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UPDATE!  Please don’t miss the outrageously fascinating, well-nigh unexplainable Spirit Faces and Spirit Photos pages at my: —  Ancient Artifact of Solid Gold in Spirit World Feast your eyes on a rare phenomenon.  These are images that arrive through thin air from bright light hitting a surface.

They take the form of fairies or angels, like this one… Of knights, shimmering cities, lumps of gold or silver, intricate compartments of families that appear to be living happily together in a galaxy of unknown place and size and time.

There is a real spiritual dimension to this phenomenon, and that’s why it’s inspiring us over at the Cosmic Church.  Thanks!


I have owned & operated 3 Yahoo Group sites for many years.  You may enjoy visiting, reading, joining, and sharing!  Let’s put some life into some of the Yahoo Groups.  They do serve a purpose, providing specific locations that generate material of interest to a group of people, nicely organized into files and photo albums, etc., better than Facebook knows how to do it,   in fact!

My Astro_Psychic Group has been up since (2003? I think!)  It has thousands of messages, questions, and answers about various metaphysical topics, chiefly Astrology with a smattering of Tarot and other (mostly) related subjects.  Sometimes it was like “one big family” and we strayed off into other areas…

A paperback book exists of the best of Astro_Psychic.  Here it is:

All-seeing Eye of God, with Masonic symbols


Controversial?  Of of my 3 groups, it is undoubtedly Mystic Truth, or rather:  mystictruth.  It was started by a good California friend of mine, who turned it over to me and I really have been challenged to do as much with it as I should.  The premise may be shocking to some people:   YHWH (Jehovah) is NOT God!  A real God, a god worthy of being worshipped, does not torture people in hell, etc.  Something intelligent people intuitively realize, but not if one’s been brainwashed by sermonizing control-freak parents and preachers since early childhood!  “Train them on Kool-Aid, they’ll always drink it!”   The question is:  If Jehovah is NOT God, who is?  If there is a God.  Mystictruth seeks clarity on that point.   Find it, read it, join it, at:

Finally, MY MOST POPULOUS Yahoo Group…  Occult_Imagery.  Yahoo Groups don’t seem to have quite the same activity that they had 5 or 10 years ago, but that may be a fallacy.  Any web-based groups are only as active as the people who read and post messages!  I have been guilty of starving my Groups in recent year, despite having nearly 700 members in my Occult_Imagery Group.  I think that’s because at a certain point my interests matured to a point where images of mystic, occult, graphic or controversial things just weren’t of that much interest anymore.  Yet, the Group is still there and I want to start doing RIGHT by it… So read, comment, post, etc.   I do moderate my groups to avoid them becoming total SPAM buckets.  And once in awhile I DO post stuff….

Just this morning I found a nice archive of mystic symbols of various kinds and posted a new ALBUM to Occult_Imagery.  (They are all in the public domain, by the way, so feel free to copy!) These particular images had to do with Freemasonry, although some look suspicious to me… there might be some “occult” but not necessarily Masonic images included.  You’ll see what I mean.  Have a look and tell me if these are REALLY all Masonic symbols!   Click “photos” on the left column.

A few things... This was set-up as an ADULT site.  Yahoo is very watchful about any young people getting onto this and similar sites,… so PLEASE!  It’s for “18 and over” only.  Secondly, don’t be spooked by the first appearance of the site, it is NOT devoted to either witchcraft or Satanism, per se.  Finally,  you DO have to join in order to post  or comment.  UNLIKE my Blog, where I have now opened up a COMMENTS section, which I thought would be a good way to make friends, express views, ask questions, etc.  I do moderate all comments, however, and SPAM will not be tolerated, any more than it is on Occult_Imagery or any other Yahoo groups!

Okay!  Let’s all have a great day!


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