Edslist Is Here! — Books, LP’s, Art, Knick-knacks, etc. —

***  Edslist  ***

Please see “Edslist” pages on this site (see: ‘navigation bar’ at right-hand margin to change from page to page.)   More stuff — new stuff! — every time you come back!   Books of All Kinds * Media including LP Albums * Short Stories * Collections * Knick-Knacks * Art *  Will consider OFFERS on ALL items.  E-Bay, ABE and Amazon are becoming difficult to navigate and/or extra-expensive to use. OFFERS   cannot be made for merchandise on many other sites, but you can make offers here. Edslist is here, to see if this ‘model’ can involve the public and do its purpose.   Edslist is also a ***REWARD!!*** to all of Ed’s clients who have had consultations with him, in person or via phone or internet, since 7/07/07 because they enjoy additional discounts.  (See Page One: the Astro-Bio Page for details.) Everyone who has purchased a breastpump from breastpumpmama.com since 8/08/08 also qualifies for a discount.  More, soon!

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