Astrology Picked Trump over Hillary

With apologies to many friends and clients who preferred Hillary Clinton, the Astrological comparison between Clinton and Donald Trump made the election results inevitable. Trump was destined to prevail.

Compare my April 16 post about Trump on this site, three months before the Republican convention:

Donald Trump “in the Stars”

…with my Reading for Hillary Clinton on Youtube:

Sure, Donald has some glaring faults. But nothing even CLOSE to the personality defects and bad luck of Hillary Clinton.

I hate to say ANYTHING about politics, because I know I will lose some friends and clients. But this was unbiased ASTROLOGY tipping the scales in a big way.

VERY FEW if any other professional astrologers who commented on these two personalities and the presidential race saw the factors (mostly natal aspects), in a clear light! I’m surprised at them! How can anyone miss the implications of MARS-PLUTO-SATURN on the natal ascendant?
All the Best, —-e.a.

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