Strange And Unusual World —

Correspondence on the Occult & Bizarre— 61 pgs.    AVAILABLE NOW AS A LULU.COM SOFTCOVER!


(Painting above is by the Author)

The author, a life-long devotee of the paranormal and occult, had a series of unusual messages, queries, and comments on mystic and bizarre subjects from 1997 to 2000 from the mysterious “Chris T“.  Just like some branch office of “Coast to Coast” with Art Bell or George Noury,  they talked about VAMPIRES, WITCHES,  The OCCULT Nature of CALIFORNIA, TIME TRAVEL, SATANISM and Earth Magic, THE HOLY FAMILY, THUGGEES,  Oddities Along the California Mission Trail, ELVIS, THE NECRONOMICON, The Penis Plant, URBAN LEGENDS,  SLOVAKIANS,  Mystic and Practical ASTROLOGY, THEORIES OF HISTORY, GNOSTICISM, GHOSTS and POLTERGEISTS, and  more. The book that resulted had a limited release in paperback in 2000, and was then retired until 2008 when


the  author  updated it with comments and additions. Several cover versions exist of this book in paperback — all of them quite scarce.

Not recommended for children.

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