Celestial Remembrances — “Portraits in the Stars”


* a unique way to remember someone who’s passed on

* a unique present to give someone as a remembrance

* CAN help solve a mystery, by bringing out a few details about the person

* intelligently compiled — There are NOT computer print-outs by any means! — using all the tools of professional astrology and all the sensitivity of compassion

* ONLY $95.  Can pay 50% advance & we bill you the rest.  Details below.  “Add to Cart” below.  More info, write:  ed@edaugusts.com

It’s occurred to me that there are several little ‘niches’ where astrology could really help people!  One might be in doing charts for the parents and other relatives of newborns or any young children, a report that could be put away indefinitely and viewed at a much later time — a veritable “Time Capsule”. I reported on these during the past few days here.

But then another idea emerged!  I saw a little 4-page handout from a funeral home for someone who’d passed away. Although it had some basic information about the person, the special qualities which made that person unique were missing.  What was needed for that occasion was a well-written “Portrait in the Stars.” What I visualized is something that would combine a well-written documentation, from “the record”,  as well as an astrological life portrait based on birth information.  A good astrologer can do a great job at describing someone’s life and this can become a story that can be handed on from one family member or friend to the next.  I am the perfect candidate to write such celestial remembrances, since I have done thousands of natal charts and, in a separate side of my life, written a number of books, e-books and short stories.  The ability to combine skillful astrology with good writing talents is certainly there.

The use of astrology has never been fully used in this country. People do, sometimes, have astrology charts cast for a child, to better know what to expect, and to be better prepared.  Young people, especially in countries like India, are often paired-up using Astrology which examines all the planetary aspects that make them either more or less likely to be compatible with each other.  In this country, as well, many people seeking guidance and a “second opinion” about various questions, ask the advice of an astrologer.

But why stop with having charts cast at the start of life or the midst of life?  Even at the end of life, and beyond, a good chart interpretation might be a great remembrance of that person’s personality, special characteristics, and contributions!  “Astrological Closure” could be another name for this service, and it indicates that this is NOT merely to memorialize someone who’s passed away, but applies as well to missing and broken marriage partners.  I know how often, at the end of a marriage, it seems as if the spouse or partner might as well have died;  it’s often worse than suffering someone’s death, especially if a rejection is involved.. I want to help provide some “closure”  I want to inject some life, charisma, and happiness in these “Portrait in the Stars”. On the other hand, if one has just obtained a divorce from a monster, that WILL show in the astrological aspects and the synastry (comparison of charts).  If you want me to paint a “no holds barred” portrait — just let me know!  Otherwise, almost always for someone who’s passed on, I tend to be very forgiving of the faults that are often seen in a natal chart. I do try to keep on a positive path and only lightly mention things I see which are negative.  In the event of a life that was cut short for any reason, I do determine the astrological factor that may have contributed to such a thing happening.

It takes at least 2 to 3 hours for me to prepare a good “Portrait in the Stars”.  I do not use computer-generated paragraphs or lists of qualities, as you might see in one of those awful 30-page computer charts.  I do start with the birth date and death date, if the person’s already passed away, and look at all the aspects between the planets and what they mean, along with signs and houses — in the event of someone for whom the birth time is known.  I take bio materials and recollections supplied by friends or family members, and weave everything together into a narrative, using my abilities as a writer (I’ve written and published more than 30 books and e-books, as you can see by perusing http://www.edaugusts.com ).  I offer a 48-hour turn-around. You can choose to receive it via e-mail as a .pdf  or .odt file, or as a printed text on high quality paper.  The price for this product and service,  is $95.  Payment is 50% in advance, 50% upon completion, and PayPal can be used, or a check dropped in the mail to:  Ed Augusts  P.O. Box 18475, Tucson, AZ., 85731.  Please feel free to contact me personally for more information by e-mailing me at:  edaugusts@yahoo.com  and/or, give me a call at:  (520) 409-0370.  I’m right here in the University of Arizona area near downtown Tucson.

Do you know someone, or remember someone, who deserves a “Portrait in the Stars”? —-Ed Augusts

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