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People LOVE to get their palms read, and now thanks to the Internet and digital photography, I can analyze a person’s hand from 100 miles or 1,000 miles away!

I have been doing palmistry for 30+ years and have lectured on the subject. Five fairly basic lectures (dating from 2010) can be found on Youtube. Here’s the first:

See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

I (untypically) have not written much about palmistry. But I have read extensively about it and owned amazing collections of books about Palmistry.
Count Louis Hamon’s (“Cheiro’s”) original 100 to 120 year old texts are my favorites. He read the palms of the most famous and wealthiest people in American and European society, including royalty.


2015-08-25 16.48.05Just take your mobile phone (or a friend’s) and take a few photos of the palm of your dominant hand. Do so without flash (which washes out the lines,) in a good light that creates good definition. Here’s a good example, as all the lines are visible, and I can always enlarge the photo to reveal more.

Take one photo from a slight angle that shows the percussion (the edge of the hand that you would use if you were doing a karate chop!) That’s where certain relationship and family information can be seen.


I do not do palmistry in person anymore. It often feels intrusive to spend more than a moment inside someone’s aura. I once read more than 50 palms in one day at a company picnic of a Silicon Valley corporation, and could scarcely get out of bed for three days afterwards. The aura must be respected!

Not sure about auras? If you’ve seen (or have done) an aura photo, or read about Kirlian photography, you’d be a believer. Actually, it’s a science not a belief.

The other reason I exclusively use the Internet is because it vastly simplifies the otherwise cumbersome process.


I can do a palmistry report with a turnaround of two to three days. Visit a page on this site where you can order a service or Reading. It is $60 per palm, or $100 for two! I put a lot of research into this, and I guarantee you will be pleased!

Best wishes, —Ed

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