Joan Rivers, the cards paint the picture

I was sorry to hear that irreverent comedienne Joan Rivers had been taken to a hospital in New York City a few days ago with cardiac and respiratory failure, and was now hooked up to machines. I did a quick 3- card Tarot reading on how she's going to do over the next little while:  [pix are attached!]

Tarot cards - 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups, 8 of Cups

Tarot cards – 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups, 8 of Cups

(1)  3 of Wands. Others, specifically her relatives, will cautiously wait and see if she is getting better, and what the doctors can report back  Just Like the figure on this card, of someone staring into the distance. It's a matter of waiting for news to come. This could also represent Joan, in her mind and spirit, looking on into the distance… and into the future. Nothing overly sad or negative about this card;  its all just a matter of attaining knowledge, having expectations, and waiting.

(2) 5 of Cups. A person wearing black stands in sorrow because of what has been lost. Two cups are still standing, but 3 cups have been knocked over and spilled. This suggests that Joan Rivers enters a physical state where it may not be possible for her to come back to live successfully in this world.  The card also shows the sorrow… and the dilemma..
felt by those who love her. It does not show that she has passed on, but that so much has been lost, that a decision may have to be made to let her go.

(3) 8 of Cups. Under noctural skies, a solitary figure leaves the scene, leaving many things and much treasure behind. Joan will "be released" soon from the bondage of the body.  It appears her close relatives will make this decision, especially if she has entered a vegetative state, rather than holding on to her at all costs. According to this card,  her Soul is ready to be released, and will be going on its journey to the next place waiting for her to explore.  The cards are helping remind us that despite our love for each other, and our natural desire to stay with our loved ones, there's nothing really lost when a person passes on!

All the Best,  —–Ed

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