Astrology & Tarot Speak on the Scotland Independance Referendum

Scotland goes to the polls today to determine whether or not it should become independent of England, perhaps breaking up the United Kingdom, after some 300 years!  Polls show results are too close to call, but that’s where ASTROLOGY and TAROT can help!

MOON is in Cancer today, in a favorable (trine) aspect to conservative old SATURN in Scorpio. This is a sign that a cautious approach is likely to be taken. People are thinking about basic values of things.  Who will pay to fix the potholes?  What’s going to happen to the currency? It’s much more a “vibration” about  “what could we LOSE?”  than “what can we GAIN by independence?”

With a quick Tarot spread on the Question: “will the Scots vote for independence?  Or to stay with England?”  I got the following:

6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups

6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups


The VI of Pentacles. A generous person of wealth, drops gold coins into the hands of a worthy beggar, as another poverty-stricken man on his knees, has to do without.

My interpretation is that matters of finance and of commerce are very important at this time.  Who is going to provide welfare for the poor?  What Currency will Scotland be using? Doubts about these matters will feed the no vote.


VII Of Cups. A young person is trying to decide between a number of different options. It is not at all easy to choose, since wealth, power, ego gratification, compete with dragons, snakes, and fickle beauty!

I interpret this as choice taken almost to a standstill!  Making a choice to move forward, puts one at risk!  Temptations are certainly there, but different voters will see things differently.


The VI of Cups.  A boy and a girl stand together facing each other. The boy presents his little friend with one of the golden cups.

The symbolism is obvious; the two affirm their bond of friendship. This is not a card about a separation taking place, or independence being desired or chosen;  it is clearly a card of Unity!

That is how both predictive methods show the “No” Vote triumphing.  Scotland will not vote for independence!

—Ed Augusts

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