Bernie Sanders: A Last Minute Chance to Win!

At one moment during his speech to the Democratic Convention last night, (Monday the 25th), Bernie Sanders, with a pause and a sly smile, asked his 1,900-odd delegates to be SURE to VOTE for him in the roll-call of states today! Now, if only a nice portion of the 600+ “Superdelegates”, disgusted by recent revelations about Bernie’s being chopped off at the knees during the whole campaign by the Democratic National Committee, cross the aisle and vote for Bernie, he might do the last-minute, absolutely unthinkable: pull-off a NARROW WIN for the Nomination!
As it was arranged by the D.N.C., however these superdelegates were melded into the regular delegates so that you didn’t even notice them in the Roll Call.

Bernie Sanders chartDon’t get me wrong… (I wrote that afrernoon), I don’t really think there’s a chance Bernie can win any part of the nomination, (mostly because he’s been urging everyone to vote for Hillary for the last 72 hours at least… sending messages for delegates not to Boo…) but if such a thing HAD been talked about and orchestrated by the Bernie Campaign a few days ago, it could have produced the biggest surprise of the political year!

TOO BAD the validity of the “Superdelegates” was never really challenged! If that cliquish hierarchy of Clinton loyalists had been beaten, then Bernie could REALLY have had a chance!

Astrologically, he ‘came to the fore’ during his speech the previous night, when he spoke, with Moon transiting late Aries, near Bernie’s Moon and Mars. (See attached slice of his Astrotheme natal chart.) He COULD HAVE MADE A LOT MORE OF THE MOMENT.

The next day, the Moon was sweeping towards his Saturn in the Sixth house. Very workmanlike, to be sure, but not an aspect during which one puts on a crown.

I am trying to appear impartial on this site, because I’m pretty sure I would lose half of my clients if I touted my personal political views.

But let me add, now that a few days have gone by, that the full knowledge of what had happened — the D.N.C. working tirelessly to steal the nomination out of his grasp,– was visible on his face when the camera showed it as Hillary Clinton was mentioning him gratefully during her acceptance speech. He never broke a smile. He looked VERY cynical, disappiinted, and displeased. People around him were waving flags and cheering, but he did not move a muscle. He was sick of it! The more he had thought about the whole thing, the more he realized that he had been screwed. This sad evening for him happened as the Moon was hurtling towards his Saturn-Uranus conjunction at the 7th house cusp. The combination of Rogueish, anarchistic Uranus sparring with traditional old-fashioned Saturn is what made Bernie a rebellious socialist, in the first place. As the Moon approached even closer to those outer planets the next day, Bernie Sanders gave up his membership in the Democratic Party and went back to being an Independent!

The last paragraph, which I wrote the afternoon just prior to the roll call of the states, was:

“The practical usefulness of this message will self-destruct in a few hours when the actual roll call takes place!”

But traces of cosmic significance remain!

Best regards, —–Ed

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