The Spirit World by Daisy Gibson Buettner



Daisy Gibson Buettner



San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Here are the visions and dreams of a impassioned  clairvoyant. Daisy Gibson Buettner was a Medium at a San Francisco spiritualist church in the mid-1930’s.   It was a poor time to be a medium, just as it was a poor time to be almost anything else in that terrible part of the dangerous 20th century.  But Daisy had visions of a world ahead, or maybe a world parallel is more like it.  Not everyone would have been brave enough to sit down and start writing-out one’s visions, but she did!   The results can be seen in this slim volume that goes into every species of place, person, activity, and thing — everything one could think of, that may very well await…  on the other side of the thin membrae that separates one world from another.  A century before cosmologists and astrophysicists began to talk of Dark Matter, Black Holes, and Multiverses, the Spiritualist Churches in America and Europe were well-advanced in those studies.  Attend any spiritualist church and you will see some of the amazing visions and truths… yes  truths… that can be seen, when looking with the eye of clairvoyance from one world into another.

The book was not a best seller, and although the world remembers much — this nascent effort of dreams and visions was swiftly forgotten.  The Church itself did not live out the decade and the people who ran it were scattered, which should not be a surprise, when we consider how malefic forces, karma, and bad people can mess-up what would otherwise be a ‘good thing.’  The book is not a trumpet for positive-thinking affirmations meant to make a believer a lot of money.  I don’t think it mentions Jesus even once — but yet it has a massive amount of spiritual power.  So!  This is your invitation to go ahead and pass bravely through the “curtain”,  or “membrane”, that leads from our ordinary world to one that you have probably seen in your dreams.

88 pages of visions.




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