Earthquake Warnings Off Target

A Youtube stargazer from the Netherlands whose name I didn’t get, was touted by Tom Lupshu on his site; (see the link further down). There are two tangled vids; I give them to you just as they were sent to me.
Using some great looking software, but partly faulty decision making, the Dutch astrologer was inspired to send out a warning to beware a big earthquake today. May 28, 2015. which he said might mean a huge disaster for the American West Coast. At one point it really sounded like he expected California, to slide into the ocean. It never stops baffling me how everybody who does not live in California kind of relishes the vision of it being destroyed soon! (I mean… people are so nice, right?)
Not so unexpectedly, our interesting Nederlander invoked comparisons to the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 14, 2011, at 2:46 p.m. local time. But he’s somewhat misjudging the planetary energies. Today’s planetary aspects are not quite like those of a day in 2011 when a giant earthquake, tsunami, and partial nuclear meltdown WERE all possible!

HAVE A LOOK… on the day of the earthquake Moon was in watersign Cancer within 1 degree of being exactly square (90°) Mercury in firesign Aries. You KNOW when water and fire mix, explosive reactions can take place. But Moon was simultaneously tightly in opposition (180° stressful aspect) to Pluto,(traditionally linked to the Underworld and Plutonian i.e., nuclear energies). So both Moon and Pluto were 90 degrees… very stressful double “square” aspects, to Mercury, the Messenger God, in Aries, where Mercury acts in impulsive ways, at times… with the planet of the sudden and unexpected (Uranus), oft linked to disasters, not far from Mercury, and therefore, combining forces with it.
Several other “climactically stressful” configurations were also going on that day. It’s hard to even look at a chart this critically ‘bad’ for very long, for fear that some kind of embedded negative energy might jump out. It is after all, the ‘handwriting of the Gods’… who love Geometry, but who can be very severe with it!
So, if you can read a Circular Chart the way a concert musician sight-reads sheet music, or a light bulb goes on in a physicist’s mind when he or she recognizes the solution to an equation — please study-up on this one! (Courtesy the very kind

Great East Japan E.Q./Tsunami

Great East Japan E.Q./Tsunami

I then pulled a chart for today… th 28th…It is an “chart of the moment”. 4 p.m. however was the expected ‘memento mori’

5/28/15 Chart of the Moment

5/28/15 Chart of the Moment

Let me just simplify by describing: Mercury and Mars are in about a 2 degree conjunction in Gemini. Sun is nearby, as well., but these three won’t be in any significant stressful alignments with other planets except a square with Neptune. For something distinctively destructive-verging-on-apocalyptic to occur, there should be MILTIPLE ‘hard’ aspects: Outer planets ‘triggered’ by several inner planets set-off by the Moon and/or Mercury. And there should be not too many redeeming features, in other words, positive aspects between Moon or Sun and planets. Yet, there ARE indeed, a goodly number of these today!
On today’s date, Mercury is in Gemini, a Sign which it is said to “rule”, and does very well in; MOON is in a beneficial trine to Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Jupiter, a benevolent social and protective planet, is in a good aspect with Uranus, the “accident prone” planet often linked to seismic activity.
None of these planers are likely to be part of a huge destructive — KER-PLOW! — combination of energies today.
SURE, Mercury in conjunction with Mars is abrasive, but in Gemini, it can be WORKED (Mars) on and DISCUSSED (Mercury), and they are nearly two degrees apart. (And Sun and Mars do good work together, guys!) This doesn’t yield seismic or tectonic disasters like Krakatoa or Kingston or Lisbon, Vesuvius or Anchorage.. and so on!
Saturn opposes Mercury and Mars WIDELY in the early degrees of Sagittarius.
(Wide aspect = weak actions!)
That is not close enough to characterize as a dangerous aspect. Besides, MERC and MARS have gone beyond Saturn and its orb.
This translates to… a lovely early summer day, with temperatures just starting to flirt with the 100 level in Southern Arizona. I hear birds chirping, but none of them are crows, if you get my meaning of harbingers. No dogs barking. No bad dreams last night!
Multiple planerary spects need to be TIGHT to set off major events! Nothing much tight today except the hot dogs fitting nicely with the condiments and hotdog buns as the Western American afternoon deepens. Somewhere a raspy banjo is competing with an acoustic guitar, and both have to rise above the drone of the A/C.
Moon is moving thru the middle of Libra today, the 28th, and Libra is a pleasant Air Sign for the Moon; it won’t be lining-up in any stressful aspect with any malefic planet, either. In fact, it’s an antidote for the planets in Gemini, since Airsign + Airsign = breezy happiness!
Jupiter is a protective planet and is making good aspects to Mercury, Mars and a great 120 degree trine to Uranus, right now, which the Youtube astrologer rightly characterizes as a potentially dangerous planet, but it will not be in any dangerous aspect on this, the 28th of May.
In one part, the astrologer showed Mercury and Uranus were lined up in a ‘bad’ aspect in March 2011 during the big Japanese earthquake and tsunami, but they are not lined up like that with each other at this time, so talking about that seems irrelevant to the situation this week!

Here is the apocalyptic Dutch stargazer and his lovely visual solar system softwear:

But if you REALLY want to scare yourself, ( especially if you live anywhere near L.A.,) go back to the VERY beginning… the originating source of the “megathrust earthquake” fears. This vid is how it was when a friend sent it to me. When you’ve seen BOTH its parts, it looks more Uranian AND Plutonian than an electrical storm on top of a Nevada casino during a small volcanic eruption!
He points to a Mercury-Nrptune angle today in which “Venus is also involved”, but I don’t see any major aspect between either Mercury on Neptune to Venus today. Mercury’s in 10 Gemini, Venus is in 20 Cancer. A wide semisquare is not an aspect to lose any sleep over.

To sum up, I don’t see ANY sign in the Zodiac or its planets, Moon or Sun, of anything MUCH to worry about today, on the 28th of May! Of course, we all have very individual charts, and the goodness or badness of one person’s day will be vastly different from anothers’. And some of us live on top of a mountain, and others at sea level. But GENERALLY SPEAKING, this should not be a horrific SyFy channel monster or Zombie movie kind of day. No Mission Fathers scrambling from fireballs flying out of any of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. No repetition of 1812, the “Año del temblores”. Thank Goodness!

When I was in my early 20’s, I worked-out a system that gave a daily percentile chance of there being a big earthquake someplace in the world. People scoffed, fretted and shook their heads. They couldn’t understand why I was doing this. They were blind to the fact there might VERY WELL BE a way of approaching the prediction of earthquakes.
Would you believe it? I got EXACTLY the same ultra-scoffing, beard-pulling response when I came up with ways of making money using astrology in the stock market! A stockbroker laughed me to scorn and I humbly, convinced that I must be nuts, put away my financial astrology.
I’m glad OTHERS ARE trying to get the answers! But they shouldn’t jump the gun with dire sensationalism. When they invoke a chart of an actual horrific disaster, such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami,they should humbly study that chart, inside and out, to avoid drawing the wrong conclusions!
Best, —-Ed

(This was as much FUN as Celestial Forces could possibly be, and I will try to again start writing articles more FREQUENTLY! Thank You!)

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