Maybe You DON’T Need a Psychic Reading!

My clients don’t always want an Astrology or Tarot consultation! Sometimes they want me to LISTEN, brainstorm, be sympathetic, hear their wild ideas, and more! And, YES, that IS available! Nothing New Age, Occult, or Spiritualized, required! Just TALK to me!

I’m Ed Augusts, known as an author,
book seller, Astrologer and Tarot Reader.
I’ve done 1,000’s of Readings
over the decades…

Maybe You Don’t Need a Reading!

let me repeat that…

Maybe YOU Don’t NEED a Reading!
No Astrology…

No Tarot…

Not Today or Tonight!

I’ve been thinking… I have
100’s of clients
who may wish to talk with me,
but not necessarily in the
“Psychic Reading”
mode!   Well, then…
let’s try this!

But maybe you’re NOT one of my clients!
Maybe your needs and desires
are less complex than that…Or
MORE complex than looking in on your
Celestial Birthchart
or the Rider-Waite deck!
Maybe you want to share some
ideas or feelings.

Maybe you are stuck, somehow!
Perhaps you want to share an
incident or an idea.

Maybe your partner in life is
driving you  c-r-a-z-y!
That’s it!

Maybe some idea or realization
is burning a hole in you,

and you’d like to get it out of your
system, or off your back!

through the wonderful ability to
talk about it!

* * * * *

I’ve been talking with people
about anything that’s on their
minds for half a century!

Universal Life Church pastor
since 1997, but I do not
“preach” to others.

I am eclectic.

I am very open-minded.
In the old days, I might have
been called a sage,  A mentor.
An advisor.  Or at least…
a chatterbox!
Maybe I’m a philosopher, an
astrologer, a humanist, who
understands a little about
human nature, and human desire.

Family life!

Complaints and rants!
Ambition won or lost!

Career moves!

Travel and relocation worries!

Crises and confusion.

(No, I’m not any kind of ‘doctor’,
refer to a professional for
health matters!)

Please don’t call ME if you feel
call 911, please!
But I am a guy who is curious
and doesn’t mind listening.

I do understand love and desire.

What’s got you so stoked?

*     *     *     *     *

I know the poetry of the heart!

I am an artist, a musician,
(keyboard and guitar), a poet,
a short-story writer, a researcher,
a college graduate,

Formerly wealthy.. formerly
nearly homeless!
I understand the gnawing and
yearning to be accepted
and rewarded!

Some Astrology, some Tarot,
some Clairvoyance, may pop-up
in our sessions…

But only if you want it.

I am not here to sell you any system,
any product, any book or ebook…

I am here to listen and respond to you!

Just listen to my voice a minute…
Do you like it?
My rates for listening and conversing
are about HALF of what my
professional Reading would cost.

Fund me $20 for the first 45 minutes,
by contacting PayPal at
and sending payment to:

After sending payment, Write me at
We can talk,  often on short notice..

I guarantee you will be pleased,
and refund your payment if
you aren’t enjoying a session.

“Different people are better for
different people”,  in conversation,
as in any relationship.

I will keep everything we talk about
strictly private!

If you like my voice? 
I’m sure I’ll like yours!
Make the arrangements
and the give me a call
at the number I give you
when you write me!

All the Best!  —-Ed Augusts

About Ed Augusts

Please read "Strange Adventures of Ed Augusts" for hundreds of pages of info and memoir. The "Bio" page on, and "Books That Influenced My Childhood" may also be of interest.

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