Amanda Knox & Meredith Kercher Murder!

I guess I don’t get around very much, because I wasn’t even aware until yesterday that a girl named Meredith Kercher had been murdered, and that another young lady, Amanda Knox, had been convicted of the crime in Perugia, in Italy… held 4 years in prison… and then had her conviction overturned, so that she could return back to the United States.   Nor did I knowt that many believed Amanda was innocent and  put-up a big storm of protest that she was railroaded into a conviction.  All those supporters and family are naturally relieved that she has been released. . A client of mine suggested I have a look at their planets to see if it looked possible that Meredith could have been Amanda’s victim.  After viewing the two charts,  I would have to say:  even though she was released,  a cloud of suspicion still hangs over Amanda Knox… it is there, in the stars!

Since I actually know SO FEW  details about the case, maybe I can give a unbiased analysis.

My client sent me a German language chart from her eyrie in Bavaria.  Here’s a link to that chart, if you’d like to follow along:

I am going to look at the RAW COMPONENTS of the two charts, in comparison with each other.  I am not going to rewind the clock and inquire about the murder scene, mutual friends, etc.  A straight comparison ought to give us quite a bit information.

The comparison of charts between Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher is almost diabolical. These are two ladies who made a big mistake in ever becoming friends.  I presume they were friends, because their planets work in a kind of parallel way with each other.  The potential which I see when comparing the two charts is that Amanda dominated Meredith terribly at times, but Meredith gave back, as good as she got, although she was always more ‘the lady’ than Amanda.  SUN in Amanda’s chart was right on Meredith’s MOON, and this typically means that the Sun person leads and the Moon person follows.  SATURN in Amanda’s chart weighed down poor Meredith’s MERCURY, showing perhaps that Amanda critiqued and mentored Meredith in some ways, both may also have sought to  attack or control  her thinking –, almost telling her what to do, where to go,  and what to believe.  Atr the very least, Amanda had something to TEACH Meredith… that’s what Saturn does, when it is not putting-down poor Mercury’s ideas. 

Meredith fell in love easily (Venus conjunction Neptune),  Amanda doesn’t fall in love, she mainly just has sex, and very experimentally, often in brief affairs.  (Venus conjunction Uranus).  She may be bi-sexual, since variety is her spice of life.

Meredith, who. despite being a “live wire”  (Mercury conjunction Uranus),  was not always understood by others.   People with Mercury conjunction Uranus are unpredictable and often make slower people nervous,  so she had to look far and wide to find people who could keep up with her.  That person was Amanda Knox.   Meredith loved music and had great sensitivity, took life and love more seriously than did Amanda.

Meredith got dreamy about mature, possibly well-heeled guys (Venus, Neptune and Sun in Capricorn), whereas Amanda ma have liked them younger and projected a softer, more innocent image than her friend  (Venus, Mercury and Sun in Cancer), although that image did not quite match-up to the truth.   Amanda liked well-to-do guys  (3 planets in the 2nd House, the House of Money and Finance),  and showed a certain amount of domesticity more than Meredith dud,  Amanda, with those 2nd House planets,  may have ‘lucked out’ onto sources of money early in life/  She may have often thought in terms of money, with Venus, the planet of love, in the House of Money.

Amanda’s Mars, the action and anger “male-energy” planet, squares the Mars-Pluto conjunction of Meredith;   meanwhile, Mars squares Pluto in Amanda’s chart.  They were both tough when it came to what they wanted.  Meredith was possessive and possibly aggressive sexually, with Mars and Pluto both in the intense sign of Scorpio;  certainly, she would have wanted sex (Mars Pluto conjunction) and control of a man, just as much as the softer, gentler kinds of love (Venus-Neptune conjunction),  and Amanda’s planets clashed with Meredith’s in this regard.  Sex was going to be rough, and if they were at all actually involved sexually with each other, or in sex scenes involving 3rd parties, then “rough” might be a good word to characterize their activities, but it is not at all certain that they were lovers;  but even if they were,  they were definitely going to be at cross-purposes and Mars square the other person’s Pluto is a strong sign of a violent clash. as the egos were bound to fight;  Mars square Mars shows they were working against each other, and perhaps got relationships with guys crossed-up as well!

Mars squares Jupiter in Amanda’s chart.  She laughs and loves and spends money like it is going out of style, so look for a financial motive of some kind if it turns out she was involved in Meredith’s demise, as seems very possible.

Moon conjunction Uranus in Amanda’s chart trines her own natal Jupiter, which is in her 12th House, the house of Secrets, Mysteries, and Self-Undoing. This indicates  her fondness for travel abroad should be curbed;  12th House Jupiter means there is danger of all kinds of problems from foreign travel, including, possibly incarceration.   But on the other hand, she may travel widely, not choosing to stay in any one place for very long (Moon with Uranus is inconstant),  where many new and unexpected things would happen.   Jupiter gives her a lot of self-confidence, which exacerbates the Moon-Uranus tendency to do the unexpected, and to have sudden ups and down in feelings about others.  This is a mixed situation, because Jupiter is somewhat protective in this aspect with the Moon;  she certainly has powerful friends who ‘go to bat’ for her.   These friends make  her look better than perhaps she is.   With Jupiter’s influence encouraging her Moon-Uranus conjunction,  I am surprised Amanda didn’t get away with murder,  in a foreign country.  It seems she was convicted!

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