Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher ‘in the Stars’

I’m not here to dish out any ‘dirt’, THAT happened when 22-yr old Sara Leal’s Us Weekly interview of her sexual encounter with Ashton Kutcher in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego hit the Internet and got back to Demi Moore. (Link at the bottom!)

I’ve got to tell you this — right here:  Kutcher was doomed in San Diego. His natal chart compares very badly with San Diego (see below!). If this dalliance had occurred in Hollywood or San Francisco, he and Demi would still be together, but it was the San Diego ‘energy’ that BLEW this marriage for him.  Sara Leal contends Ashton told her and other girls (who were soon to have naked hot tub times with Ashton) that he was separated from his wife, Demi Moore.  Leal implies that if she knew he was lying, she wouldn’t have had sex with him… she might not even have gotten into the hot tub naked with him!  This over-the-top tattling, on September 24, Demi Moore’s 6th Anniversary of her marriage to Kutcher, no less, led to Demi ditching her overactive spouse… ‘..with great sadness and heavy heart.” And to show her support of “certain values and vows that I hold sacred.”

Now let’s look beneath the circus side-show trappings of two top American movie and TV stars, at the astrological underpinnings.  Maybe we can get to the bottom of their troubles!

Demi is quite a character, according to the “Stars” at her birth!   She was born November 11, 1962, 2:16 p.m. in Roswell, N.M.  As you may know, Scorpio can be a very highly-sexed, proud, intense, possessive, and jealous sign.  And the 8th House is the house of sex and regeneration, which often includes matters about the start and end of life.  Demi was born with Mercury, Neptune, Sun and Venus all in Scorpio — and all in the 8th House.

Mercury 11.02 Scorpio, Neptune 13.26 Scorpio,  Sun 19.00 Scorpio, Venus 20.32 Scorpio. That’s a LOT of Scorpio! A heavily tenanted 8th House Scorpio can bring about early brushes with mysterious deaths, and in Demi’s case, it was the self inflicted death of her long-term stepfather, on the eve of her 16th birthday.  I have read that story, but have not found any speculation as to the why’s and wherefore’s of this tragedy, but Demi must certainly have an interest in the occult, in the subject of Life after Death, and this meaning of the 8th House could well be seen in Ghost (1990). which I believe was so highly believable, and such a big money-maker, at least partly because of Demi’s powerful 8th House connection, which also enabled her to come off very powerfully as the grieving, haunted widow… Demi’s Venus conjunction Neptune in that house — her ability to play a part, and project her feelings so well… was also invoked.  In retrospect, she may have done extremely well with mystic and occult tales, as well as mysteries — another aspect of Plutonian Scorpio!  Maybe she will do more films in these genres now, as sex roles are naturally less appropriate for someone of her maturity.

Sun conjunction Venus in Scorpio in the 8th, both in conjunction with Neptune, makes for a beautiful woman whose sexuality as well as beauty is richly recognized and rewarded. Neptune with Venus makes her sensitive, attractive, and creative. She may well become famous for her beauty with this rich combination of aspects, but she also has a vulnerability to being used and disappointed by those whom she has trusted.  SHE’S IN TROUBLE IF SHE FALLS IN LOVE! A lot of women out there. and not just Scorpios, can relate to THAT!   Guys won’t come out of the woodwork, attracted to her MIND.  They will want what they see, guys are like that.  If she falls in love with such a lout, the tender house-of-cards is destined to fall.

The 8th House, as the house of sexuality is and was a place where sex is a something Demi feels comfortable with.  My God, I just looked at dozens of photos of her from films such as Striptease and other outings via Google.  What a beauty! The 8th House disguises her vulnerabilities and makes her look harder, tougher, than she is. But she has had no problem with displaying nudity over the decades, starting soon after her 16th birthday, in a display of open-minded sexuality that is common to women and girls who have THIS many planets in sexy Scorpio.  She appeared in a lot of nude photo shoots at various times during career, including the famous ‘pregnant’ nude photo that most of you have probably seen, and culminating in her pole-dancing role in Striptease. She is a very sexual woman, and there’s nothing wrong with that, because it is supported in her chart, again and again;  you might as well say — the Hand of God, or Fate, or Karma, or Destiny which makes the planets and Moon whirl around the Sun for billions of years in ever-changing orbits that personally influence us — you can’t blame Demi.  You have to credit or blame the INFINITE POWERS.  In this case, they made a beautiful woman.  They also gave her a powerful Venus-Neptune combo which keeps the sexuality on a fairly high level.. at the level of artistry rather than pure pornography, which a lesser lady might have descended into.  Subtleties — from BIRTH!!  That’s what the Higher Powers — Destiny — God or Goddess. or a Pantheon of Gods — do.  She could hardly have been as good a mother for her three daughters that she was going to have later,  if she had plunged into pure pornography, and such is certainly not the case, although Striptease verged on the edge of “X” rather than “R”.

Yes, she does indeed have fantasies about a perfect love and sex life, caused by Neptunian illusions and lofty goals inspiring her mind (Mercury).  She is VERY creative, and must have some artistic or musical abilities with this lovely Neptune conjunction of BOTH Venus and Mercury.  Mercury and Neptune can be illusional, but they can sometimes be delusional, as well. She may be so captivated by the dream — the illusion — that something basic and realistic escapes her.  She may THINK she’s found someone perfect — and then be very surprised to find that her partner has not lived up to her standards.

That’s exactly what happened between Demi and Ashton Kutcher, who was born February 7, 1978, at 12:30 p.m. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  His Uranus is the only planet in Scorpio in his chart; it is in 16.21 Scorpio, which conjuncts Demi’s whole lineup with planets. Uranus’ influence was first felt as liberating and experimental;  stimulating and revolutionary. to Demi. Ashton must have brought her an excitement that she hadn’t felt in years.  She also felt he was no “yes” man who wanted her for her money, he was, in fact, a bit hard to pin down.  Uranians are fancy-free and variable.  She felt he was quite a catch when he did submit to her charms. The attraction was as sudden and exciting as they come. He’d never had sex that good.  Later on in a relationship this kind of Uranian pressure can be felt as anarchistic and seperative.  Uranian energies are so individualistic that they have a hard time fitting into the confines of a traditional family.  She THOUGHT that when married him, that he would know what that meant;  but the press has been toying with the phrase “Open Marriage” to describe their union.  I don’t see this as at all applying to this marriage from Demi’s point of view. Scorpios do not really want “open marriages”. Only from Ashton’s p.o.v.  The whole “open marriage” idea must have come from the radical and progressive Aquarian, Ashton.

It’s not all Ashton’s fault, by any means;  Demi’s Saturn is in 5.40 Aquarius, closely conjunct to Ashton’s Mercury, and this is a tough one in marriages, because it means she felt she had much to teach him and get his thinking (especially) organized.  She might have fallen into the role of helping him find his own path in life, but she also may have tried to make him think like she did on a variety of issues, political, social, etc.  The youth of Mercury is sweet and naive to Saturn, but he surely would have resented her intrusions into his thinking and learning over a period of time.  I can hear her telling him “time to grow up, Ashton!” and him replying, “Stop trying to be my mother!”

This is the exact opposite Saturn-action that Demi experienced with her previous husband, and father of all three of her children, Bruce Willis.  Again, there was heavy Scorpio action:  His Saturn is in 20.53 Scorpio in his chart.  Bruce’s Saturn CLOSELY conjuncts Demi’s Sun and Venus. He was like the ultimate father-figure to her, and she was enormously drawn to the power of his authority.  Under his teachings, she matured in talent and wisdom.  It is a good combination in many respects, especially since the male-female, teacher-student energies were so apt.  He could practically play-out one of his macho film-roles with Demi, who would have to ‘take’ whatever he gave her.   Eventually, he may have not appreciated her enough, not been able to express his love in a gentle-enough way, or, she may have felt she had simply sat cross-legged before his wisdom too often… enough already! … and they split up.  But not before they had three daughters together!   I like their chart combination, and I hope they get back together again soon and reminisce about old times.  They’re good!

Even so,  at some point, Demi had had enough of Bruce’s dominance, and when she eventually (some years later) discovered Ashton, he was as refreshingly different from Bruce Willis as night is from day.

The downfall of the Moore-Kutcher marriage can be seen in Ashton having Mercury, Sun, Moon, Midheaven and Venus all in Aquarius, a sign which ‘squares’ Scorpio, causing tremendous opportunities for media, television (Aquarius), etc., for himself, but various disturbances and upheavals between himself and Demi Moore.  This was ALL HIS “open marriage” “free sex”, etc., that typifies this much Aquarian energy.  It was brutal to Demi, who could not believe during the course of their marriage, at his unfeeling, unthinking, actions.  The recent blow-up could not possibly have been the FIRST such event in their marriage — but it sure was the most publicized, thanks to Sara Leal.  Look up the various combinations. I know them by sight, but a student may have to look at each of them to get a real feeling for how separative and negative the two charts are.  Try searching:  “Sun square Moon synastry” and follow this up with Mercury square Sun, Moon square Moon,  etc.  (Synastry is the astrological, planet-for-planet comparison of any two people. It’s one of the things I do professionally!)  You will find that each search will give you paragraphs of information about why this marriage was doomed.

With this many Aquarius planets, including Sun and Moon,  Ashton is totally experimental, totally uninhibited.  This is the behavior he allegedly presented to the three girls around the hot tub at the Hard Rock earlier this year, as you can see and hear about in the Leal statement (above).  Ashton likes this lack of inhibition so much that he wasn’t looking to have his own children.  He is practically too independent to want children at all — which makes me feel Demi’s three daughters must have not been total fans of his… no matter what the publicity folks tell us.  I feel very sorry for Demi, because this man has corrupted her life with his antics.  He is just not very marriageable, especially to someone as intensely intimate and passionately loyal as Demi, although this totally depends on a chart-by-chart comparison, and blanket statements are never advisable in matters of the heart.  I’m sure that “out there” there will be some very well-suited female for Ashton. He needs a lady with 4 planets, including Sun and/or Moon, in Gemini or Libra, who can play some of the same games on him, that he did on Demi. Turn-about is fair play.  Everyone meets their match.  “Everybody’s somebody’s fool…  everyone is somebody’s baby”, as the old song goes.  Maybe he should call on Ms. Leal, although she doesn’t seem to have done him any favours with her Us Weekly interview.

If I had 50 pages, I could go back through the lives of all three major participants mentioned here and see how transits, as well as moves from one city to another, affected them.  But I did want to mention that Ashton’s choice of San Diego as a place for a naked hot tub party was not advised by an astrologer!  A good astrologer would have pointed him somewhere less dangerous.  San Diego (July 16, 1769),  features Mercury, the planet of NEWS and publicity, (among other things), in 0.14 Leo, opposing Kutcher’s Mercury and conjunct Kutcher’s Mars. Mars brought about fireworks;  and the Mercury opposition guaranteed he would NEVER be able to satisfactorily deny or explain what Leal said happened.  Saturn in 22.09 Cancer, in an EXACT quincunx to Ashton’s Venus, his planet of love;  Uranus, the planet of surprises. squaring his Mercury and Sun.. it doesn’t stop!  His chart and San Diego are REALLY a problem for him.  Uranus brings that unexpected ‘turn about’ into his life.  Mercury brings the PRESS into his so-called private life. Sara Leal squealed on him, but San Diego set it up!

Kutcher obviously didn’t have an astrologer.  Knowing the odds helps you gamble in a way that can make a winner out of you.  Kutcher just simply — didn’t know the odds! Neither did Demi Moore, or she would never have married him!

Here’s the Us Weekly sensationalism:

Thank You!  This is fun!  I have to do MORE of these.  4 hours on this one.  —–Ed

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