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Early morning thoughts about this:

Hold fast to your truth and walk in the light.

As a practicing Astrologer, I have my own beliefs, largely different from any of the major religions, distinct because my beliefs are based not on ancient tribal or racial myths, such as those which Islam and Judaism and Christianity believe in and look up to as the better part of their heritage, no matter how contentuous and often bloodthirsty they have proven to be throughout history, but on actual entities which we see by day and by night in the heavens. These beliefs of mine are based on the special knowledge which I have obtained through observation, in practicing this art and science for the past 35 years.

Astrology to each is astrology to all. The Sun, Moon and planets allow of no racial, tribal, or national distinctions, the kinds that breed hatred and war, such as we continue to see in the Middle East and many other places around the globe. Astrology treats all with the same justice, and is both wiser, more personally and socially useful, and less destructive psychologically than belief systems such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. So far, Astrology has been dabbled in and utilized by Christians, Jews, and Moslems, among the many other historical, cultural, racial mythologies and belief systems. But we are entering a time when Astrology, just like the brilliant light of the Sun, can absorb and over-ride these old beliefs just like sunshine can evaporate shallow old puddles of water.

These beliefs, this knowledge, can be stated now, with some thought, and some difficulty, in systematic form.

We assume, we know, from the very beginning, that the Sun is the Center, the Central Star, of our System, and of great power, power which comes to us directly from the Sun every day, Solar Power which is of a strength that one minute’s worth of the Solar Power hitting the earth could power-up humanity’s lighting and power needs for a year, but which our governments and businesses are too stupid, so far, to take advantage of.

This basic energy which affects us by lighting up the world, also has a subtle energy that influences our lives, as has been discovered and verified over the past four thousand years, by ancient astronomers and the science they discovered, astrology.

This power, moreover, of the Sun, comes not only from the Sun’s immediate presence, but it is also reflected to us in the light from the Moon and the various Planets. The Moon is so close to earth, its sphere encompasses such a significant part of the sky, that it’s power is tangible over not only tides, but also our inner tides, our emotions, our companions, the times of month of great importance, especially in the nurturing, female part of nature.

All the planets walk in the light of the Central Star of our System, the parent of the planets, the SUN. The planets spin from darkness to light every day, each according to their own truth, i.e., the speed at which they spin is different for each. The size of each, and consistency of each, is different, too. Some are worlds of rock, others are worlds of gas. They have been spinning, each in their own particular rotation, and rotating, for billions of years, each at a different distance from the Sun, as well; each of these facts creates a difference in their individual vibration. Their repetition along these paths for so many thousands of millions of years, have thus allowed them to develop not only significance, but power.

Now let us turn to us as individual human beings on the surface of planet earth. We walk in the light, the common light of the Sun, but we each have our own light. And this sometimes lets us turn toward the darkness. We are different from each other; some of us are born by day, and others in the darkness of night, our origins here came at different times of the day or night at different days of the Solar year, and at different days of the Phases of the Moon, and in different places on planet earth where the light strikes earth at different times and at different angles, obliquely or directly, depending on the season. Therefore, a Gemini is most assuredly different from a Capricorn! A person born at midnight has a different energy than a person born at noon.

Moreover, we are on a planet which spins, and half the day we face the light, but half the day, we face the night. We are all exposed to the full variety of influences which work upon us, each and every day and night.

The Ancient System of the Planetary Hours refines this important difference into an even more visible, comprehensible system. Each day a different planet or luminary rules, and each HOUR a sub-set of a series of planets or luminaries is found to be in command.

Our presence here is different for each of us, as the pattern of planets was different for each of us, when we were born into this world. Because despite our similarities, each of us is different. But we are illuminated by the light even when we think we are hiding amidst the darkness and surrounded by the darkness. Even in the middle of the night, we are most times illuminated by the reflection of the Sun’s light off some of the inner or outer planets which are at that moment in the night-time sky.

We are certainly not some kind of accident, we are assuredly not without tremendous value as individuals, since our lives are influenced on an individual basis by the planets and luminaries in the heavens, as if we have been brought here to have the kinds of experiences and lessons, seemingly good and bad, that can be seen in our natal birth-charts and the transits of planets over those positions, ever after in our lives.


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