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You may already know all about me — Ed Augusts! "Do a "Google Search", or just visit: . Right now, I'm in sunny Tucson, Arizona, a land of mystery, enchantment, and exciting, helpful, entertaining psychic & astrology readings!   THANK YOU!

I was taught, in a manner of speaking, by the greatest masters in the science and art which is Astrology.  I often walked to Santa Clara High School together with future astrologer Carol B.Willis, (3 years my junior) who later arranged for me to have my first professional, eye-opening chart-reading.  Then, things accelerated rapidly:  I attended lectures by such as Gavin Arthur and Fritzi Armstrong at her Metaphysical Town Hall bookshop in San Francisco in 1967-1968, and my knowledge of Tarot expanded at that time also.  But in matters metaphysical, I was also taught.  if not at first-hand then at second-hand, starting that same year by Llewellyn George, ("A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator"), Alan Leo, (in a whole set of his books, dating back to about 1910),  Grant Lewi (aka "Scorpio"),"Heaven Knows What," wondered at progressions with Doris Chase Doane, checked into "Fixed Stars" with Vivian Robson, indulged myself in Barbara H. Watters' "The Astrologer Looks at Murder" by tasted some reprints of masters of the 16th Century such as Guido Bonatus, oft times in books of aphorisms, a few things by Willaim Lilly and perhaps Dr. Dee;  Evangeline Adams, (a number of her 1920's and early 1930's volumes),  Charles E. O. Carter,"Mundane Astrology, Political Astrology" etc.,  It was later, at least 10 years later, that I chanced upon Robert Hand, Robert Pelletier, Frances Sakoian and Louis B. Acker,  "Astrologer's Handbook", etc.,  Later I visited Ptolemy (Tetrabiblos),  Still later I ran into James Braha's series of expositions and meldings in which East meets West and Vedic Sidereal gently butts up against Western Tropical astrology in his expert aspect definitions.  Then came numerous articles from journals like "The Mountain Astrologer", and, as web-based knowledge-seeking advanced, the internet yielded marvels from both masters and journeymen I'd never heard of before. and whole ouevres of very interesting characters like Carl Payne Tobey and Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs, whose rectified chart of Jesus inspired me to the analysis you can see in my "Christian Astrology" (1997), one of my least-popular books because many Christians are disdainful of Astrology, and many who like Astrology flee at the mention of Christianity.  But, as I know Jesus, using a metaphor from his days as a carpenter, said, "I prefer to make doorways where others build walls."

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Ed Augusts believes his Astrology is the pathway toward better self-understanding and a better future for those who participate and come to him with an open mind.  Ed was a good student (B.A.,'With Distinction' in New College, California State University at San Jose, 1971),  and a creative and experimental thinker when he started using Astrology in his late teens.  He had self-published his first book when he was 17 years old and soon won prizes with his writing (James D. Phelan Award in Poetry, 1971).  Ed has gained more than 40 years of experience since then in helping people using Astrology and related methods. He feels he has grown in wisdom over the years that should be used, with due consideration, to help others achieve optimum success with all major aspects of their lives.**   Ed introduces you to the Wonders and the Usefulness of Astrology and related methods. . * If you are troubled by a relationship, or just curious to get a little more information about a partner or possibly interesting person,  and want to know more,  just get the birthdate and year of birth of that person  (time of birth and place of birth would give even more specific results!) , and have that data ready.  Ed Augusts will give you some feedback about this person based on astrological factors, in a session with him via phone or exchange of e-mails. * If you have moved somewhere and feel you are unfortunate or less than happy in the place you are living, especially if you've lived somewhere your entire life but aren't getting ahead like you feel you should, there are most likely astrological factors involving geographical astrology that not only explain WHY you've had problems or issues there, but which could lead you to a much BETTER place to live — all based on your personal astrology.  A sessions with Ed Augusts may start you on the right path.

* Have you been held back or hit a 'rut' or feel things aren't going as well as they could for you?  Often this is caused by transits… the places where the planets are, right now, in comparison to where they were in your natal chart!  For an assessment of your transits, have a session with Ed Augusts.  Transits do get better and go away, and NEW, DIFFERENT transits come up!  Needless to say, this is good to know in advance!
* If you are wondering in any way about career matters, let Ed Augusts assess your career situation based on your natal chart and transits.
* If you are going to school but don't have a focus or the right outlook on the future, and wonder where you're headed,  let Ed Augusts use the power of Astrology to tune-in to your situation and to you as a talented individual, and help see what's the best course, class, or direction for you.
* If you find yourself in a 'one-sided love affair', or suffering from possible obsessions or compulsions… your own, or the other person's… concerning human relationships, let Ed Augusts look at your personal Astrology chart and give you feedback, or, in a separate reading, the chart of your loved one!
*If you have a big decision to make, of course, you should seek the counsel of a competent, trained, authority, such as a lawyer or doctor.  But if you would like some unbiased feedback based on your personal astrological birth-factors,  an Astrology session like this with an experienced and INSPIRED Astrologer like Ed is a great way to help tip the balance one way or the other, in making decisions for optimizing your personal success.
* SOLAR RETURN ANALYSIS. a very powerful method which inevitably shows points of interest in the year ahead, as well as VENUS, MERCURY, MARS, and JUPITER Returns, are available. I type very fast — you will get lots of material. I write all my OWN analyses, I don't copy anything from anyone!

* If you are a very religious person who goes to church and believes in God, let Ed show you how Astrology is the key to understanding Jesus Christ, and therefore, the message of Christ, and therefore, what the true message of Christianity really should be!  Jesus had a specific birth chart which shows His amazing qualities, and that chart has been revealed. That chart can be used for understanding Jesus and all other human beings.  Ed will tell you how.   On the other hand,  please be assured:  ED DOES NOT TALK "RELIGION" AT ANYONE UNLESS THEY WANT TO TALK "RELIGION" AT HIM!

* ANY of these topics or interests can be addressed during any session you or the person you refer, prefers. They may be the start of MORE work on the same or related subjects. There is a flexible time limit on these readings, and multiple or continuing sessions are available for an additional fee. * Tarot is Available! Ed believes Tarot brings-up inspired information from the creative side of nature… from serendipity as well as Spirit!  Coincidence is never just coincidence, so the cards that come up can help answer questions that sometimes Astrology can't completely cover.  A Tarot session can be your Reading! * Ritual, Religious Candle Burning for Success or Blessing is available!  This is not a part of the any special offer, but we treat this place like a church, and candles are part of our religion.  Ed FIRMLY believes (based on frequent success!) in the Power of Candle burning to help change a situation for the better!  Ed has received ample TESTIMONIALS from people who have received quite a 'BOOST' during and after being "on" a candle that has been burned for themselves and others. MANY PEOPLE can be blessed and helped on ONE CANDLE. Candle burning is BY DONATION.  Make ANY payment and include your name and birthdate and what your special request is. Make your request and donation right now, and Ed will dedicate a Virtual Prosperity Candle to you and send it to you via return e-mail!  NO WISHES for anything harmful or illegal, please!  Notions of candle burnings of a negative nature will NOT be entertained! * Psychometry of Photos and Objects is Available!  Ed can look at a photo of someone and get impressions and usually is able to give feedback that may be of use to you in making a decision.  Ed has done this for more than 40 years.  Via the Internet, just send a photo in the body of text or as an attachment in your correspondence with Ed.  ED HAS A MOBILE PHONE — FEEL FREE TO TEXT HIM!   Ed's e-mail address is: The back-and-forth of this psychometry can be a  session in itself. Ed Augusts is non-judgemental and will not 'preach' anything at you, even though he does dispense what he hopes is good advice, based on what the planets and cards reveal.  In fact, he is extremely open-minded,  nothing shocks or surprises him,  and ALL KINDS of people have been his clients. He only asks that you are 18 years old, or older, and, if younger, that your parent(s) or guardian give you specific written permission (if via Internet, then with a phone number so that your statement can be confirmed), in order to communicate with him.  The Ed Augusts method is to strive to give you information that will help you in whatever situation you find yourself in today! Payments can be easily made via, just use ' ' as the payee,  if you have a PayPal account,  or Ed can send a PayPal Payment Request via e-mail to any e-mail address, even if you haven't used PayPal before, and do the session once the payment is confirmed.  Pay with any debit or credit card through PayPal

Discover Ed Augusts' Books.  Ed has been a prolific writer since his childhood and has won prizes with his writing. Choose from DOZENS of titles that range from articles about how to detect criminals using astrology (22 pages) to his 'Augusts Astrological Archives', 208 pgs in e-book format (vs. 279 pgs. in paperback!).  Choose from e-books about Magic Wands, the Ouija Board, Astrology, or from among his books of thrilling imaginative stories…  or one of the individual stories. (E-Books are just  $5.00 each at this time, e-stories are $2.00, but these prices, also, are subject to change.)
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"Cosmic Church of Christ" operates under the official umbrella of the Universal Life Church.  Ed has been a Certified Minister in the Universal Life Church since 1997.   The "Cosmic Church Circle" is an informal group of all those who  participate in Ed Augusts Readings and other Services.

**Note: (Did you know "aspect" is an astrological term? It refers to the distance between two planets in a chart!)  Did you know the root word for "consideration" , sider, means "star", as in "Sidereal Astrology?" So  "Consideration"  means "in regards to what the stars say".  So let Ed Augusts make due consideration regarding the major aspects of your life!)




THIS IS A SPECIAL INVITATION TO TRY SOMETHING MYSTICAL AND MAGICAL WITH ME!  I have wonderful testimonials because every person whose name I have put on a Prosperity Candle has experienced a sudden increase in abundance — good news — renewed positive energy!  I know it sounds like a terrible superstition that can hardly line-up with the truth, but the results of Ritual Candle Magic are really fabulous!   Is it just the "placebo effect", just the "thinking" that makes it so?  Ask the woman who got $2,000 to put down on a new car,, or the one whose daughter got a lucrative modeling contract.  Or the house-bound hermit who is now at a Catholic hermitage on the Big Sur coastline.  THESE people got THEIR WISH on the FIRST CANDLE.  I hope I can help you as well! CALL OR WRITE NOW so that I can put you 'on' the next CANDLE that I will burn for Success & Prosperity,  or for Love — or your Other Special Needs.  By Any Donation . I also have a Virtual All-Purpose Candle for 'Success and prosperity' that I can mail to you in the body of any e-mail!  Respond with ANY DONATION and I will send you this virtual candle!   You can also get on board an ACTUAL candle as well.   We like to TIME the lighting of these candles according to Planetary and Lunar phases and aspects. There's a good one just around the corner! Thank You!  —–Ed   I Want To Help You!


ED AUGUSTS  P.O. BOX 18475, TUCSON, AZ. 85731

full sized Tarot Cards in readings such as the following:

Try the 78-Card Method which can separately identify and prognosticate for interactions of up to 5 people or factors,  all in one card-spread!   You, your special friend, another pair of people, are represented by previously-selected cards. Reading depends on where these significant cards turn-up. Are they close or far apart?  What cards are around and between them?  Each card has its specific meanings which are here used both in combination with others, and separately. This is a $50.00 Reading.

Example Reading view (some cards — not shown — are left over to use as "wild cards!") I also do simpler & less expensive 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 36 card Readings.  Please write for details.

My Tarot Card methods are very powerful, but my Astrology Readings are even more so.  So powerful, they helped inspire my "Cosmic Church" (see that page on this site!) One method you might want is for me to do both Astrology AND Tarot in a COMBINATION READING.   Please see Rates & Schedule Page on this same site …  or just contact me directly:

filming a 'Crystal Ball' video


Mercury-powered communicator & New Age author! 40+ years of experience in Psychic Arts and Astrology! I'm the BEST person to consult for any questions about relationships and comparisons of charts, upcoming trends & events,  what cities or states you'll be most likely to be highly successful in, and which to avoid… and other specialties and tools of astrology & Tarot! B.A. "With Distinction" in New College, California State University at San Jose, 1971. Experimental Humanities background. Have studied and written about Astrology and Metaphysics since the late 1960's. I'm probably best-known for my ability to compare charts — "synastry", but I have a knack for Travel Astrology,  Psychometry of Objects, and turning-up amazing Tarot card combinations, as well. . As for days and times — message me, & let's get together TODAY via e-mail messages and/or the phone. A series of e-mail exchanges can often answer all your questions and produce fantastic results, since I type fast… so you get quite a bit for your money! In fact, I prefer it! especially because of dubious cell-phone voice quality. I have a land line with exceptional voice quality, but you might not! You'll quickly see how well e-mail exchanges work for psychic & astrology readings, with the progressive, creative, back-and-forth exchange of questions and answers and new information! By the way,  I have ALWAYS guaranteed my client's satisfaction with a reading.  As we go the first 10 minutes or so, into a reading, if for any reason you're not happy with it — we can cancel & you owe nothing! I'm ALWAYS willing to give you  "the First 5 to 10 Minutes Free!" RATES : See Rates & Schedule Page on this Site:



Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts… This information and analysis (in both of your emails on Geographical influence) is extremely valuable…  Now, your email came through (as I said before I get guidance from the Universe through you 🙂 ) and I have a whole different perspective towards AZ now…You are in our prayers as well…May God be with you to provide light and love to many around the world.—Anu in Utah


My goodness, Ed!  You burned a candle for me to get along better with my relatives, and that same week, they asked me come out to California. I had a great vacation on the beach, and they gave me $2,000 toward a new car! Thank You!–Driving in Rio Rica

Thanks to the comparison chart you did for me and John,  we're now all settled down with each other, understand each other better than we ever have,  and as of today,  we're engaged to be married! —Kathryn D., Madison, WI.

Your reading is eminently affordable!  —Joe G., Brentwood, CA.

Bad Dreams Have Gone Away

I want to thank you,  Ed,  for the readings and the wonderful conversations!  You are So understanding!  As you know, I have been troubled by bad dreams and nightmares since I was six years old.  Ever since I started to see you, these bad dreams have gone away.  I've been dreaming about different things, and they're no longer horrible and frightening.

More recently, I was troubled to realize my boyfriend / babydaddy is a two-timing, cheating, lying, big-time jerk! YOU warned me about him again & again but my love was too strong.  You burned a candle for me and while the candle was burning,  I took a wrong turn, driving aimlessly, 10 miles from home, in a strange neighborhood, and stumbled upon the house he's living in with another woman — his car and her car in the driveway! Now I get it..  I see that everything you told me about him was correct. Thank You So Much!  —Bianca C.,, Tucson.  7/4/09 and 8/30/11. *and  *  *  *  *  *  *

Good Reviews from Portugal!

Dear Ed,   First of all I want to say something to you. Your e-mails have been like a breath of fresh air to me.  It's like you're showing me this new perspective of things I couldn't see before and that no one has ever told me about. I tried to speak about this with people in my life and all I get is the same speech:  " forget it, move on, it's not worth it, it doesn't matter!"   So, what I mean is, whatever might happen, I'll always value your kind words and patience with me." —Marta C.,  Lisbon, Portugal

Ya Got Me OUT of a Bad Place,

Into a Good One!

Hi there! I thought I'd write a note to all you readers to tell you what a great job Ed did in helping me understand my problems through his astrological work. A few months ago I was experiencing many troubles in my life that seemed insurmountable at the time. My job looked as if it were coming to an end, my brother was far away in Seattle and had just been diagnosed with Leukemia, my love life was non-existent, and I was stuck in Indiana paying a mortgage on a home I didn't even want to be living in! Add all of these up and you'll see I was one lonely, miserable woman! I needed help and wasn't afraid to admit it. I couldn't understand WHY all of this was happening to me! I set up a consultation with Ed, who carefully compared my birth chart with my current location. He determined that most of my difficulties weren't my fault, as I has thought, they were simply due to being trapped and stifled in Indiana, which he said was possibly the WORST place in the country for me to live! He wasn't surprised to learn that I'd never lived outside my home state, and provided so many personal examples of EXACTLY HOW Indiana had negatively impacted my life, I had to agree with his findings. They were all too true! Living in Indiana simply made me feel powerless to move! Thanks to Ed's astrological insights I now understand my problem and can do something about it! I've listed my house in Indiana with an agent and plan to move to Seattle to be with my ill brother. Ed determined that relocating to Seattle and being near my brother will benefit me in almost all aspects of my life, and that I would feel the favorable effects of my move very quickly. It's such a relief to know that my future will improve soon, and I'll be able to help my brother during his tough time as well! Thanks Ed! I can't recommend your services highly enough! ~~~Dianne S., Whidbey Island, WA.

In Love So Hard It Hurts

Wow! That was just what I wanted to ask… Thanks again Ed. Your analysis of him has been so accurate and u don't even know him. Wow!  I am impressed, I will send u one of my friends here…to consult with you!

Re: Ongoing Family Problems

Through your astrology, you have perfectly described my family and my unusual and difficult situation, over the years, with my mother.  Not only have you used astrology to figure out how all the pieces fall together in my family, but you have given me some excellent advice about moving away from an abusive situation and starting a life on my own.   Even more than that,  you've proved to me that it was my problems with my mother that have kept me from getting to know any women on a close, personal basis, or get even close to starting a family.  Whether I can get past my problems to take your advice or not is another question, but you have given me all the information possible for me to make the right move.   Feel free to tell anyone you want to about how good your reading of my family life, and my mother,  has been.  I really appreciate it! —-Jim B.,  Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


Because of what you told me in our phone reading, I realized the truth about my husband.  It was as if you confirmed all my suspicions, things I had never expressed to anyone. What you said explains why he was treating me so bad.  I quickly confirmed everything you had told me. You have helped me get over a very bad relationship and then pointed me in the right direction for a new start!   Thank You! —-Nancy G., San Jose, CA.

Can't Thank You Enough

Ed,   I cannot thank you enough for all the help, hope and encouragement you gave me this evening. Sometimes I do not feel like I am a strong enough person to deal with the  inevitable things life throws my way. I will definitely keep in touch to let you know how things are going and I hope to see you soon and be in a much better place in every respect.  Thanks again.   Ms. F., Tucson, AZ.

F O L L O W   –  U P     L E T T E R    b y    S A M E   C L I E N T

You have really helped me get out of the depression I was going through.  I still have my moments, but they are few and far between, something I did not expect to have happen so fast!  You truly have been a tremendous help and a source of hope and peace! —Ms. F.,  Tucson, AZ.

Thankful in California!

Reading from you ???!!! ALWAYS!!!
You were the best psychic reader I ever knew….I don't trust anyone's bullshit….You got everything 85-90%…. So you were always worth every penny….
(even $20 specials) —Blanka W., San Pablo, CA.


I was between a rock and a hard place at my new job, I was sure one of my two bosses couldn't wait to fire me.  I was intimidated and anxious. The astrology told me things would not be that bad because I had actually entered a good period (finally!), and the cards gave me advice about how to handle things.  As you know, there WAS a shakeup at work the very next week, when you told me I would be going through a good transit and you didn't see me getting let go.  And what happened is, two other newly-hired workers were fired, but I was asked to stay-on!   THANK YOU for all your help! —-Name Withheld by Request, Tucson

Great Party!

That was a great party, thank you!   I wish you could have seen more people, we'll have to have another party since there were at least 6 more people you could have read for!  I appreciated the free reading.  —Jill S., Tucson

Readings for 'Book People'

I did some quick charts for people to get them interested and stimulated in astrology over at "Advanced Book Exchange" ( ABE Books) awhile ago.  Kinda fun!! a very international forum! Here were the reviews:  The first one is from Michigan: Ed, I am completely blown away here. I have had charts done before, but never one by someone who has never met me in person. Except for the last paragraph, it was all extremely accurate. May I e-mail you privately about some of the more tender observations?

Blessings, Kris

Here's another, this one from London, England:

Thanks Ed, am just about to sign off as getting late here, but your reading has cheered me up no end, there are some shrewd hits…  but you are spot on about recent events being unhappy,  in that I suffered loss of two dear friends in last month, two brothers who died within 3 weeks of each other. It has made me less serious I hope & more aware of transience of this life & am going to take more holidays & get out more, I do have a friend in BC who got to know when we were both graduates & I have a standing invite to go there, so think perhaps I will, who knows might even pop down to Nevada* for a few days, signing off now, goodnight & take care, oldnoll. [*I was living in Nevada at that time! —Ed]

…and a third, also from London, which is a Gemini city, after all:

Hi Ed, Well, you do have me pegged, I'm quite embarrassed in reading it. I especially like the bit about my luck with the opposite sex, BooKY will like that part as well! Just won't have to let my wife see that part.  Mathematical thinking was always a strong point with me along with my sarcasm with pointed barbs, but have been known to use non verbal barbs as well.  I guess I should be giving up selling books soon and then I may become wealthy, although my stock market ventures have not been too good lately.  Thanks very much Ed, it has been most interesting and hope many others send in their info, for us all too read. It is a great way to ferret out secrets and mysteries.

All the best,  –Sir John of Arabia

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Some of the Latest from my ASTRO_PSYCHIC Group:

PORTRAITS IN THE STARS * * * CELESTIAL REMEMBRANCES It takes at least 2 to 3 hours for me to prepare a good “Portrait in the Stars”.  I do not use computer-generated paragraphs or lists of qualities, as you might see in one of those awful 30-page computer charts.  I do start with the birth date and death date, if the person’s already passed away, and look at all the aspects between the planets and what they mean, along with signs and houses — in the event of someone for whom the birth time is known.  I take bio materials and recollections supplied by friends or family members, and weave everything together into a narrative, using my abilities as a writer (I’ve written and published more than 30 books and e-books, as you can see by perusing ).  I offer a 48-hour turn-around. You can choose to receive it via e-mail as a .pdf  or .odt file, or as a printed text on high quality paper.  The price for this product and service,  is $200.  Payment is 50% in advance, 50% upon completion, if you like… I trust you… and PayPal can be used, with the recipient, or a check dropped in the mail to: Ed Augusts  P.O. Box 18475, Tucson, AZ., 85731. Please feel free to contact me personally for more information by e-mailing me at:  and/or, give me a call.

I’m right here in Central Tucson. Do you know someone, or remember someone, who deserves a “Portrait in the Stars”? Or, would you like one for yourself?!   I'm here whenever you decide you'd like one!  —-Ed Augusts

"Different places are better for different people!"

It's TRUE, you know?

Why not USE that fact for success?


FREE QUESTION?  Because I am constantly busy, I CAN NO LONGER answer 'free questions'.

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