Michael Jackson – Rest in Peace!

Twenty-Five Twitter Updates Trying To Make Sense Of His Early Death

Let’s get serious now & analyze the sudden loss, at age 50, of troubled super-star Michael Jackson: His Birthday? Aug 29, 1958, 10 a.m. Gary, INDIANA.

Michael’s Astro Positions:  Sun 5.46 Virg,   Moon 10 Pisc,   Merc 25.36 Leo Rx,   Venus 16.35 Leo,   Mars 21.51 Taur, Jup 28.28 Lib,   Sat 19 Sag….

Ura 13.28 Leo,   Nep, 2.34 Scorp,   Plu 2 Virg.    Hence we see the following, in approximate order of strength: Ven 3 deg. conj. Ura., dazzling creativity...

but love (Venus) for the strange & forbidden (Ura). Many w/ a strong Venus-Uranus aspect are homosexual, & this is his strongest aspect…

Sun 3 deg. conj. Pluto. Incredible intensity & intense perfectionism, w/ a tendency to be hurt as a child & later replay early problems..

Jackson’s Jupiter is in a 4 deg. conj. Neptune… he is truly inspired & has oceans of faith in himself, but enormous delusions & confusion

4th aspect in strength in Jackson’s chart: Mercury 6 deg. conj. Pluto. He studies patiently, he is never satisfied. He grapples w/ evil.

5th, his Jupiter is 8 deg. conj Ascendant, traditionally a Sign of the Highest Rewards & Acclaim, & Great Wealth being poured upon him!

His SUN in Virg opposes MOON in Pisc, his was a Full Moon birth, his emotional nature unbalances his practical side; family, parent problems

His Mercury, wide conj. Venus = Skillful AND Artistic; graceful, singer, dancer, choreographer. Love (Venus) of projecting talent (Merc)

His Mercury 4 deg square Mars. Misunderstandings (Mars) w/siblings (Merc); attacked (Mars) in the press (Mercury). Must think before acting

Saturn 0 deg 29 min. sextile Ascendant . His fame is assisted by older and wiser mentors. Much of his fame will be permanent, not fleeting

He has Libra rising, a sign ruled by Venus, which upholds pleasures & the arts. Jupiter also rising shows maximum desire to achieve BOTH.

Saturn had just transited 5 planets in last 5 years, the most difficult years of his life. He felt lonely. He had few friends at this time.

Saturn transiting 11th House of Friendship & Associations. He had huge task to perform – come-back concerts but 1 or more close friends let him down

Saturn appl 3 deg to sq natal Sat He questions validity of his chosen path in life & feels frustrated, unappreciated.  Tense!  Troubled!

More on:  Saturn transits sq to Saturn: He has lack of optimism, burdened w/ not only seriousness but huge expense of time & energy required

Jackson was asked to embark on hugely difficult “come back trail” at EXACTLY the WRONG time for such a deed — Saturn trans sq Saturn!

For Michael Jackson, question of an EARLY DEATH manifests in SUN, MOON & Mercury being in harmful aspect to PLUTO. Could’ve been killed!

Or Michael could’ve felt SO GLOOMY now, unsupported, unhappy at the huge task ahead of him on his “comeback trail” that he — gave up!

A matter of conscience? Jackson’s Venus conj Uranus & Sun+Moon w/ Pluto aspects must have made him feel REMORSE like Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde.

That is, he consciously KNEW he was “different”. But the strong Venus-Uranus aspect makes it impossible for him to take a normal male role.

Venus = planet of LOVE & Mercury = planet of YOUTH. In afflicted charts (Pluto involvement, etc), Ven-Merc conj can cause a love for boys

Pluto oppresses, darkens, his feelings…not even Jupiter Rising, which gave him so many riches, can sustain him when SUN & MOON are ‘down’

All worn-out after years of hardships, the loss of friends, people demanding money — he was probably being “shaken down” for even MORE money than we ever found out about — the prospect of 50 concerts, in his condition, must have seemed a grueling task.…   so….  one way or the other…  consciously or unconsciously,  actively or passively,  he took the ‘easy way out’.

Michael Jackson’s planetary positions, etc., from Astrotheme http://www.astrotheme.com but conclusions were my own.

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