Astrology, God & Humanity:

Reassessing Our Notions of God — 148 pgs

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From “Law of Attraction” to “Law of Action”

TUCSON, Arizona is in metaphysical ways an enchanted city. A number of light trance and waking experiences in which I realized there are invisible but very substantial buildings JUST on the ‘other side’ from Our Consensus Reality, something I later found was borne-out by other visitors who have had similar delightful visions,  filled me with such a confident,  creative energy such as I had never felt before…  although I won prizes with my writing since pre-High School days, Tucson is the place in which I began recounting my tales, and imagining new ones.  I wrote a number of unusual texts in 2008, the year I got here.  This is one of them.

Here are subheads from the book: Considering religion after the insights gained from meeting thousands of clients and performing astrological analysis for them – Freudian Psychiatry as anti-religious – its early links with Communism – flaws of conventional talk therapy — “10% improve, 10% get worse, 80% stay the same” – Monotheism’s origins in the ancient Near East – Abraham and child sacrifice – later, the circumcised as property, as a mark of bondage to the tribe – Jesus as, in many respects, “the perfect man”, yet a difficult path to follow – Contrast of the Nature Worship, Goddess religions to the Monotheisms – Dionysus, Bacchus, Pan and the Greek experience of the Divine — arguments for and against the features of various major and minor religions – Other ways to view ‘God’ – Hinduism and Buddhism – Spiritism and Animism – the African heritage – Astrology as presenting a different world view than the Monotheisms – Salient points about the Christian God – Individualization and Religion –   Astrology and Religion around the world – Wonders of a speculative ‘Jesus Chart’.  Monkeys, Snakes & Tigers – some wonders of Chinese Astrology – Conclusion. Ways Astrology Trumps Religion –  More Proof:  Room Mates from Hell! –  The Astrology of Geography — Climax — Notes & Books.

The beautiful STAINED GLASS pattern is courtesy of:  (c) by Chantal Par.

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