“Chart That Baby!” Natal Astrology Chart for Baby

E f f e c t i v e  I m m e d i a t e l y,   I will begin including a lively, up-beat, helpful & personal “Chart That Baby!” Natal Astrology Chart for Baby — $50.00 value — same as an hour-long Astrology consultation with meFREE with any purchase from the homepage (Page 1) of my friend Suzanne’s   http://cli.gs/uqQ607 — included in the shipment, OR sent in an e-mail, as purchaser prefers —

These are items that may be useful to NEW MOTHERS…  exactly the same Moms who may enjoy the “Chart That Baby!” Natal Astrology Chart for Baby.

What’s on that page are:   The VersaPed Universal Breast Pump Pedal,  ($40.00),  the VersaPed Foot-Powered Breast Pump (non-massaging model), ($93.00),  or the VersaPed Foot-Powered Breast Pump – massaging model, ($97.00).

Purchase of any of these three items, by following instructions on the breastpumpmama site, will entitle purchaser to obtain his or her personal Natal Chart for Baby.   All that’s required is to REQUEST the “Chart That Baby!” chart,  and include the DATE of Birth,  TIME of Birth, and PLACE of Birth, so that the Chart can be absolutely accurate and therefore specific for that baby!

Mothers, Moms-to-Be, Grandparents, Dads…  anyone who wants this wonderful gift, an entertaining way to see what this Baby might be like according to Astrology… is free to take advantage of it!  Just place your order by choosing which item you want, and following the instructions on :  http://cli.gs/uqQ607 –or–http://www.breastpumpmama.com

A “Chart That Baby!” Natal Astrology Chart is also available for anyone, any baby (or child!), by ordering one by e-mailing me, Ed Augusts, at:   edaugusts@yahoo.com  and then, or after an exchange of e-mail messages with me,  including $50.00 by clicking the “Send Money” tab at http://www.PayPal.com , using “edaugusts@yahoo.com” as the payee.  Please specify in the notes, or an e-mail, whether you want a printed-out version, or in e-mail text format.

This is a Limited Time promotion, subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Thank You!  —-Ed Augusts

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