A Break from the Radio/Podcasts

Hello, Fans & Friends! Please contact me right on this website, or feel free to write me at ed@edaugusts.com if you would like a Reading! I’ll be glad to give you complete information via e-mail. But let me explain…

I’m withdrawing from RADIO for the time being! I’m finding I need a break from the ridged schedule.

I’m being very active, however! I’ve embarked on a big writing project, including a number of short stories, and also adding used and rare books onto the Biblio.com database which can be seen in the “Book Rack” section at one of my other websites: www.edaugustsbooks.com I’ve expanded to just under 1,000 books, priced from $7.00 to $7,000, and should hit the elusive 1,000 book level in just a few days!

I will also be appearing on a variety of platforms on a varying schedule.

Remember to think of me for both Astrology and/or Tarot Readings, and for a wide variety of Books!

About Ed Augusts

Please read "Strange Adventures of Ed Augusts" for hundreds of pages of info and memoir. The "Bio" page on www.edaugusts.com, and "Books That Influenced My Childhood" may also be of interest.

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