EDWARD SNOWDEN — The Chart Says It All!

By Ed Augusts * July 2, 2013

The Government really needs to start using Astrology as a forensic tool, or at least in character evaluation of the people it or its contractors employs. Edward Snowden is a case in point.  His Birth Chart DESCRIBES what he just did, that made him famous.  It WARNS of it, in fact!  It also explains his recent travels around the world.  It also JUDGES his actions, as I will show you.

Snowden’s Natal chart can be seen here:


The chart is for EDWARD SNOWDEN, born June 21, 1983, at 4:42 a.m. In Elizabeth City, New Jersey.   (The chart has an “AA”  reliability rating by Lois Rodden standards,  meaning the data is quite reliable!)

Put together the separate specific chart elements, and you get “The Man”.   Is he right, wrong, deluded, crazy, or a traitor? 


* Mercury Rising in Gemini. Mercury was very close to the Ascendant at his birth; he is a good and versatile communicator, he could be an author, he surely has a number of interests, and he can be flexible. Very good with data, computers, etc.

* Mercury opposition Uranus. He is not one to see things ‘straight’, his thinking (Mercury) is often disturbed or can be twisted (opposition Uranus). All kinds of mental problems are indicated by Mercury in ‘hard aspect’ to Uranus. What he really needed wasn’t to work as a contractor for the U.S. Government… he needed regular visits to a therapist… or astrologer!

* Mercury opposition Jupiter. He is given to excesses; he tells tales and stretches the truth to suit himself. His flights of fancy sometimes turn into flights to other countries. But the opposition does not bring him any credit through these journeys, any more than his fancies and obsessions.

* Sun conjunction Mars in Gemini.  Good for energy, bad for the temper.  He is a HOTHEAD, especially on a mental level.  He will spar, argue, and is often able to play either side, with the adaptability of Gemini Mercury Rising.  And in his ways of communicating with others, he is likely to be PARTISAN,  bold, passionate, daring, and militaristic on some level of his feeling-thinking apparatus. People with Mars-Sun conjunct in Gemini can be relied upon to act on impulse, without due reflection that others may have.

* Sun and Mars are in close opposition to Neptune. Sun opposition Neptune indicates the kind of person who “hears music that no-one else does,” i.e., he would well be deluded. When we think iof Hippies in the sense of impractical dreamers, Sun-opp-Neptune was very descriptive. Mars opposition Neptune is literally the poisoning of his work (Mars) by the seductive and unrealistic (Neptune). Therefore, being in a tug-of-war or struggle over what one’s work really is, is symbolized perfectly by Mars (work) opposed by Neptune (ideals, but also confusion). Mars in hard aspect to Neptune is unhealthy and can lead to derangement. Together, both Sun and Mars opposing Neptune, make it seem he is one to be swept away by idealistic and unrealistic visions. IF they were realistic and not deluded, he would not have this particular pair of oppositions!

* Jupiter close conjunction with Uranus. He has a feeling of superiority, and an inflated feeling of ego (Jupiter),  out of the ordinary  (Uranus),  and definitely thinks big. Jupiter can be religion, and Uranus is quite unorthodox, so he can hardly be expected to be a devout member of a known church.  In view of  Mercury being in opposition to this pairing,  it shows he never suspects that what he really possesses is a spirit of revolt and anarchism, which has replaced what in other men are strong religious values.

* Mars trine Saturn. This is a good aspect. He is undoubtedly a hard and capable worker, capable of gruelling and personally unrewarding work, so long as it is constructive. This is one part of this chart which is admirable, but the rest of it makes him misuse his capabilities so that he ends up doing what’s wrong.

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*Mars trine Pluto.  Another good aspect.  He can work (Mars) diligently (trine) on secret and sensitive projects (Pluto), except for the other aspects which overcome and pervert this energy.

* Moon in Scorpio, aspected only by Venus in a hard (square, 90 degree) angle. Venus and Moon are both lonely in his chart, and these are two of the softer, feminine planets.  Delicacy is not indicated, but hard feelings, jealousy, and inability to have a rewarding relationship with either his mother or a wife or girlfriend are shown, Since this aspect indicates that he is emotionally isolated, despite being in a world of desire, greed for success and passion that he feels is never really his… it may turn his mind toward criminal acts.

After reviewing his natal chart, I can make a critical judgement about the man’s likely effect, good or bad, if working in an important government position. I can even say that he saw the whole issue in a clouded or deluded condition, since ths planets are not placed in his chart in a way that make it likely he would see things clearly when it came to big issues.  This man should not have been put in charge of any sensitive, much less Top Secret data or programs.  Why can’t the Government do something like examine the natal astrology patterns when it hires people for the most sensitive and important positions?  If Government won’t do it,  maybe the companies and corporations should use astrology to single-out individuals who are more likely than others to be troublemakers.  And if nobody uses astrology to prevent problems like this from occurring, then at least Law Enforcement agencies ought to use it, to help determine which of various suspects is most likely to have done a given criminal act…  since it will be there, given accurate information, in the Stars!

At this moment (late on July 2, 2013), Snowden, by all reports, is evidently trapped in Moscow airport waiting area, known for its lack of comforts. He is not officially in a part of Russia, not a part of the country he came from, nor yet the country he is going to… wherever that is.  Snowden has asked for asylum from various countries around the world, and those who have said they might honor his request nevertheless say he has to get there, first. Which doesn’t look too likely, now. The U.S. Is putting pressure on governments around the world to snub him.

It’s not surprising, is it, from an astrological point of view? With the Mercury retrograde on, now, it is amusing to ponder that Mercury retrogrades are known as times when people find their travel plans don’t work out exactly as planned that looks like what is happening to Edward Snowden, who was born very late in the Sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Planet Mercury, and he also has Mercury and Mars and his Ascendant in Gemini.  Mars… his actions… his work… is “going retrograde” right now, too,  Yes, this retrograde has more than an ordinary impact on him. He is the QUINTESSENTIAL ” future text-book example” of what can happen to a Mercury-powered chart during a Mercury retrograde period!   I just hope that nobody gets hurt!  

Best,  ——Ed



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