Ceres, Literally, a ‘Bright Spot!’

Ceres w/ bright spotI use Ceres, a dwarf planet and largest object (590 miles in diameter) in the Asteroid Belt, in my astrology work. I interpret it as being a very beneficial influence. To the ancient Romans, Ceres was the Goddess of corn and grain, and therefore, of the harvest. (Ceres = cereal.) I see it symbolized by the ‘Horn of Plenty’ and related concepts. It is often found in a relationship with one’s natal planets which can point to one’s benevolent productivity, the accomplishment (and ‘harvesting’) of good things… and deeds.

Ceres’ glyph or symbol looks like a question mark with a line cutting across the lower part. (See detail from a chart I created using astro.com, that shows Ceres in between asteroids Hygeia (medicine) and Flora (herbs, flowers,) in the chart of an herbalist and practitioner of Chinese medicine.)

Looks like a question mark -- thanks astro.com

Looks like a question mark — thanks astro.com

It’s a bright spot on one’s natal chart

The first LINK, however, shows Ceres actually HAS ‘bright spots’ that have not been explained, as yet, by science. The second link includes other (non-astrological) details and mysteries about Ceres:



Learn more about Ceres in the Heavens (Spiritual Plane) in my video:

Pluto, Ceres, Juno & Chiron in Ed Augusts Astrology Lecture



NASA’s take on Ceres in the physical plane:

Unveiling Ceres


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