Barack Obama vs. John McCain!

Did anyone see the Moon riding  just about ‘even’ with Jupiter last night?   If you held your arm up toward the Moon and extended your arm to full-length, the distance between Moon and Jupiter wouldn’t have looked any farther than the width of your thumb.   That was a conjunction, and a harbinger of things that are passing, and of things that will shortly come to pass.  This planetary positioning relates to at least 2 or 3 major real-life situations regarding this election.

Today it was revealed that Obama’s grandmother had just died — in Hawaii.  When Obama flew to Hawaii a few weeks ago, the radio talk show conservatives and some bloggers, as well,  insisted Obama was only pretending to be visiting his grandmother — his real purpose had to do with his birth certificate.  It was supposedly either a big rush to find his original birth certificate, or a trip to try to find a corrupt Hawaiian official who could help forge a fake certificate…  Now, today, as Moon approached Jupiter in the sign of the wise old elders — Capricorn — it turns out Obama WAS visiting his grandmother in the few weeks she had left before dying of cancer.  It wasn’t good news.  But at least there was nothing in the news story that Fox News and other rabble-rousers could use against Obama. It turned out, on the very day before election day, that Obama had done his duty and been a good grandson, visiting his elderly, dying grandmother.   This was a fitting revelation to come out on a day when MOON conjuncted JUPITER in Capricorn;  it showed heart-felt (Moon+Jupiter) sentiments.  It was a day of maturity and sanity noted within a revelation of death (Capricorn + Saturn, ruler of Capricorn).

Moon separating  from a  Jupiter conjuction, and passing out of Capricorn

There is another meaning in the Moon conjunction.  Tonight, the night BEFORE election day,  the Moon was in Capricorn, and catching up to Jupiter in Capricorn… in full view of everybody.  Moon in Capricorn is an extremely conservative sign… a sign of maturity… it could be called a John McCain indicator.  YES, it had to do with Obama’s grandmother, but it could also be seen as a John McCain factor.   But, by late at night, the Moon will have passed Jupiter, the significance will be an unmistakable  “moving away from” conservatism, just as thoughts of Obama’s grandmother will not linger very long in the mind of the public, either.

Also, by election night, the Moon will have moved out of Capricorn altogether, it will have stepped-into Aquarius, the Sign of the New.   The Aquarian.  The Uranian.  And the candidate of that kind of energy seems to be Barack Obama.

The ancient art of Horary Astrology would confirm the significance of Moon ‘separating from’ Jupiter.  William Lilly, John Dee, and other medieval astrologers would also have to pass judgement against McCain and in favor of Obama in tomorrow’s election, under these planetary circumstances!

Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus in Pisces

This is a hard-fought messy campaign, fought during an awful time.   This fact shows in another transit who defines this cycle of history we’ve found ourselves in:  Saturn, the planet of tradition, of delays, of depression… is now exactly — exactly — opposite Uranus, the planet of the new,  the planet of the unconventional and non-traditional, in the heavens.     Saturn is in dry, analytical Virgo.  Uranus is in celebratory, expansive, emotional Pisces.   Saturn is the old;   Uranus is the young.   It is a real battle between these two!   At 7pm in the evening, when most polls are closing, Saturn will have move 3 minutes of longitude (1/20th of a degree) past the exact opposition to Uranus.   The OLD will no longer be challenging the NEW, the NEW will have arrived!     MOON going into the very last degree and then out of Capricorn into Aquarius just as the polls close, also seems to throw its weight behind the younger,  less conventional candidate.

So, it seems that Barack Obama will be elected the next President of the United States!

Best,  ——-Ed

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