3,000 HISTORY Books Are Being Added!

I am looking at two huge collections of mostly history books, also rich in politics and philosophy, with some good literature thrown in — and am adding them — albeit rather methodically — to my “EdsList” database on this site.  I’m also starting-up an account on Biblio.com, though I haven’t mastered the secrets of its uploads yet.   One collection is a miscellany of books gathered over the past 25 years from local bookstores and estate sales.  The other gathering, far more interesting, is a scholarly collection by a Harvard graduate who went on to be a University of Arizona professor.   The collection has been stored away safely, viewed by not-even-a-soul for twenty years, and, thanks to my “Lucky Stars”, I am getting first crack at it.

These collections are rich in the following subjects:

*Ancient and Medieval History and Thought (including the Greek philosophers and Roman historians) — at least 100+ hardcovers. Historians and analyses of historians like Herodotus and Thucydides, the Socratic school,  Greek Mythology, and also  books by ancient and Medieval Church fathers and Christians apologists .  As a modern offshoot, dozens of books by moderns like Paul Tillich, Teilhard de Chardin, and some Christian mystics.

*Renaissance and The Enlightenment — at least 100+ hardcovers, including various personalities, scientists and philosophers, of that era.

* German History — at least 200 to 300 hardcover, dust-jacketed, volumes, and just as many paperback volumes, including:  dozens of books on Frederick the Great, many 19th and 20th Century tomes about Bismarck, the First and Second World Wars, with at least 100 books about National Socialism — the NAZI party, Hitler,  his generals, policies, reappraisals by modern German historians, etc.

* Russian History — at least 100 to 200 hardcover and numerous paperback books ranging from Peter the Great to the Soviets of the 1980’s.  There are practically no books in the scholarly collection dated after 1990.  Much of the material centers on Communism and Socialism, with a lot of material on the Revolution and break with Czarist Russia:  Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin:  their policies, politics, and the terror they created.

* French History — at least 100+ hardcover and numerous paperback books chiefly concerning the Enlightenment and its personalities, the French Revolution and Napoleonic era, down to modern times. Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, de Sade, etc.   and the historian’s analyses of same.

* Brazilian History and Politics — a couple of dozen hardcovers, in dustjackets, written in mostly the 1960’s and 1970’s concerning Brazilian history and politics, mostly published by University presses like University of Texas, Texas A&M, and University of Arizona.  Also some Mexican history.

The books are not by any means limited to these categories, there are cultural and art books and non-political biographies, as well. These books include some that catalog up into the hundreds of dollars. I will be adding 30 or 40 new books, on average, per day, onto my “EdsList” pages, which are alphabetized by author, and start here :


I will be adding PHOTOS s-l-o-w-l-y, as my main emphasis is just to document and price the whole collection, and illustrate it with photos later.  Right now I don’t have the time to add “Pay Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons to each of these listings, so if you’re interested in any of them, just contact me at:   ed@edaugusts.com   Payment preferred is via PayPal which I’ve been using for 11 years.  Thank You!

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