Example of a Helpful Chart Interpretation

I got this query at my Astro_Psychic Group some days ago:

Danielle [ contact info private ] > wrote:
> >
> > I know that this might sound very vain. But this is an issue that is
> very important to me and wit all of the other changes that have been
> happening it is one that I really need to have a positive outcome.
> > My name is Danielle – DOB is june 18th 1973
> > I have been trying to lose weight – I had a baby a few months ago and
> I am having a trouble time lossing the weight. I have 40 lbs to lose. I
> recently went back to weight watchers as I was very successful in the
> past. I need to lose this weight to help lower my blood pressure (as per
> my doctor) or I will have to start taking blood pressure meds – which I
> do not want to do.
> > My question is do you see me being successful in this and is it
> possible that I will be able do accomplish this by the end of this
> summer.
> > Thank you
> > Danielle

to which I responded:

— “edaugusts” <edaugusts@…> wrote:
> Hi, Danielle! Sorry to hear about the extra pounds and the possibility
> of having to take a blood pressure medicine. I can’t give you too many
> details, because you didn’t give me the time or approximate time of
> birth, or the birth place, so all I can look at is a general chart for
> June 18 1973. But your basic chart gives us many insights into your
> nature and the problems you’re facing. Your basic birth chart features
> Mercury and Venus in Cancer, which can be somewhat self-indulgent,
> especially with sweets and carbohydrates, and Moon is opposite, in
> Capricorn, showing you feel somewhat guilty in these pleasures, but have
> a hard time stopping. Your Sun and Saturn are conjunct, showing a
> serious disposition, the lack of a “light touch”. Sun square Sun, you
> are operating under a condition of anger caused by frustration. A lot
> depends on the exact time of day. What planets are rising? What planets
> are in the different houses? I can’t tell, because you didn’t include a
> time or place of birth. But Sun square Mars, no matter where it is in
> the chart, is an aspect of frustration and possible job and career
> challenges and the distress caused by career problems and changes. THAT
> is more the reason for the doctor’s saying you might need medication,
> not just the weight.
> You tend to become frustrated, so I hope you have lots of help (mom,
> husband, others!) in your new role of ‘mother’ You will be an excellent
> teacher for this child once he or she (certainly you will have at least
> one girl, even if this one was a boy) reaches an age where you can get
> through to his or her mind. With Mercury and Venus together in Cancer,
> you will be able to give lots of love and nurturing to your baby, in
> fact, you will surprise yourself with how well you adapt to having the
> baby around the house, you will see it as the biggest responsibility you
> have in life, to nurture your little one. But you have to take good care
> of yourself, as well. You need to experiment with a few diets and
> nutrition plans so that you find the one that works for you. I agree
> that. with your chart, and because of a Saturn transit coming up in the
> next six months, (Saturn will be going over your natal Pluto and oppose
> your natal Mars), you are better off losing weight than starting to
> take a powerful medication that might have undesirable side effects
> and/or put a further strain upon your system. Losing the weight would
> be the most natural and best method for you to take right now. It
> should not be so difficult, it should not be seen as a “life or death”
> issue, just lighten-up as you lighten-up, so to speak! Find some JOY in
> getting back into shape and losing those 40 pounds. There is no reason
> it shouldn’t work, but you do have to get going with it now and not
> wait. This is a better time to lose weight than waiting six months when
> the transits may be stressing you almost too much to do what you know
> you CAN do — lose the weight! Do it now and over the next few months,
> while the transits will help you. At least, get a good start! One
> thing you can do is see a qualified herbalist who can set-you-up with a
> concoction of healthful herbs that you can simmer at home into an
> excellent, healthy, weight-reducing tea.
> As usual, you are worrying too much — but you are in the predicament of
> being a bit overweight when you are not usually a person, in terms of
> your whole lifetime, who has a weight problem, Sun-conjunction-Saturn
> people are usually on the lean side, in fact! Saturn makes a person
> worry so much that it is more likely you are underweight than
> overweight, even with Venus-Mercury in Cancer! Moon-opposition-Mercury
> people have so many mental projects going on, they are likely to be
> running around, except when held back by Sun-conj-Saturn, which makes
> them less self-confident, and more likely to be house-bound. I see that
> you are not as self-confident as you should be, and you go around in a
> state of supressed anger, (Sun square Mars), which is just as much a
> problem as the weight
> There should be no problem in losing weight, even though you may have a
> hard time sticking with a given diet,and you are debating what you want
> to do, this diet, or that diet. That’s because unless you were born
> very early in the day or very late in the day, you have Moon opposite
> Mercury, so your feelings and your thoughts are not balanced very well,
> so you bounce around from one idea to another, perhaps not putting the
> right ideas into effect. You need to stick to a diet, and perhaps,
> unless there are medical reasons not to, go ahead and try a series of
> different diets, and maybe not only dieting but also fasting — that is,
> sticking to juices and water for a day or two at a time — is another
> possible idea that might help you break-up that ‘baby’ weight you’ve
> gained.
> I am not qualified to dispense any medical advice, not even dietary
> advice, in fact, astrologers and psychics can get in trouble for doing
> so, and I urge you to read-up on the subject of fasting and diet, and
> choose a diet that will help you without stressing you even more than
> you are, already. There is no harm in seeking expert advice, and it is
> almost certain, given the specialties in medicine, that the doctor who
> is prepared to put you on blood pressure medicine, is NOT one who can
> help you with nutritional and weight-loss questions. As I said, a
> visit to an herbalist, especially one versed in the Ayurvedic therapies,
> might prove most beneficial. When I feared that I had a medical
> condition that might make me very sick, I visited the East-West
> Acupuncture & Herb Clinic in Santa Cruz, California, and had a
> consultation with Michael Tierra, a well-known herbalist and
> acupuncturist. He diagnosed me through traditional ancient Chinese and
> South Asian methods and prescribed a mix of several Ayurvedic (Vedic =
> Indian) herbs which soon helped me considerably. I lost 20 pounds in 3
> weeks, and over the past 10 years have slowly lost about 60 pounds, so
> it is definitely possible for you to lose weight, as well, once you are
> working with a qualified specialist in weight reduction.


>Let us know how things are going for you on the path of losing the >extra pounds, andbeing a successful mom, as well! If I can be of >more help, send me a donation, a “planetary love offering” to Ed Augusts, 436 Speedway Blvd., Tucson, AZ., 85705. Send me a >photo or a prayer request, I will put it in a big carved wooden box >in which I have a number of prayer requests.
> I have a wall-sized ‘altar’ here, and my friends pray over these >slips of paper and photos which people send or bring me, and we >keep in mind the Planetary Gods and their respective powers, and >the One God, Who, it is very evident,. set-up the Solar System and >its system which coordinates so powerfully with the lives of >human beings. We pray over them once a week until you get the >results you want. Any donation, donations that will let us continue what we’re doing, are very welcome!
> 6:33 a.m. Arizona Time, Apr 22. 2009.
> Best Wishes, —Ed

To which she just replied:

Re: Reading-insight request

Thank you much for the insight.
I do apologize for not including my birth place and time (for what it is worth I
was born in Doylestown, PA at 6:20pm)
Your information is very correct. (although I have alway been on the heavy side)
I plan on looking into an herbalist – Currently we are tight on money (my
husband’s cancer has reoccured) But I will look into it.
I do already have a 9 year old daughter and now a son that is almost 5 months.
Things will get better I am sure.
I will send my prayer request with a donation.
Thank you again

I posted this exchange here so that people can have a better idea of what kinds of Readings I’m doing. I’m not going to bore them with “Sun Sign Astrology”, by any means!   And, although I do kid around, and seem to have a lot of different ‘things’ going such as my EdsList,  my heart & soul are in my work in helping people!    “Go, and Do Thou Likewise!”

Best Wishes, —–Ed