Did Eyesight Problem Help Bring-on Amazing Visions?

This post may be of interest to those who suffer from cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye problems, and who may run the risk of deteriorating vision, eventually leading to blindness. But what if loss of vision may lead to seeing visions?  Because this article is also very much about ghosts or spirits, parallel worlds, distant planets, and anomalies I don’t think science has yet figured out.  Such as: WHY are recognizable, coherent images of people and things, floating around and popping-up, visible to the camera?

Book and thin figure in a chairI was diagnosed with having an eye problem, when my vision began to deteriorate to the point where I could not safely drive a car.   At first, I noticed that street signs at night were harder to read.  And then, that it was hard to follow traffic lanes at night, I just couldn’t quite see the white lines.

Within months, my driver’s license came up for renewal and I was almost booted out of DMV by an outraged clerk when I couldn’t quite make out the lettering on the reading test.  This was in the summer of 2013.

As my vision slowly changed, I found myself doing a lot more close-up work.  I loved to make drawings and sketches and doodles, because I could more easily focus on the paper when it was closer to my face.  I did a lot of cartooning and painting in 2012 and 2013., and shared it with friends and clients.

But by late 2013, I had given this up, it just wasn’t fun anymore, Uncle Scrooge McDuck with Nephew and that might be because my vision continued to slowly deteriorate.  A walk down the lane, or out to the bus, became an interesting trip through a San Francisco or London fog bank. This was not by any means always a difficult problem.  The soft, milky fog damped down the sunlight. I just had to look where I was going, step by step by step. Not every crack or alignment problem in the sidewalk shows up clearly. Signs that I should have been able to read, became fuzzy. The red and green crosswalk lights became a little harder to see. I sometimes had to jaywalk, where there wasn’t a light, across six-lane Speedway Blvd., and this became a little bit risky, because a grey car blended into the grey roadway and suddenly shot out of a greyish fog.  I had to start being much more careful as I walked around town.

It was odd, the first day I realized that I could not make out the facial features and expressions of the people who sat on the other side of the bus from me. If anyone winked or gestured, I didn’t see it.  Walking down the aisle of a crowded bus, with feet and shopping bags in the way, became somewhat problematical.

It MAY be that the softer focus caused by vision problems, let me “see” shapes, figures and faces in the folds of rumpled sheets and shirts, which led to my taking photos, and then finding more examples — and more photos — for part of 2013, and all of 2014.  To a guy with normal vision, the sharp lines and creases would have made these fabrics look like exactly what they were — sheets and shirts and the like.  But with my imperfect vision, I saw softer curves and blended areas. So faces began appearing.  perhaps my imagination helped this process along — I’ve always been extremely imaginative, a talent I’ve used in writing, and teenage poetry.  But now I applied it to seeing human,and animals faces and figures in everyday fabrics.

Alien Kiss I thought I’d really found something.  It seemed the “nature” was showing me something special. Maybe it was, I began photographing what I saw!   This is what I later began to call “Spirit Faces.”  I really did,m and still do, to some extent, believe that the “Spirit World” was letting me see glimpses of what it had in store for humans when they crossed-over from this world to the next. It is a sweet thought, actually.  The idea that the spirit world,the afterlife, is so close to us that it will manifest itself by appearing in the most common and everyday of objects!

Some curious themes arose.  There were a number of images of what looked like the surface of Mars, and with tantalizing clues to some ancient life forms or hieroglyphics on its surface. A normal horizon line of red sands and hills, and then a beast or exotic creature is glimpsed.  One reason for this imagined “Mars connection” was the fact I liked to use a soft red top sheet which wrinkled easily and make endless variations, popping-out faces and figures daily.  In the photos, the red color is washed out to a kind of sandstone pink — no wonder I thought of Mars!  Churchill Unhappy

Tendrils became common.  Tendrils would rise from the barren landscape. They might attach themselves to what looked like a human face, as if it was suffocating the person.  I’d heard and seen “blueberreis” on Mars, but not tendrils.  Then, there would be distant horizons that would seem to become human torsos or faces or limbs.

Another curious feature was that so many — fully half– of the human faces and figures wore robes or tunics. . Many looked like they were right out of the Middle East, but another possibility was, the ancient world.  Along with robes came the head coverings, shawls, and hats.  Rarely did a figure NOT have his or her head covered.  This added to the overall Middle  Eastern and Exotic impression.

Pirate with HarmonicaMany of the “visions” were playful, silly, or rude and erotic.  I have nothing against eros or nudity, but some were of a kind that just cannot be shown to OTHER THAN a completely adult audience. I just can’t put them on any public database, but someday might bring forth a book of “Spirit Face” erotica. If anyone doesn’t like that,  my advice is just to  “NOT LOOK!”  But don’t worry, you won’t find anything really shocking any of my websites.

Just before Christmas of 2014, two days before Christmas, in fact, I tried something different. I had a blue thick plastic shopping bag that had wrinkles in it that semeed ot make shapes I could photograph.  This was the first time I went from fabrics to plastic. I got several scary-looking photos.  A scream, a face of a sleeping or dead child, and bodies laid-out beside the entrance to a stone tomb or sepulchre.  In the corner of one picture, it looked like headlights with a vague outline of a car, Bodies at Gate to the Underworld  out on a highway at night. Odd, all very odd!  The plastic was light blue, so all the pix looked cool and icy. That SAME NIGHT that I created the photos, relatives of some Canadian friends were driving across the snow-swept and icy plains at night. Their car was hit head-on by an out-of-control SUV, and two children died.

The tragedy completely put an end to my using sheets and other fabrics for Spirit Faces, because the fabrics would never have given such a wide range of details, and curves of human forms,  Mouth of Pluto and numbers of different “things” per photograph.  With the sheets and shirts, I faced a terrible limitation. All I could get was usually one person, sometimes (rarely) two people or a small family. But now I began experimenting with other materials.  And also with light.  Unlike fabrics, when bright light hits a glossy surface, it often creates an image.

That is how I discovered the realm of the “Spirit Photos.” Tragedy took me there, and while there, in this new realm of dioramas and panoramas and street-scenes and galaxies full of objects and people, I am haunted by that moment of discovery:  the death of two young children.  And it’s very true that sometimes the images I get with the Spirit Photos seem to be coming from The Afterlife, and not always a good one.  And more often, it will seem to be a kind of “purgatorial world” where people may be serving time and spending untold epochs in a strange world.  The world is very urban, with crowded situations, and yet it is “hanging in space.”  It could be in outer space.  It floats in a black void at times, like a ghost.  The whole place and the creatures and images, statues and living things seen in the Spirit Photos could be ghosts.  Jesus and Death in Passing

I ma not afraid of the supernatural.  When I hit a run of bad luck and stupidity many decades ago, I did a lot of travelling.  I took with me a photocopy, the size of a Tarot card, of the Shroud of Turin’s face of Jesus.  I had that, at various times, in my shirt pocket, my pants pocket, and under my pillow. I had that across the room.  It sustained me.  I could feel it was supernatural, and of the highest quality of supernatural that there is.  The incandescent flash of Jesus coming back to life, in his burial shroud!  Isn’t that amazing?  More amazing than anything I’m doing.  But images of the dead, or the living, do not disturb or frighten me.  Therefore maybe I am getting this overwhelming surge of photos from the Spirit World, the Great Beyond, the Elysian Fields, or a parallel world or distant planet.

Being visually not at my best, seeing many things in a milky blur, does not stop me at all from seeing these close-up images and take good photos of them.  It must be a blessing.  The risk of blindness was itself a blessing, Flapper and Demon because despite my limited vision, I was able to discover unlimited visions.

It makes me think of Lisa Williams, the famous medium who picks people out of an audience and begins to see and talk with their dead relatives.  She did that to me, at the Grand Opening of her psychic school in the hills above Bel Aire around Halloween of 2013.  Instead of hearing the voices and comments of deceased loved-ones, I am getting images of spirit-people.  It is uncanny,  It is like Spielberg’s “Poltergeist”,  The only  NOT happening here, is chairs piling up mysteriously, or trees reaching thru the window and removing people.  Or skeletons coming to life in murky swimming pools.  Instead, there is nothing flagrantly scary.  But there is the impression that the things I heard as a child — the tommyknockers in the walls, which I’ve written about elsewhere –– the tapping ghosts — have now begun to actually show themselves. And the ghosts have lots and lots of friends. Stage and Audience  Some are ancient wise men, some are whole families of beautiful Venus-like goddesses and their little cherubs and Cupids and nymphs.  But some are imps, gremlins, trolls, Hobbits, that have come to life and visited my camera.

Another possibility is that of parallel worlds, or messages from distant planets.  At one time a few years ago, I hit on the realization that when my head was turns “this” way on the pillow, I was getting spectacular dreams from what seemed to be a faraway world. When I turned the other way, and went back to sleep — nothing!  Maybe such dreams are the transmissions of distant entities on worlds light years away from us.  I began to write a Sci-Fi short story in which someone sits in a chair and trains his mind on distant stars (I have an app which has a constant moving map of all the visible major stars and planets!).  Maybe thinking of it, asking, demanding, expecting to get messages form distant worlds, will actually bring that about. Surely the power of THOUGHT and imagination beats any space ship trapped by limitations on light-speed, etc.  If so, maybe that’s what happened to me.  I set-up the idea of communicating with distant worlds, and now one of them is communicating with me.  Through visions that I can photograph.

Two Soldiers  Meanwhile, the eyes are no better, but the vision loss is not enough to slow down my taking pictures.  I am taking pictures AS IF I want to capture reality, and make “art”, make photography, that matters, even if I someday won’t be seeing things so clearly, or maybe not even on the planet any more.  Things like that do happen to people.  In one photo just today, I think I see myself, sitting comfortably with some strange shadowy beings, against a huge rock with veins that look like silver figures of men, women and children. In another photo today, a man is kneeling, and before him are bodies of esteemed and important people. They seem to be from a much earlier time… Medieval or Ancient times.  The man looking down, who has discovered these bodies, could be me.  Or you.  The bodies are ALL the people I’ve been seeing in thte Spirit Photos.  Maybe they’re all dead.  Maybe that is biggest secret going on here– a vibrant and constant connection with the Afterlife, Elysian Fields, Purgatory — whatever you like to call it!  Split image-woman and sinister hand

Please see my offer in the previous post of e-books that have more examples of BOTH “Spirit Faces” and “Spirit Photos.”.  Okay, here is  “Spirit Photos are Here”. again!  You must be 18+ to order this book!  Sorry, those spirits have a mind of their own. Some don’t like to wear clothes.

I don’t want to allow comments on the site because I have experience with nay-sayers and skeptics.  But just send me an email or buy one of my little ebooklets, and I will send you a line, and correspond, because if you buy a product or service, that immediately gets my full attention!  I founded a little church in 2012 based on my astrological studies;  but now in 2015, I see that I really have material that would make a spiritualist church viable and exciting. A visible link to some other realm! Not every religion can say that.  They may have old stories, relics, even…  they may have homilies and moral teachings. But I’ve got the photographs. You can also read more about this, there.  It’s up right now at:  http://www.CosmicChurchofChrist.org   Thank You!

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