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My paperback book Christian Astrology, (Mystic Books, 1997), features a natal chart for Jesus Christ which provides highly significant findings when used in comparison with more than 100 charts of noted, famous or notorious historical figures and contemporaries. The significant difference between people who compare favorably or unfavorably is an excellent statistical PROOF of astrology… it’s just impossible that this kind of uniformity could happen by accident!  The statistical anomaly shows there is something amazing about this Jesus Chart — i.e., it really works. It is likely that this chart comparison will reveal the “saintly” and “spiritual” person as well as the “grossly materialistic” and “violent and/or criminal” individual.  MAYBE it will tell us who, among us,  is more likely to “go to Heaven!” This very day, I have already discovered a “Saint”, a very saintly, powerful woman, with a +25 score in comparison to the Jesus Chart.  I am so proud!  My chart comparison gave emphasis to what is already obvious in the life she is leading and the visionary creative work she’s done since she was a child.

Revolutionary Astrology!

Revolutionary Astrology!

I will enclose a sheet of paper folded into the front page of  my book that has the chart comparison between the Jesus Chart and the chart you want compared… it can be your chart or someone special…  Only one comparison per customer is FREE… additional comparisons are available at $10 per comparison.   The comparison will give a “+” or “–” figure in the –35 to +35 range, with the most compatibility at the high end of the scale.

So far, our highest score is +34 (Edgar Cayce) and the lowest is –29 (The Boston Strangler).

All this is explained in the book.  You must provide a  birthdate and year;  approximate birth time is satisfactory, although exact birth time is even better,  since most of this is planet-to-planet comparisons and includes the fast-moving Moon.

The book is $12.00 + $2.00 book rate shipping anywhere in the United States.

$12.00 + $5.00 shipping,  anywhere else in the world.

CAN’T WAIT FOR SHIPPING?  I don’t blame you!  Upon your payment,  JUST ASK, and I will do the comparison of charts on-line. You will get the book in the mail, but the chart comparison will arrive as an e-mail, usually on the same day you order the book!

PayPal exclusively accepted.  No foreign money orders or bank cheques, etc., can be accepted.  We do not process credit cards;  if you have a credit or debit card it is easy to use them with PayPal.

Just visit  and click the tab marked “Send Money”.  Then fill out payee as  “” or  “” .  LIMITED TIME OFFER as our NUMBER OF COPIES is LIMITED!

Thank You!

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