Isaac Asimov’s Birth Date Controversy Solved

In working on writing a book that will have about 700 short biographies in it, I encountered a controversy relating to noted prolific, wide-ranging author Isaac Asimov (mostly known for his science fiction and fantasy), who passed away in 1992.  It seems he has one of two birth dates. The birth dates describe totally different people, astrologically.  Follow along!  It’s an eye-opener!

If you Google Search “Isaac Asimov” and get his Wikipedia biography,  you will find he was born on January 2, 1920.  But if you Google Search “Isaac Asimov born”  you will get: October 4, 1919, Smolensk Oblast;  If you return to the first Wikipedia ‘January 2, 1920’ item, you will see a little superscript “1” next to it, and clicking on that informs you that Asimov himself didn’t know exactly when he was born.  He even mentioned that it COULD have been as early as “October 4, 1919”,  but he was okay using the January 2, 1920 date — ” it doesn’t matter.”

Sorry, but your actual birthday does matter, sir!  Because I looked at the astrotheme chart which they show for a January 2, 1920 birth, and it isn’t Asimov.  There are no useful Mercury aspects that would show a PROLIFIC and wide-ranging author with an ability to lecture and a good sense of humor.  There is a 5 degree trine to Jupiter and a wide, 4-1/2 degree sextile to Mars, but, in my experience, that does not translate into the author of 500 books.  There is also nothing that would show Asimov’s succumbing. in 1992,  to the HIV infection he picked up from tainted blood transfusions while undergoing surgery in 1983.

On the other hand, a chart crated for 12 Noon, Smolensk*, Russian Federation, October 4, 1919, has Sun and Mercury together in 10 and 15 Libra, respectively, both sextile (60 degree), a creative and harmonious aspect,  to Jupiter and Neptune in 11 and 12-1/2 Leo.  It is this ‘nourishment’ of Mercury by expansive Jupiter and imaginative Neptune that makes a writer — a good, popular writer!  Only a Mercury that is flush with Jupiter-energy could write about 100 different subjects in a lifetime outpouring of 500 different books and compendiums.  Only a strong Neptune or Venus could influence Mercury to be imaginative enough to do Sci-Fi or Fantasy well enough to be world-famous.

I suggest that Asimov was born late in the day on the 4th of October, because that will move the Moon into a position where it will trine both Sun and Mercury, and the Moon-Mercury trine makes for mental brilliance. It will also bring Moon into opposition to Neptune, which explains the dangers Asimov faced when he went on an operating room table — Neptune in bad aspect is associated with infections and other unknown risk-factors. 

Odd that Isaac Asimov was quoted saying “it doesn’t matter” whether he was born on October 4 of 1919 or January 2 of 1920.  Because — yes it DOES matter!  The January birth date is inconsistent with both his work as a writer and thinker of great intellect and merit, and it does not explain the circumstances of his major illness and death. The October 4th, 1919 birthday fits all these factors — and more — better than the 1920 date. Adjusting the date, and then tweaking it by moving the time of birth up into the evening — will make the chart consistent with the person’s abilities, accomplishments,  and… even the dangers he faced.  Hence, I feel Google is RIGHT when they answer the question:  “Isaac Asimov was born”  October 4, 1919Astrotheme?  Revise your facts. You have astrologers there, compare the dates!  Wikipedia?  Revise the birthdate, yours is false! Google has it right.  Good Going, Google! 

*available software didn’t show the small town, Petrovichi. in which he was born 90 years ago, so used the largest nearby city — Smolensk.

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