Kim Jong Un’s Astrology

I just recorded two videos. The first is an evaluation of Kim Jong Un thru astrology, (7 min.)

…and the second, is my follow-up realization that Jong Un will soon submit, be swept from power, or outright destroyed! (4 min.) The clock is ticking for him!

I hope you can watch these timely YouTube videos! To summarize my findings, Uranus is moving toward an opposition to his natal Mars, indicating an attack or sudden change of power, while Saturn is in an exact conjunction with his Jupiter, taking away all his good luck and positive energy. There is seldom anything more depressing than Saturn in a transiting conjunction on one’s Jupiter. Although many survive such aspects, the conditions surrounding the transits this year are ominous for him.

Jong Un is a vindictive, paranoid, not-fully-developed big kid of just 33; the youngest ruler in the world. His chart shows him to be narrow, and in ignorance of much of life, since all his planets fit into just a third of the zodiac.

He has misused his power, ordering his uncle and brother killed, among many other excesses. His people have starved while an elite cadre of toadies has benefitted.

The Astrological transits give him maybe a 10% chance of surviving in power for longer than a few months, given the situation he finds himself in.

We need some good news!
All the Best! —-Ed

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  1. Answering a private letter about this post, which I want to share:

    Jupiter is one’s good luck! His is buoyed up by Neptune, which is very imaginative and visionary, although it can be delusional, as well. Mercury conjoined to these two, means he expresses this vast bubble of confidence — and the hereditary delusion that he is going to destroy the “evil” United States.

    The very NARROW RANGE of his natal planets… all within one third of the zodiac… implies an incomplete view of reality.

    Saturn being right on top of Jupiter right now is the strictest imposition imaginable. His good luck has vanished! His fond visions must, at least temporarily, all come down to earth.

    He must be more suspicious than ever that he’s about to be snatched by Navy Seals or atomized by a bomb-strike.
    But instead of hiding in a Hitler-style bunker, he’s reviewing military parades and attending operas. That just shows his Mars-Pluto bravado knows no caution.

    It will be hard to get concessions out of him, and Russia seems to enjoy having him continue to taunt America, while China’s a big, big unknown factor. Just because Trump had a good meeting with China’s president doesn’t mean he can trust him, or that the Party and Military will support any agreements they made!

    Just because Jong Un’s chart looks bad for his future doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else has a future, though I really feel the power of transiting Saturn will specifically make the insane posturings of the Korean tyrant vanish into the past, as he himself is pulled down from power like a useless scarecrow.

    If we’re of the religious sort, if we do believe, this might be a good time to pray for a glimmer of divine intercession. We are on the very edge of eliminating the threat we face. We just need a little nudge from the Forces of Light.
    Best, ———Ed

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