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Why don’t you join me?  I’m just looking at some charts of psychics. Some common features are coming up which may intrigue you, since a person wonders sometimes about who is genuine and who’s fake when it comes to the business of being a psychic!

First — what do the authorities say?  What do the astrological text-books say?  They say look at the position and aspects of NEPTUNE. Various authors who have studied the matter say that mesmerism (hypnotism), trance states, channelling, etc., all involve Neptune.  Probably interest and ability with Tarot Cards or Palmistry, etc., also involve Neptune!   I would concur from my previous experiences and add the proviso that it takes a highly-developed Neptune before we can call anyone’s chart likely a truly PSYCHIC chart. Neptune should ideally be in an aspect with either MOON or MERCURY, but other combinations are possible;  Pluto and Uranus are also involved with some strange and mysterious powers, as spiritualism operates in a sea of feelings and visions that is just beyond this everyday world that we’re in, and it takes VISION and INTUITION to make contact with that world!

Without a doubt, EDGAR CAYCE “The Sleeping Prophet” had some amazing psychic powers, which he manifested in a light trance-state that simulated sleep. His answers to questions from numerous clients were often amazing, since they even included diagnoses and “cures” for various ailments, which he could give people 80 or 100 years ago, but not in this day and age.

Born March 18, 1877 at 3:20 p.m. in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, CAYCE’s Uranus is within 3 degrees of his Ascendant, and births such as this mark the individual as unique if not ‘strange’.  Uranian people can be quite talented, but they always stand out in a crowd and often are challenged by loneliness because so very few can be part of their unique mental and spiritual world.

Pluto , meanwhile, another very interesting Outer Planet, is within three to four degrees of Cayce’s Midheaven at birth.  Intensity, compulsion, with a dark or twisted ‘edge’ is common for Plutonians.  The fact Cayce’s Midheaven as well as Ascnednat are marked by the presence of these two Outer Planets reveals that he was going to be unique and bring gifts to Earth from distant places of his mind and spirit,  even without his conscious decision to do so.  The trance states just “happened”.  The information he gave in a trance was unavailable to Cayce in normal state.

Neptune is in a conjunction with his Moon in the early part of Taurus, and both are in a fine trine (120 degree aspect) to Jupiter in Capricorn which stimulates the sensitivity and power of his feelings (Moon).  Jupiter and Neptune in aspect oftenhave a metaphysical or religious component, and by all accounts, Cayce was a deeply religious man when he was awake, and an incredible mystic when he slept (or fell into a trance!)

LISA WILLIAMS is on a tour to Australia and then Sweden right now where she is holding demonstrations before large audiences of her ability to reach the spirits,usually members of families who have passed into the Great Beyond.   I did her chart recently, thanks to a Bay Area friend who knows her.

Ms. Williams was born June 19, 1973,  [See:  Note below!]  I did her chart myself and was immediately impressed:  Pluto is within 3 degrees of her Midheaven — just like in Cayce’s birth chart!   The Greek God Pluto was Lord of the Underworld which in ancient times was not thought of as any kind of place of punishment — simply the realm of departed spirits!   Having Pluto at the Midheaven seems to bring about some connection with the Realm of Spirits, whether we think of the place these spirits are part of as the Great Beyond, the Afterlife, the Underworld, Hades, etc.

Even more exciting:  She has Neptune RISING, within a degree or two of the Ascendant, and this makes it absolutely natural for her –– a way of life! — to be involved with the mystic arts.  The mystical side of someone with Neptune exactly rising in a birth chart, knows no bounds!

As you may recall,  Cayce’s Moon was conjunct his Neptune.  Williams’ Moon is in a wide sextile (60 degree), a good aspect to her Neptune;  Moon sheds its light, (literally!)  on planets it touches in a natal chart, and in Ms. Williams’ case, it brings her visions into her mind, and injects a lot of emotions with them,  that is,  she wants to reveal them to others. She wants to HELP OTHERS through her psychic talents.

Both Cayce and Williams have a Mercury-Saturn aspect.  A conjunction in Cayce’s case;  a 1-1/2 degree semisextile in Williams’ case.  Mercury is the mental ruler, and Saturn is the planet of tradition, responsibility,  These aspects make a person feel responsibility for others.  Einstein had a close Mercury-Saturn aspect, as well.  The mind is able to study in-depth, and learns for an entire lifetime.

PETER HURKOS, born May 21, 1911,  5:20 a.m., in Dordrecht, Netherlands, was a very unusual psychic.  He was 30 years old before this ability manifested, and only because he was hit on the head  and lay unconscious for three days.  When he regained consciousness, he had psychic abilities.  At least one serious researcher said Hurkos was the most gifted psychic he’d ever studied.   Hurkos’ Neptune (the psychic planet!)  was in a close opposition to planet Uranus at birth;  Uranus is associated with sudden and unexpected events, and Mars was in a very close trine with Neptune.  Mars at times involves accidents and injuries,  so his developing psychic talents (Neptune) is indicated to come through an accident (aspect with Uranus and also Mars), unlike Lisa Williams, for instance, who was born with the gift (Neptune RISING).

Here we again see Mercury in a close aspect with Saturn (the conjunction),  I wonder if Einstein was psychic, since he had this one, too?  Well, to be a physicist — I would suppose intuition would be a good thing to have!

SYLVIA BROWNE, born in Kansas City, MO.,on October 19, 1936, at 2:00 p.m., a long-time fixture of the Montel Williams Show.  She has a chart which is strikingly different from those of the other psychics on this page. The mediumistic, psychic planet Neptune is in a conjunction with Mars, which is not considered a good aspect to have;  Mars muddles-up the purity of psychic impressions with partisan, judgemental, or perhaps angry  or frustrated energy.  Neptune either opposes or squares two other planets and the Moon in her chart.  It is just too many bad aspects to Neptune.  It cannot be that such an energy is wholly beneficial.  When there are no benevolent aspects to one’s Neptune, it seems that the psychic visions, if any, may be either on the “dark side” or problematic in some way.  She has the most “challenged” chart on this page.

ALLISON DUBOIS,  whom the “Medium” was based upon, thanks to her helping Law Enforcement authorities with her psychic impressions, was born  January 24, 1972, at 11.31 p.m. in Phoenix, Arizona.   URANUS, MERCURY, and MARS are all angular in her birth chart, with Uranus Rising.  Her Neptune has an almost exact (20 minutes of longitude) sextile (positive) aspect with the Sun, which is an aspect reputed to sensitive a person and bring them happiness through music and the arts.  She has a number of risky and difficult aspects, of a kind that make her look to be vulnerable to accidents and possibly attacks;  I can see her involvement with the police as an outgrowth of this “rough side” of her chart, because this kind of chart puts her in touch with not only the police, but crime scenes, forensics, etc.  It isn’t very pretty, it’s very gritty, but that’s what Law Enforcement involves.  It looks to me like risky and frightening situations in her life led her to find a kind of “escapism” that involved the psychic world.  Hers is a different ‘energy’ than the others;  I think she stressed her way into being psychic, whereas Peter Hurkos was hit over the head and became psychic!  Edgar Cayce went into a trance to become psychic.  Sylvia Browne — I’m not sure about her planetary qualifications to be a helpful psychic, whereas the chart of Lisa Williams, shows psychic abilities that she’s had her whole life.

I should confess here,  that I was born with Neptune in aspect to Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon;  with a Moon-Pluto and Sun-Uranus conjunction.  The Uranian energy tends more toward Astrology than Psychism in many cases.  The Plutonian energy is just simply… intense!  Yep!  The strong conjunctions to outer planets by BOTH Sun and Moon indicate I’m an “outer planet” kind of guy, nothing too simple or sweet.  Love to help you, though!   See my Rates page, then  Give me a call:  (520) 305-8768  or drop me a line:

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Here’s Cayce’s chart:

…and Hurkos’ :,_Peter

…and DuBois’:,_Allison

…and Browne’s:,_Sylvia

Note:  I only have Lisa Williams’ chart from a close friend of Lisa Williams, who spoke with her personally.  I don’t believe it is on either the Astrotheme or Astrodienst databases yet, and I shouldn’t reveal the exact information.



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