Augusts Astrological Archives

206 pgs.

Here is the best CROSS-SECTION I have about Astrology and related practices,  such as Tarot, Dreams, Palmistry, Ouija, and so on… including some questions & answers drawn from  the last 8 years with my on-line Astrology work!   In the PRINT version, this is 279 pages long, but it is a tidy 206 pgs. in the on-line E-Book.

S u b h e a d i n g s    I n c l u d e :

The Astrology of Love, Sexuality, and Hope   The Virtues of Various Tarot Decks  Are You Living in the Right Location? Planet Mercury Shows Communication!   The Astrology of Jesus  Toronto:  Example Astro-Analysis of a City …The Astrology of Relationships  Re: Rising Signs  Re: Mercury & Love  Miraculous Holiday Healings !Basics of Chart Rectification, Parts I & II  The Awareness of One’s Saturn House Position. Inauspicious Houses (for Saturn) . Using Progressions of the Sun. Noted Artist, Gvido Augusts. Re: “A New Look at an Old Devil” (Saturn) aturn = ‘Expect Delays’  C.Willis ‘Memoir’ . New To the List. Pondering Merc Rx.  Are We Each the Center of a Universe? : the “Double Whammy” Effect in Astrology A Peculiarly Philosophical Moment  Question for Ed (about Moving)   How Geographical Astrology Works  Amazing Geographical Astrology!  Seeking Examples of Locational Astro-Influences Questions by Anonymous (Quadrat)   Hyderabad to Islamabad  Re: ‘Dr.’ Turi’s Views on the South Node   Old Santa Clara / Buchser H.S. Science Wing Fire Different Views of the South Lunar Node   Ed’s “Tail of the Dragon” Confession Question of Accommodating Oneself to Another   Hurricanes…a way


Life manifests one’s Negative Transit Energy?   Natal ‘Elemental Pairs’ and their Challenges  Some Sun-Moon Comparisons  To a Woman on the Verge of Being Married  “One Free Question” i,  ii, iii,  iv.  Reading for Liz   Sun Enters Libra, Moon Enters Gemini   A Note from Rev. Nikki.  Walking in the Light   Saturn and You…and More!   Regarding a Woman’s Question.  Tenth Planet Discovered?  Regarding the ‘Part of Fortune’  JUNK as Part of Capricorn & Saturn!  12th House Turns into a Huge Mystery!  How Do You Compare with this Chart?   These ‘Seekers’ Resemblances to Jesus  Seven of Diamonds and Other Superstitions,  Astrology Book of Love,  Attempt at a Crystal Reading,  Example of Good & Bad Transits at the Same Time,  Importance of Water in the Psychic and Real World, Egyptian Astrology,  Tropical or Sidereal? There’s a Way to Tell,   Characteristics Determined by Planetary Alignments?  Relating to Future Time Travel,  Angry Effects of Saturn Squaring One’s Mars, Saturn Square Mars Digest,  Joe Dimaggio or Einstein, Time Travelers?  7 Year Cicadas — Why? Why? Why?  Jupiter Trine Sun Transit, Neptune Prominent in Astrologer’s Charts,  Places Where Astrology, etc., Not Welcome? The Solar Return and You!  Medieval Astro Symbol – ’Twins’ Falling in Flames, Chart of a Dangerous City —and more!    


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