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We are not sending you the actual e-books or files, just the links. These links will  arrive as a regular e-mail, not as an attachment…  not as a zip file… Just a page full of links and hyperlinks. Most of them are live links that will download the e-book or .pdf file for you.   Files range from 1 pg. to 600+ pgs.  Click on any you want! Not all links are guaranteed to work on all browsers.  Some links die or go inactive, we apologize.  Ask, we will get you more! If you experience any difficulty, try another browser: Firefox, Chrome, etc.  MONEY BACK  if you are not satisfied!  If any links don’t work, please let me know, I will send you more!

== ANGELS !! ==

More than 25 links to speculations and specifics about the lofty hierarchy of Angels as seen and believed-in throughout history, art, and in various religions.  Muslim and Christian angels;  specific named angels such as St. Michael, Gabriel and others;  art and design that make use of angels. Great variety of reading material for you on this extremely popular subject!   After all,  more Americans believe in the existence of angels than believe in the existence of the New York Yankees.  Great gift idea, too.  Only $5.00


More than 35 links to a terrific variety of downloads of old and new material about Astrology.   Here is the co-descendant of Astronomy referred to and scrutinized, and used for various purposes, by dozens of different authorities and skeptics, as well as astrologers.  Tropical as well as a bit of Sidereal Astrology;  cycles, transits, comparisons.  Some great Hindu texts and seductive selections of a chapter or two out of longer texts.  This is a wide-ranging as well as a fascinating EDUCATION in Astrology — more than 1,700 pages of text!  Only $5.00



As I put-up these GHOST links, HALLOWEEN is approaching!  This is one of the most favorite, energetic, spooky holidays of the year (next to Ground Hog Day, at least!)  and WHAT BETTER TIME to read even more than you ever have about ghosts, poltergeists, spooky places of historical interest, etc.  THIS collection includes LOTS & LOTS of links to GHOST HUNTING, including methods, equipment used, opinions about professionalism of same, etc.  LOTS TO READ!  Here are no less than FORTY (40) LINKS, they’re “live links”, the link should take you RIGHT TO THE ARTICLE, book, or other item!  No guarantees, since different browsers, different systems, handle e-books differently.  Depends on your individual settings.  NO ATTACHMENTS, NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD, ONE PAGE HAS ‘EM ALL!    Only $5.00



So simple -- what can go wrong?

Talking Boards” of many kinds have been used since the days of ancient Greece and China. The Ouija Board is therefore, nothing new; it is only the most SUCCESSFUL tool of its kind, with the most known users, many of whom are shaking in their shorts, n all of history.   Many brave soldiers of the mystic arts are proud to have taken its by-ways, but others view it as a lesson in spiritism that should not be taken. Therefore, just in case the nay-sayers who warn of its demonic connections are right, let’s just READ about it rather than fiddle with its controls and sit down and risk going into a world of spirits, mediums, and trances!  So here are THIRTY- FIVE  (35) “live” links all about not only the Ouija but some of its historical predecessors, apologists, and revivalist blood-and-thunder haters.  Includes reference to Yeats’  “A Vision”, and several books that wee channeled through methods similar to those of the Ouija, one by ‘Patience Worth.’

Yours, for:  Only $5.00


More than 30 links to great downloads of Positive Thinking and related materials!  Need some inspiration? This is for you!  Many ideas on how to get TO THE TOP, as others have done, and others are doing.  Some texts are humorous, some even make fun of the whole ‘Positive Thinking’  concept.  Great information  compatible with the world of the “Law of Attraction”  “Abraham”,  and similar ideas…  How positive thinking will tend to catapult you to success in a variety of industries and jobs.  This is a collection of downloads via 30 links that will yield great variety of FUN!  Add to your self-confidence as you read a bushel-basked full of potentially profitable ideas!   Only $5.00.


Thirty links to a great variety of information and inspiration having to do with Spirituality. It is amazing how wide-ranging spirituality is, and to how many places it will take you in the realm of both human society and one’s innermost beliefs.   Only $5.00


(((( TAROT ))))

Forty-Five Links to some wonderful fact and fancy about the Tarot.   Live hyperlinks  to more than 3,500 pages of FUN, PRACTICAL, METAPHYSICAL and SCHOLARLY  reading about the archetypal symbols which A. E. Waite,  Carl Jung,  and other great thinkers have studied and praised.  This is a list of LIVE LINKS sent in an ordinary e-mail, not as an attachment.  Click on any and visit whichever realms of mystic symbolism you want to explore, with emphasis on the Crowley THOTH deck, the Waite-Rider-Smith version, the Tarot of the Bohemians, a 2-volume set by the Curtisses, and many modern studies, as well as a 600+ page anonymous study of the Higher Arcana.    Only $5.00


> UFOs <

FORTY (40) LINKS to all kinds of tid-bits of information and speculation concerning UFOs.  More humans have seen “Flying Saucers” and similar objects or visions, traversing our skies,  than have seen Coney Island or the Golden Gate Bridge. Sightings going back to the 1890’s are explored,  and contacts of various kinds are seriously explored. Roswell,  Alien Abductions, possible government cover-ups, in a variety of viewpoints, bios of investigators, such as Adamski  early documents, attempts at ridicule by skeptics including psychologists who explain UFOs as caused by misjudgement,  hysteria or mental illness, as well as serious, little-known investigations, such as the odor of UFOs and the chances that they occur on a sidereal cycle.  Six documents are 100 to 200 pages long,  and sixteen are from 20 to 100 pages.   More than 1,700 pages of text in all!     Only $5.00

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