Full-Body Scanners : Is it Time for an ‘Attitude?’


It’s been brought to my attention that possible abuses may be occurring at some airports in both the United States and around the world where FULL-BODY SCANNERS are being used for security purposes.   A recent “Drudge Report” was mentioned to me today that paints a grim picture, that is, if the charges are true:  that some people are actually being molested…  especially if they refuse to go through the scanners… Then they get a cavity search (Ouch!) Unfortunately, I looked and couldn’t find the story…  maybe it will turn up,  and if it isn’t true, I’m sorry.

Oops, I stand corrected!  Here is  link a friend sent: “Natural News” with its take on the possible abuses of the full-body scanner story.  Wow!   It’s an eye-opener:


I have no personal knowledge whether these stories — and charges — are true or wild exaggerations.

What I did find on Drudge and the Washington Post today is  that full-body scanning has now arrived at Dulles, the last Washington D.C. area airport that didn’t have it yet… and is being eased-in slowly at New York City and New Jersey airports.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am 100% in favor of the utmost security where hundreds or thousands of lives are at stake at airports and during air travel.  But I’m not as 100% sure that the newest method — full -body scanning –– is what’s best for us.

I don’t have a wife or children, but I would be very upset it my wife and/or kids had to pass through a full body scanner in which their most intimate personal physical details could be observed by folks I don’t even know. How do I know for sure that these scans aren’t going into someone’s personal database? These are not doctors or nurses to whom we’re used to surrendering our privacy, these are security personnel.  I don’t have anything against security people, I just wouldn’t want them to be observing and possibly remarking upon or taking notes about the naked bodies of people dear to me.  Or myself!

Fortunately, I rarely, if ever, fly.   I don’t want strangers to know my most intimate details!   But I know dozens, hundreds of people, who DO fly, and they must be muttering into their beer these days as the equivalent of a proctological visit, without a possible health benefit,  is brought to them and their families again & again as they fly out of town.   Just taking a shot of “X rays” time and again must not be TOO good a thing to go through….  What do you think?

In the interests of having the utmost security at airports,  I guess I have to concede the fact that maybe full body scanning IS of vital interest to National and International security.  But I don’t know why we’re so politically correct that everyone, even grandmas and babies, have to go through it, when the “PROFILE” of what most terrorists look like is obvious to everyone. To force octogenerians and tots through these demeaning procedures seems a bit too much.  I wouldn’t do it, I’d take a train, I’d drive. I’d take a ship, if I could get around the circuses that airports have become.


Now, HERE’S a lady who figures:  IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, MAKE FUN OF ‘EM! I know this lady. I like some of her ideas, and she’s intense, with 3 planets clustered tightly in Scorpio, so she loves “causes”. She is, moreover, extremely clever and inventive… a scientist and mother who invents products and services…   And, here’s what she’s doing  regarding Full Body Scanning:   She has dozens of different undershirts and other underclothes for men, women and children that express the attitude that many people feel when confronted with the demand of having to go through a FULL BODY AIRPORT SCANNER.   They’re not expensive., The lettering and designs are metallic and thus will stand-out during the scan.  The words and pics are designed to SEND A MESSAGE to “authority” screaming out:   HEY!  TAKE IT EASY, GUYS!  I’M A CIVILIAN, & SO ARE MY KIDS! I like her site, and I hope you do, too!

It’s called BODY SCANNER ATTITUDE:   http://www.bodyscannerattitude.com

If you aren’t delighted by the ATTITUDE on her site,  and the FUN clothing items,   I’ll be very surprised!   Meanwhile, I will CONTINUE to NOT FLY anywhere! I can’t stand to wait in line and travel’s expensive anyway, that’s two strikes against it!

I wasn’t going anywhere anyway!  ——Ed

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