Dreams And Visions


A third of our lives are spent in our sleep, but some would say almost all of our lives are spent in our dreams.  Wasn’t it those mentalists of the Caucasus, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, who said humans are walking around in a sort of semi-consciousness, easily observed when we realize we spend much of our time either remembering the past or pondering the future, but very little time in the HERE AND NOW.  And maybe, considering the bright lights and action of our daily lives on the silver screen of life, we DESERVE to retreat into dreams and visions, or maybe seek our fortune there…  Maybe we have much to learn from the predatory creatures of our nightmares, or the angels who descend to help us.  There are various mental states, and the psychiatric community is ever-working to diagnose more and more of them…. and the Dream World emanates from and extends across several of them.  With this in mind, as a promise about the realms which this book will take you to,   let us browse through the contents and say that Here you will see, if you wish, the fascinating visions & theories of Sigmund Freud, C.G.Jung, Alfred Adler,  Edgar Cayce,




and G.W. Domhoff — amidst their personal worlds of dreams & nightmares.  Neptune and the Moon are said to relate the most, from among other celestial factors,  to the world of dreams, by astrologers. Therefore, the birth charts of some of the great names associated with dreams and dream research are examined & compared in relation to each other & to their dream theories. How’s that for something out-of-the-ordinary in a dream book? The natal chart of various thinkers and dreamers!

Author & Mystic Philosopher Ed Augusts, in his 31st book, sizes-up how much we owe not only to our nocturnal dreams but also to our amazing DAYDREAMS which help inspire & spur-on our creative accomplishments. Although much of our nights are spent in dreams, most of our days are spent in a state of visionary mysticism which are commonly called daydreams, and this is what not only helps us get through many an unpleasant task or

dreary day, but also feeds the flames of WRITING, ART and MUSIC! When do mere daydreams turn into visions? Here we discuss hallucinations of various kinds, including psychedelic visions,  and see dreams as they were understood by the ancients. Apocalyptic visions, ripe with both personal and universal symbolism,  the source material of some of our most prominent religions, are also discussed.

(Paintings by the Author — stained glass by Chantal Par — http://free-stainedglasspatterns.com )  Goya’s ‘Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” is public domain.


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