Gothic and Grimm:

A Series of Peculiar Stories, Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, Folk & Fairy Tales.  12 stories — 112 pgs.

Ever see ‘Lemony Snicket’ where bad things happen to good children?  Just one example of today’s strangely alluring mixture of Brothers Grimm where the most awful things can be expected to happen — with that brooding, dark, possibly bloodsucking world where Vampires clash with Werewolves for supremacy of the darkness.  But vampires don’t form the basis of Gothic and Grimm, bizarre and possibly perverse ordinary humans do… and that’s one of the delights of Gothic

and Grimm, where its not usually the wicked who get punished in the end… no more than they usually do on our Ordinary Normal Planet.   I guess that’s why everybody should, as they say in Poltergeist:  “go into the light!”, especially the “children”, since its pretty dark in here, sometimes!  Don’t you feel that’s true to some extent?  Have you ever seen a sunlit afternoon full of malevolence?  Fields and roads in which the very gravel groans bitterly when you tread or travel slowly over it?   Then, imagine the inside of the darkest little house in the valley,  hidden by trees from the light of day, and then imagine deep inside that house’s sheltered, grey rooms, there is a door that goes to a closet, a very large closet.  Inside that door, when you step into it,  all will be silent and dismal, and there will be so little light, that not even a shadow could exist in there.  So the things that do exist in there are less than shadows.  No light at all falls upon them.  And yet you can feel them.  They rise up, they come out of the walls, it seems, and through the boards in the floor — and they want to touch you.  All you can do in that dark, square, empty, lonesome, silent, black room, is to slowly take off all your clothes.  Only when you are completely naked will the beings — the spirits — the ghosts — the presences — the demons — the memories inside that closet touch you all over like a thousand fingertips, and THAT’s when you will be able to see them — the darkness will resolve into ten thousand sparkling points of light.  You will feel THEM all over you — but soon you will pass out, and not even know you are passing out — for you will slump, without so much as a breath — upon that questionable flooring,  the floor that has traces of blood on it, the traces that never come out.  Maybe you will wake up in awhile and leave the ghastly empty, ruinous home. Or maybe you will awaken, and there won’t even be a doorknob,  not even a door.  You will be trapped somewhere, as if between the walls, and your tiny criest with be heard by no-one at all for the next fifty years.  THAT’s the kind of thing I want you to feel when you have a browse through my notorious “Gothic and Grimm”.

Angels who come down here have to use flashlights to see what’s going on.  Or UFO’s do, anyway.

This cruise to a strange planet or two is just $7.00



(We don’t suggest this e-book for the youngsters!)

It is Only $7.00

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