Candle Magic Ideas for a Full Moon

Candle magic — really? You ask. YES, the spiritual act of dedicating and lighting a beneficial candle –and prayer! It’s EXACTLY what we should do.

Things are getting so unaccountably weird and, at times, inhospitable and, frankly, dangerous in our nation, politics, and communities, that even if we aren’t religious, even if some of us are agnostics or atheists, there is such a PALPABLE NEED FOR HEALING, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS and LOVE, that the inspiration, devotion, and affirmation, of prayer and magic are needed — more than ever in whole lifetimes of human existence!

These healing positive qualities can be summoned from the best sides of our nature. The power to make this happen can indeed be drawn down from the Full Moon and focused, through our ability to concentrate, on the flame of a candle dedicated to a task.

It’s not difficult! We write our prayer on a small piece of paper and place it under the candle. We may also write words or names on the candle itself, or the glass container which holds the candle.

We petition the benevolent forces of the Earth, Solar System, and Universe. We hunbly pray. Humbly! Because we just got here. We are mere children. We have no power, nor special merit. Christians would say: “we are all sinners!” No, it’s more like we’re all sleepwalkers. But we have the seed, the possibility, within us to be great, and to solve our vast problems. We are either descended from Gods, or we are the end result of the Universe that has complexified to the point of being stunningly, magnificently, aware of itself. There are no aliens from outer space who are any more miraculous and exciting, as a species, than WE are. But since we are descended from Big Bangs and supernovas, we as a species can be torn between Good or Evil, Life or Death. We can honor and teach our young, or abuse and destroy innocence. We each MUST get on the RIGHT SIDE of these choices, which all come down to freedom versus slavery, and life versus death.

Reflection, meditation, prayer and a powerful ritual, like candle burning, point us toward benevolence and survival!

But FIRST we must realize that we honor the benevolent forces, the wisest of the humans who have spoken and taught about virtues and goodness; those who are rightly called the Sons of God. We honor the spirits, the angels, the planetary rulers and the mighty ones who created and rule our world, as shown in the anazing cycles of Nature and the Solar System.

The Moon, in its cycle, connects with the tides as it does our emotions. Catch it, now! At the Full! And make your exuberant prayer! Make your sweet and humble prayer! Remember that you are not the highest or best, you are one of seven billion humans. But just by taking a few moments and putting your hands together and asking for help in your quest, you seeker after wisdom, you affirm the upward, not the downward arc of humanity! You throw into terror the dark, alien, emerging technological forces that want you to submit, that want you to be sterilized, humbled, belittled, confined and controlled, and your wish to couple and have a family, rudely taken away from you through the injection of drugs or prohibitions against your freedom to choose.

Pray and as you stare into the candleflame, assert the best qualities of your humanity. Do it as though God was watching, as if your karma in future reincarnations depended on it. As if the Buddha was sitting quietly nearby. As if the Virgin Mary was staring at you, with her Son in her arms. As if you had come up on stage at the Oscars and a thousand media moguls and actors were waiting for you to say something that could save all their souls.

Pray for peace, pray for wisdom in the highest places. Pray that virtue triumphs over evil. Light your benevolent candle, and inagine that as the brightness flames and flares, and the wisps of smoke rise, just like they did on many an ancient and historical occasion, that the benevolent Powers that Be, see and acknowledge your good-hearted ritual, and the celestial forces are so happy with you, that all your good wishes come true!

I’d talk about this on my radio show, but it’s only a half-hour long, so I’m making people read about it, instead!

—-3:54 a.m. March 12, 2017

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