Andrew Breitbart “In the Stars”

Conservative pundit and columnist Andrew Breitbart died some days ago at the age of 43.  Most people would say he was an extremely outspoken ultra-conservative and Tea Party activist.   Although his exact time of birth in Los Angeles on February 1st, 1969, is not yet known to us Star Gazers, his Moon was plus or minus a few degrees opposite Mercury, showing an imbalance of some kind between feelings and emotions (Moon) and Mercury, the mental ruler.  If you’re not deeply involved with astrological parlance, let’s try that again:  The Moon, which is the traditional ruler of emotions and feelings, is almost exactly opposite, that is, opposed to, the location of his planet Mercury, which is the planet that rules the mind and the perceptions.  A see-saw attempt at balance between these opposed forces occurs, but the clear thought ought to emanate from strong Mercury positions is missing here. When we look at successful charts in which a task was done well, whether they be of craftsmen or statesmen, generals or geniuses,  Mercury is more often in a positive, “easy” aspect to Moon.  Otherwise the mind, however strong, is tormented by so many ups and downs and question marks, that the person who has such an aspect often seems to not be seeing things quite straight.  The waxing and waning Moon cycles would have had a changeable effect on Breitbart’s basic mental state and the opinions he transmitted at such times, than they would have had on a less Mercury-challenged guy.

His Sun in independent Aquarius squares his Mars in angry and impatient Scorpio.  Sun square Mars is one of the signs of a hothead!  I usually don’t see too many Sun-square-Mars people in my counselling sessions because often they feel they have more knowledge, backed up by aggressive self-confidence, than anyone else.  This is the kind of guy capable of going to war because he wants to kill people, and of coming home (or staying home), to brutalize his wife or his children.  The anger and frustration in a Sun-square-Mars is hard to imagine for someone who doesn’t have that kind of militaristic fetish.

His Mars. the macho planet, makes only one aspect. His Neptune, the planet of ideals and delusions, makes four.

Jupiter conjuct Uranus is one of his strongest aspects;  the planet of righteousness is joined to the planet of anarchic, spontaneous nuttiness. Genius comes with Uranus, but with Jupiter next to it, it takes itself and its mission too seriously.  This is the kind of guy who can imagine himself Pope or Dictator.

His most confused and bizarre planet in his natal chart is Venus, the planet of love.  His Venus, in the very last degree of Pisces, a position where it is the weakest, opposes Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter.  The Jupiter aspect shows overindulgence. In the last minutes of Pisces, I’d say Breitbart was at least a social drinker, if not a self-destructive drinker.  Opposed to Pluto, Venus shows difficult if not horrible issues dealing with his personal life at any early age.  He may have suffered in some way since childhood with an aspect like that.   But the worse of these is probably Venus opposition Uranus, because it shows an unsteady, questionable, erratic, changeable, love life.  He is simply attracted by too many people, and he is not always attracted by women.  Work by various astrologers over the past 20 years has indicated that someone with a Venus-Uranus aspect in their chart is often, if not always, ambiguously sexed.  Sure, you say, Breitbart left behind a wife and four children.  But it doesn’t seem he spent as much time with them as other men his age.  We hear of him tromping around to bars and clubs in various cities in his political travels.  How did his wife and four children fit into that kind of life?  No.  He must have had reasons to leave his family behind and go out seeking other friendships.  The very night he died, he’d met some new folks and had drinks with them in a tavern.

Breitbart supported, helped, and served on a governing board of a gay group of Republicans, GOProud.  The story is quite complex.  There is no obvious reason why Breitbart, as a committed Republican, would have taken this outspoken stand which is so keenly opposed to the spirit of the far Right Wing — the Religious Right — of the Republic party.  But looking at his quirky and slightly unbalanced aspects, such as Moon opposition Mercury, noted above, makes it clear that he did not have a balanced mind.  I am not necessarily saying he was insane — you just shouldn’t believe a guy whose thoughts and feelings are so confused.  How could someone stand with and even lead a gay group when gays are blasted from nearly every right-wing pulpit?  Or, perhaps the question is:  How could someone who stands by and identifies with the gay cause — be a champion of the ultra-right?   Gays are told they are going to go to HELL by hundreds of right wing pastors all across the Bible Belt.  For Andrew Breitbart to be able to be BOTH an ultra-right Republican AND Gay — and be married and have children — calls back to that Moon opposition Mercury again, a card that I would link with  THE MOON CARD  of the familiar Waite-Rider-Smith Tarot deckthe dog and wolf, and crayfish, looking up at the dominant Full Moon in the deep night sky…  symbolic of a confusion of thoughts and feelings… the STARS say — THAT was Andrew Breitbart!

Unless it turns out that Breitbart was born quite late in the day, in the evening of February 1st, 1969, then he was born with a Grand Trine between Moon, Neptune, and Venus. This is a “good luck” aspect which makes it almost too easy for him to achieve many of his dreams, including his dreams of family and friendships.   But it also made him a social maven, it made him have to entertain far and wide during his travels.  Grand Trines often weaken the personality because too much is taken for granted.  It is a sign of luck in family life, relationships, entertaining, luxuries.  It is not helpful when it comes to waging bitter culture wars replete with name-calling and stab-in-the-back manoeuvres.

Going back over the highlights of his career, I could not believe the stuff he had to say about Ted Kennedy right after Kennedy died.  It is SO nasty… should I repeat it here?  I will give you a link and then quote Breitbart as well:      — it’s there on display.

Right after he heard Kennedy had died, Breitbart began a series of tweets in which he said:  “Rest in Chappaquiddick”, and then, over the next 3 hours, called him a villain“, a“bastard’, a “big-ass motherf*#^)#“,  a “prick” and a “special pile of human excrement.”

Andrew Breitbart found, and used, savagely degrading epithets to say as a Memoriam to someone who’d spent the best part of 50 years in the U.S. Senate.  I wouldn’t think anyone other than an enemy of what the United States has done for the common man over the past century… raising the standard of living of the working man, cutting back work hours from 70 or 60 to 40 hours per week…  making the lives of its most vulnerable citizens more secure through Social Security, Medicare, and other improvements that make the minds and emotions of those libertarians and right-wingers that oppose them look petty, jealous, hateful of the lower classes — even when they, as they often are, are in the lower classes themselves…  would have torn into Ted Kennedy like Andrew Breitbart did.   There is no doubt Breitbart, just as other hyenas,  did or would have reproached F.D. Roosevelt, reproving Woodrow Wilson,  but never admitting that if they had lived in the 1930’s they would have been isolationists who would have kept us out of the war against Germany and Japan until it might have been too late to defeat them.  Rich isolationist plotters who wanted to control the United States in those days,  the same way the industrialists of the German Ruhr supported Hitler in his rise to power.

I didn’t see ANY indications in Breithart’s transits over his natal chart that this was a moment when his heart would give out and he would die, all of a sudden, without previous symptoms, without any visits to the hospital…  Dead at 43!  What happened?  In the Astrological column,  “Stars over Washington”, the author has some strange things to say about Breitbart’s death, and hopefully will fill-in-the-blanks sometime soon.  He said:

asking if anyone involved [in] the investigation is looking for a tiny puncture wound or for an untraceable toxin in his bloodstream

I’m sad that Breitbart had to die — so young,  and so confused about what justice is and who really wields justice versus injustice and bigotry.  He died far from the best and highest ideals that he could have opted to support, and the bountiful blessings of home life, as seen as potential, in his birth chart. Yes, I am very sorry that Breitbart had to die…  But if someone shortened his life with a secret formula, a tiny needle, a noxious drink, a poisoned condom, or whatever —  I would try and try again to find words to express sorrow at his early departure, hopefully words that are less ugly and vindictive than what Breitbart had to say about Ted Kennedy. 

For an intense look, including videos, of Breitbart carrying on with some harsh and controversial talk — including “Civil War” and “American Military” talk that some might view as dangerous, and a possible ‘lead’ in trying to figure out why he died so young:  here’s a link:  That site is not my ‘cup of tea‘, but getting information is worth going to wherever you have to go to get it.  A video of Breitbart wanting to bring-on a Civil War is worth it!
Best. ——-Ed Augusts

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