The Cosmic Church — the whole story!

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Ed Augusts, Founder of the Church, 1997

Think about the religions you know. They are not based on  knowledge (“to know” something.)  They are based on BELIEF and on HOPE.  We believe there is a God, who is the God of the Universe, whom we IMAGINE and HOPE looks like a human being, because we could not conceive of a “Father Figure” who doesn’t look like a human being.  Human nature, the wiring of our brains, tries to make random patterns look like human faces or bodies.  If we were giant, intelligent Jellyfish living on the ocean bottom, we’d imagine God to look like a giant Jellyfish.  But would that be something we KNOW, or something we HOPE?

Rather than the fondness of hope and belief, the Cosmic Church is based on KNOWLEDGE, and there is no reason a church cannot be based on KNOWLEDGE, just because the Christian, the Jewish, and the Muslim faiths are — just that:  Faiths and nothing but Faith-based BELIEF systems, similar in every respect, to the beliefs of giant Jellyfish living at the bottom of some ocean bottom.  Surely the elders among the  Giant Jellyfish would have wonderful books that contain the legends and genealogies of the Most Ancient Giant Jellyfish that concur in their beliefs about a Jellyfish God in the Sky.  But does the existence of a book of legends and Wise Sayings make the Jellyfish God a reality?

What is the KNOWLEDGE of the COSMIC CHURCH based upon?  It is based on the fact that the planets of the Solar System, as well as the Sun and Moon, have mass, size, more or less spheroid shape,  rotation, gravity, in some cases, a strong magnetic field, a history, that is — 4 or 5 billions of years of existence during which time they have been orbiting, rotating, and displaying the characteristics noted above.  A man laughs at the idea of Astrology or of the planet having any influence on him.   And yet he is held to the earth by gravity, to earth, which is a planet, which displays characteristics of mass, size, spherical shape, rotation, a strong magnetic field, and has been orbiting the Sun, as near as the Astrophysicists and Cosmologists can tell — 4 to 5 billion years. As have the other bodies in this,  the part of our COSMOS which is the Solar System.

Human beings, wise and intelligent humans — our very ancestors — have been watching and recording the motions and the effects — yes, the effects, — of these planets, Moon and Sun, since before Jerusalem was founded.  Since the time when curious cave and tree dwellers looked out upon the starry heavens at night, and later, from atop the ziggurats and pyramids of the Land Between the Rivers, the Nile, and rising above the jungles of Central and South America.  Patterns were discovered. SIGNS of the Zodiac were established, named, and described. The planets were given elaborate symbolism, similar to that of Gods — a God of love, a God of war, a God of wealth, and so on.  The Olympic pantheon of the Greek Gods, later borrowed by the Romans, was linked with Astrology.  Both Egyptian tombs and Assyrian tablets have been found showing the Signs of the Zodiac just about as we know them today — dating from the most remote times.

Plato… or Pluto? Or both!

What the Cosmic Church insists upon, is that belief in the Powers of the Planets is rational and is as scientific as any work done in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics, anthropology, archaeology, or the like.  Aspects between the planets have noticeable effects in the lives of human beings.  The Birth Chart has an enduring effect.  Solar Returns to the Birth Chart cast a shadow that persists for an entire year.  Transits bring the planets of today and tomorrow over the positions the planets occupied when we were born, and have a noticeable effect on us.  People can be compared with each other for compatibility by viewing their birth charts.  The right place for a person to be successful can be told using several kinds of geographical or locational astrology. Children and their parents can be guided on the best course of study using the natal characteristics and proclivities, Couples, thinking of starting a life together, can receive excellent counselling from an experienced astrologer.  People who feel lost on the Road of Life — which can be a long and hard road — can seek and find the right direction, the right inspiration, from  planetary and cosmic sources.  People who scorn such ideas have bad charts.  People who are critical of that which they have not personally studied, are ignorant. Many “intelligent” people doom themselves to ignorance by NOT investigating the claims of astrology personally, and we have nothing but contempt for them, just as they have nothing but contempt for that which they jump to unwarranted conclusions about.  Astrology can be a FORENSIC TOOL, as we show in our work on the charts of murderers which almost always show similar astrological characteristics.  If the scientists and skeptics cannot take 10 minutes to look-up some of their most powerful natal aspects and see that they do mirror their nature in unexpectedly exact and perceptive ways, then they are not worthy of being taken seriously as scientists.

Nebukadnessar II

The unique thing about the Cosmic Church is that it is verifiable. It exists in Nature.  It exists on a planetary and cosmic basis.  It can be SEEN IN THE HEAVENS, which cannot be said of the “Jellyfish God”.  It will be a long, hard time before the wise old Giant Jellyfish of the Ocean bottom that I mentioned before, will get evidence of the existence of a Jellyfish God in the Heavens.  But when I say VENUS is the planet of female attributes and MARS is a the planet of male energies, we can look in the pre-dawn sky or evening sky and find Venus.  And the Red Planet Mars is up there, somewhere, too.  They all are. Visible or beyond range of our unaided eye, they are in our skies, and they have been wheeling around the Sun like elementary particles around a nucleus for billions and billions of years.  Who are YOU or ANYONE  to say they have no value, meaning, or influence on the ephemeral lives of human beings here on Earth?  Such a value judgment would be arbitrary and  not based on the facts of the matter.

“By Jupiter!” — ancient oath

You want to choose invisible deities? You want to be like the Giant Jellyfish and worship a distant, invisible Jellyfish God?  Go right ahead, it is a free country!  But when you pray to a God that does not even exist, like the Jellyfish God,  aren’t you wasting your time?   I encourage you to turn your thoughts to those visible entities which we can see in the celestial regions on any night of the year, and ponder the fact that Planet Jupiter, which you possibly don’t think influences you,  has a mass a hundred times the size of Earth,  a huge weight, a huge gravity — big enough to trap rogue asteroids and comets and save the Inner Planets of the Solar System from possible catastrophe — thus living up to its name of “The Greater Benefic”,  a reputation for benevolence which it has had for thousands of years, since long before its role of “asteroid magnet” was known.   YOU are going to sit there and tell me this HUGE planet, which has been orbiting the Sun for 4.5 billion years, or thereabouts, forming angles and aspects with our planet,  has NO INFLUENCE?   Then you are blind!

There are Older and Wiser Books!

Study the charts and you will see that Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, even Pluto, which is believed by astrologers to have to do with PLUTOCRACY, with GREAT WEALTH,  and which was very unfortunately DEMOTED by a board of purported astronomers, but which got its vengeance by plunging the world into economic panic and chaos within a year of its ‘demotion’ to ‘dwarf planet’ , each have a PROFOUND INFLUENCE on those individuals in whom a certain planet was in an angular configuration or in a tight aspect with other planets at birth.  Speaking of PLUTO —  Someone out there wants the AMERICAN ECONOMY to THRIVE AGAIN?  Reinstate Pluto Pluto demands it! I know all about Pluto, it was in a triple conjunction with Moon on one side, and Saturn on the other, at my birth.   We should all be sensitive about Pluto or any planet being slighted, because when that happens — effects occur on Earth.  Slamming a rocket really hard into the Moon a few years ago, just to analyze the particles in the vapor thrown up from the surface wasn’t the smartest idea in the world, either.  You would be better off having an altar to PLUTO in your home than watching old Carl Sagan or Oral Roberts re-runs, you might have a much better chance of attracting wealth and success.   And yet Pluto is just ONE of the Planets. They do work synchronously.

Sun & Moon — by God!

I am not saying we should all become Planet Worshippers, (although it WOULD SEEM to fit-right-in with the “Green” Movement, wouldn’t it?)  and, it certainly wouldn’t hurt for us to show much more respect to those forces which really are ‘above us’,.  They  might give us exactly what we need, since the Planets, Moon and Sun, ARE REALLY “OUT THERE”,  which can only be HOPED ABOUT when speaking of the anthropomorphic “Monotheistic”  ‘Powerful Daddy’ Gods, originally tribal gods that demanded rather primitive and violent signs of belonging to the group,   such as the penis foreskin sacrifice of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians.   You want to worship a God that demands an 8 day old boy have part of his penis sliced off?  Be my guest, but my intuition tells me you are worshipping, at the very best, a cruel demi-god,  the Ialdabaoth of the Gnostics, a creature of Infernal rather than Supernal powers, and the reason why the so-called ‘Holy Land‘ has been the scene of battle and horror for thousands of years.  Each new religion takes the Gods of the previous, defunct religion, and shows them to have been demons rather than Gods.  The same thing will now happen with Islam, Judaism, and the O.T. portions of Christianity. … I say that, because i have nothing at all against Jesus, in fact, the Cosmic Church has

Jesus’ Astrology’s Cool!

Jesus. as the man portrayed in our Horoscope of Jesus, as a centerpiece, because his chart, which shows his LIFE, helps PROVE ASTROLOGY as well as form a template from which we can compare ourselves and others.  More about that in my “Christian Astrology” as well as the 256-page E-Book “The Cosmic Church of Christ”, which is only $7.00. If you have gotten this far in reading an introduction to the book, you would be the world’s biggest fool to not go ahead and order it and see what else it contains — surely you will learn something that might be a hundred times more valuable to you than $7.00.  But what I would suggest to the adherents of the various defunct Monotheisms — these people who don’t realize they are exactly like the Giant Jellyfish at the bottom of the Ocean who think in terms of a giant Jellyfish God ruling their world… is,  for God’s sakes, why not worship a deity that can be actually seen in the Heavens and felt on the skin as the glowing light which illuminates our entire lives?  The Sun!  Or the silvery Moon which reflects in the nocturnal waters and finds a responsive chord in our hearts?  THE SUN AND THE MOON (and all the Planets, Asteroids and Stars) are ACTUALLY THERE.  They ARE actually a part of our lives, whether you are ready to study the matter on a personal level or not. Get a grip and TRY to come out from under the hallucinatory grip of your grand-daddy’s Old Time Religion, would you?  Thank You!

Section Sub-headings include:

The Shroud of Turin and the Natal Chart – Encouraging Reader Participation – Seeing Prosperity in Your Birth Chart – The Ca$h $hows in Your Chart – Mystic Mystique of Money – Jesus Didn’t Say “Give ME The Money!” – A Best Time for Everything – Different Goals for Different People!Different Lifestyles for Different People! –Different Places and Friends for Different People! – Different Planetary Rulers for Different People! – Helpful Goddesses Among Us! – Caduceus versus Staff of Asclepius – Consolations of Astrology – Prayer and Astrology : The Magic Circle – To The Skeptics & Scientists.. – Please Let Me, Now, Take Away Your Sins – Cosmic? What’s That, Man? – Benevolent, Happy Modes of Life – Jesus as a “Template” for Humanity – A Startling Proof of the Validity of Astrology – Jesus Proves the Foundation, but He is Not The Foundation – Cherubs and Archons – Lighter Moments & Valentines – Lineage & Legend – My Astrological Deduction – Points of Belief and Practice – Facts, Straight from the Cosmos –Very Small Medical Miracles – The Sacred Desert Womb- Pool Adventure of Ed Augusts – Guidelines of

Cosmic Science – Best Religion or Philosophy of Life, Amidst Disaster – The Mystery of the Pipes of Pan – Four Days & Three Nights in a Kind of Wilderness – A Record of Temptations by the Devil Himself and Other Forces in a Mysterious Part of Upper Canada – as Witnessed and Recorded by Ed Augusts – Conclusion.   Just $7.00

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