“Best Ever!” testimonials & NEW YEAR Special!

HI,  I was happy to get some really good testimonials in just the last few days by clients who were thrilled with my astrological analysis of their charts — or their friend’s charts.  The testimonials are below;  please have a look!

But before I forget — I wanted to say:  I am having a $5.00 discount on my hourly rate, from $40.00 to $35.00 an hour, for chart analysis and also Tarot consultations — via Internet and/or phone.  IF you order a SECOND Internet / telephone chart analysis or Tarot reading, that one will be only $30.00.  This is a GREAT TIME to see what the YEAR AHEAD may have in store, and your chart and/or cards will tell something about that!  This is a NEW YEARS’ SPECIAL and will end on JANUARY 15th.  Present “turn around” is 24 to 48 hours, but this may change as I get busier. So just give me a call and we can work out the details!  If you are getting a link to this article, I probably already have your chart!   Now!  The testimonials!  I’m so PROUD to show these to you, because they are ALL quite RECENT.  This means I am “at the top of my game!”   and really able to do a good job for you or your friends!   *** (520) 305-8768 ***  You may also TEXT me at that number, if you wish, 24/7.  Thank You!


Ed, I just don’t know what to say.

I have sat and read this over and over. I’m blown away by how so much of it is ME and relates to my life. I am simply in awe. I don’t fully understand what is meant by houses, one planet ruling another, and the terminology, but it’s fascinating how much of it is accurate.

Some of it is hard to hear, and admit, but even those parts fit.

THANK YOU for this. I will read it again I’m sure. It gives me a lot to think about and reflect on. I’m very interested in learning more about the way this all works, because I can see clearly that it does!

Thank you!  — Client in the Carolinas

Here’s another testimonial from a client in Wisconsin, just two days before Christmas:
Hello!   I finally had time to sit down and read your report I ordered for one of [my friend’s] Christmas presents. Which, I think he will love and find so easy to read. Thank you so much for being so thorough and explaining things so he can understand. That is beyond helpful.I am mainly writing you because I’m amazed by your performance, and your writing.  Lastly, I am amazed by how uncanny that reading was. There were a lot of things that apply to him in there, MORE THAN A LOT, and I can safely say this because I’ve been very close to him for 2 years now. This is the most quality reading I have ever seen.

But oh my gosh!  You just have this wonderful ability to dive right into anything. I think your high energy is truly remarkable.

There is so much effort put into all of it. Effort in study, writing, composing the piece, sorting what goes where, and never losing any enthusiasm. That’s what I love, you do enthusiasm with everything. You just have so much life in you. You would make an excellent teacher. And you would be fun and genuine with it.

Thank You SO Much!   — Client in Wisconsin.

Here’s another one. This one’s from Leeds, England:

I’ve just re-read your reading you did for me today (ironically, I’ve been dreaming about issues to do with Sun-Saturn oppositions!) and I must say I’m more than impressed as it has now made me think about all the things you mentioned more seriously.
* * * * *
Anyway, I’m thrilled and I would like to extend my offer to you, so that YOU may ALSO have an enjoyable and impressive Reading — about the YEAR AHEAD IN THE STARS.  Or, a natal chart interpretation, if you prefer!  If you’d rather have Tarot, that’s available also!   For a truly impressive Readig that covers more than twice as much — get a double reading. I’ve had a number of clients decide to get double readings. Two hours instead of one hour;  The “special” I mentioned in the first paragraph applies to the 2nd Hourm OR a second reading!  In fact, a 2 hour reading would be:  $35 + $30 = $65.  But ONLY through January 15. A two hour reading after that will be $80.00 again, as before!
Anyone who who gets 2 readings or a double reading with me is also eligible to select any one of my e-books for FREE.  I can send you a list if you are interested, I am one of the most prolific authors about a wide range of subjects in the American Southwest with 4 new books just this year!  Query me if you are interested further!    
Best Wishes in the New Year!   ——–Ed (520) 305-8768

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