May Day, Beltain Greetings from the Pagan Woods!

JIM MOSSER, up on Spirit Mountain, West Virginia,  (he named the mountain!),  is feeling much better about life now that a few of you readers have been sending him spiritual, invisible, health & healing messages.  What’s funny is, I don’t think anyone has sent him cash or cans of cat food or anything, BUT, your POSITIVE ENERGY is better than the money or the food! Getting him past some of his long-standing issues — and new ones, like the clear-cutting of neighboring land intruding onto his own — issues that have been the source of such pain in his life that the fate of his THIRTEEN CATS (see my previous entry!) — seemed for awhile in jeopardy.   NOW, let me let you hear him,  you’ll see he isn’t hurtin’ ’bout nuthin’ right now! ( The “over the line loggers” he mentioned owe him 3X the value of the timber they cut in error, according to local laws — that’s the “income stream” he mentions.  The dispute over the property itself hinges on e-mailed promises sent by his GF, and he has now successfully retrieved those old messages from his hard drive, so those legal matters are progressing, as well!)

In FACT, he is so cheerful right now, he reminds us this is MAY DAY and coincidentally, Beltain, the old Pagan / Wiccan festival, as well!    Here he is:

Happy first of May. Mayday to the world, though the meaning varies as if it is to honor labor, celebrate an emergency and get out of the way or for those pagan sorts a good dancing round a fire with friends celebrating the renewal of life and some sexy fertility too.

Here on Spirit Mountain the uncut trees are greening up, this began earlier in the week high elevation makes for a late start on outdoor life here. The dogwoods bloomed in the forest, the Cherry trees too and Lilac. About all the color I have thus far and now some leafy green to begin hiding the next mountain over.The grass got its first haircut too this week.

My personal Maydays went out yesterday. The lawyer received the Emails the defaulting seller made concerning ALL the details of the property sale she now is lying her butt off over, hahaha words can come back to bite her, just as the dog bit her hand last weekend.Looks like my claim for Specific Performance is now much clearer a topic for litigating, all at her expense naturally later. The surveyor called this morning and will investigate court records and render his estimate next week, the over the line loggers– my new income stream — were also phoning him. Action is afoot in the woods and the cutters will be on hold soon too so some peace will reign till the property line issue is settled.

I would much rather be at some festival with my sort of heathens, taking workshops and dancing round a blazing inferno with some cuties, ah well I know I shall some Mayday in the future, though I really could enjoy that today. I have done the Maypole Dance and that is an entwining affair, great fun winding colorful ribbon streamers together till someones are tied to the pole. I reckon I can do some drumming later and have my own fire. I have some nice huge piles for some other time from all the limbs of my poor desicrated trees. The woodland fairies will watch over them till then.  —Jim

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
That’s it from the heathen, pagan, rural world of Beltain and springtime up on Spirit Mountain, West Virginia, the Land of 13 Cats!   But there’s nothing wrong for us to realize, hey, it is the First of May!  “May Day!  May Day!”    ——Ed

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