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Here’s Box 100:


Night of the Long Knives — Max Gallo
Primer of Figure Skating — Vinson
Lives of the Artists — Vasari
Growing Up with the Country — Elliott West
McCall’s Stitchery Vol. VI. Nostalgia
Flowering Plants of the Lake Mead Region
Miniature Gazette
Louis Pasteur — Patrice Debre
Rembrandt — Joseph-Emile Muller
The Burning Road — Ann Benson
Sex With Kings — Eleanor Herman
Adirondack Detective Returns — John H.Briant —  (autographed)
The Labrador Inuit Lore & Legend — Peacock
Tombstone’s Epitaph — Douglas D. Martin
Dollhouse Dolls — Ellen Bedington
Plazas – Lugar de Encuentros — Hershberger
Archaeologies quebecoises — Balac
The Conquest of Paradise — Kirkpatrick Sale
Gil Elvgren — The Complete Pin-Ups
Italian Neighbors — Tim Parks

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