Changes in the Human Species

117 pgs.    Sub-headings include:


Times of crystallization, transformation, metamorphosis, or extinction?

Changing Times – Great leaders – and Astrological Factors. The Solar Wind Causes Vibrations in Planetary Magnetospheres — Perhaps this was what the Ancients called: the “Music of the Spheres” –Culture Advances & Changes Through Astro-Influences – Ias it the Great who bring about Speciation? – Individual Physical Characteristics Means Nothing – Dangers of Rival cultures, Rival Sub-species – The Lack of Much Desire to Perpetuate the Species – We are the Survivors of the Survivors – No Children, even when Ready, Eager and Willing – My Personal Bad Track Record –Roots of a Trend to Destroy Homo Sapiens – Homosexuality and Species Diversity – What kind of Human-Like Species is Likely? – The On-Going Mammalian Extinction – Other Recent Extinctions – Lessons in the Burgess Shale – Other Niches a New Species Could Fill – The ‘Abominable Snowman’ and Other Uncommonly Strange Creatures – The Yeti-Like Alma – The Frankenstein Monster Template – The Needs of the Times Dictate the Diffusion of the Species – Our Manifest Destiny – to Conquer Outer Space? – Mating with Aliens, For Good or Bad! – – ‘Satanic Copulation’ to Produce a Hybrid Species? – Buddhism – Orthodoxy & Conformity – Cloning Research on Species and Sub-species – The Lessons of Bee-Hive and Ant Colony – Stalin and Hitler – Lessons of Pluto as Regards the Dictators – A New Race or Breed and Intermarriage – Lessons of Speciation – Including those Goofy Neanderthals – Jesus as “New Man” …and New Species? – Dionysian Comparison with Jesus – “In One’s Cups” – a Half-God’s Fatal Weakness? – Hercules & Other Half-Divine, Half-human Heroes –Where are the Children of the Children of th Gods? – Charting Jesus Against the Backdrop of the Heavens – Astrological Indications of Recent Ages, Starting with Pluto  —  and many more, this is only 60% of the subheadings in this book.


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