circle is more harmonious than conflicting.  Scorpio is favorable to Capricorn, as is Pisces.  People with clusters of planets, Moon or Sun, in early Scorpio or Capricorn should have done okay recently.

A lady friend who has Sun and two planets in early Scorpio has had a great time this past week, as her boyfriend is making a lot more money, and sex has been good for her — just about the best it has EVER been, she says.   Then, again, VENUS is in 10 degrees Scorpio, close to her natal MARS.  This adds sparkle to her love-life, and anybody else who has a similar aspect, if not afflicted by contrary aspects!   Jeepers, that VENUS is trining my own Venus and sextiling  (that’s a 60 degree aspect, half of a trine),  my Mars…  So my love-life is okay right now, too!   Whoo-eee! So,  paraphrasing Shakespeare, it is true that  no ill wind doth not bring some happiness and joy to somebody!

In my case, the Capricorn transits by Mercury, Mars and Pluto are impacting my natal Mercury (business and creativity) in a negative way,  but the Venus in Scorpio is good for love and enjoyment.  Just another example of why a person can have both GOOD and BAD things going on at exactly the same time, but in the different areas of life that are ‘ruled’ by the specific planets making close aspects at the time.  There is nothing unscientific or mystic about how astrology works…  it just takes a good astrologer to see the Whole Picture!  I believe this stuff because it works incredibly well, and it answers everything I need to know about day-to-day life, including relationships… That’s why it has become a veritable religion to me.   I can’t get these benefits from any organized religion, none!   They speak of dead people and distant legends;   I speak of planets that are in the sky RIGHT NOW.. . planets that have been circling the Sun for billions of years, making a kind of “Music of the Spheres”, as the ancients termed it…  that speak to us…  If you look up at the zenith late this evening, you will see JUPITER shining brightly!   But you can look all you want, you won’t see Allah, you won’t see YHVH, you won’t see Jesus or Mary or Shiva or Buddha.  Astrology is FACT, and these major religions are legends and wishes, priesthoods, apparitions, and smoke and noise, and they cause people to kill each other more than love and understand each other, and so, to Hell with them.,. I expand on this in my writings about the Cosmic Church of Christ (see:  )

Today, as I write this, MOON has entered Taurus and stands in the first degree of Taurus, which is a sign of Venus.  Venus is an energy that has been practically LACKING in the midst of all the activity going on in Capricorn…  Why is that?  Because Venus is practically the opposite energy of Saturn, and Saturn rules Capricorn, and the three planets going through Capricorn are ‘absorbing’ considerable energy from Capricorn and Saturn, its Lord.  (This is a kind of term used in Medieval and Renaissance Astrology… calling the Ruler of a Sign it’s “Lord’ but as we can see from its potent effects, the term is not accidental, it is based on observation and experience.)  The Saturn influence on Mercury, retrograding right now in Capricorn, is keeping down business activity as well as creative activity.  People are doing what they have to do, but not what they are inspired to do.  It is not a time of so much inspiration as it is a time of perspiration…  Saturn is an icy cold planet, and so is its sign…  No wonder there was a big FREEZE across half the nation last week as the three Capricorn planets made aspects with each other!

Moon transiting Aries added to accidents and a propensity for danger.  But now, Moon transiting Taurus, which it will do for the next 2–1/2 days, starting late this morning, will bring back some free time for dozing, lazing, playing,  –both music and just plain “fun’ — a good time to take the kids out for some fun, to take-in a movie, to stay up late watching stuff on TV or on the computer…  A good time to look-in on your HOBBIES and crafts.  It is not as good a time for vigorous construction and exercise, though youth and beauty is certainly highlighted.  Those who have VENUS in powerful places in their charts, especially if in good aspect to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Jupiter,  will, depending on whether Venus is placed early or late in its sign, tend to have more FUN at this time.

We tried to go out yesterday for an Indian buffet, but we almost missed the end of the buffet, and were rewarded with a tail-end, as the staff was beginning to clear-off the buffet.  We felt somewhat disappointed.  There were lots of meats in the buffet and very little vegetables, an Aloo Gobi would have been nice…  something with cauliflower or cabbage … there was potato, however…  But it turned out to be a spartan and hurried meal, just the kind of thing an Aries Moon during heavy Capricorn planetary influences was likely to bring about!   Today would have been a much better day to go, and tomorrow, probably, even better!

Tomorrow the phone company is putting-in a “land line” to my store, so that I don’t have to use the cell-phone as much, and the acoustic quality will be much improved so that I can start doing READINGS on The PHONE again, as in many years past, before I fell for this silly “cell-phone craze’, which leaves people barely able to understand what their friends or loved ones are saying!   You get two people, each on cell phones, and it sounds like those old “tin cans linked with string’. I have had enough! This improvement will come (as I see now!),  as Moon is nearly in about 11 to 13 degrees Taurus, near my North Node of the Moon, and trine to my workaholic Mars…  So the aspects are PERFECT for this new improvement to occur, here at the shop.  It could not have happened yesterday or the day before, or the day before that!   Although I ORDERED the service when the Moon was just going into ARIES, a sign of New Beginnings of all kinds.  But the PLEASURE THEREFROM comes not from Aries (Mars) but Taurus (Venus energy!) Making improvements along the lines indicated by planetary and Lunar positions is a guarantee they will work out much better than they would at random.  The retrograde Mercury is still a problem;  I don’t seem able to write anything creative that is based on my imagination right now, none of my little short stories or book and movie reviews, only nonfiction articles that go deeper and deeper into my Cosmic Church of Christ concept… an on-going project that I feel I have just begun and which needs lots of TLC so that it can really become something good and exciting… See my “VERY COSMIC…’ page on this site for more information:    And Thank You for visiting!     ——–Ed

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