Ed Augusts New Books! Hope you like ’em!

   undefined  Here are Ed Augusts’ NEW BOOKS that just came out this year, and available on Amazon’s Kindle.com.  Links are given below.

* “Great Secrets of the Tarot”  ,  “Planetary Combinations in Astrology Charts” ,  and   “100 Scary, Creepy Movies”.  The third book is ILLUSTRATED with 21 of the author’s edgy,  somewhat “dark”, cartoon-type drawings!    “Planetary Combinations” is 473 pgs. long. (about 420+ on Kindle with variably-sized type). There is SO MUCH Astrology in that book!  We hope you’ll enjoy it. 

“Great Secrets of Tarot”  uses all of Augusts’ experience and knowledge of 40 years of work with the Tarot!  He has several SYSTEMS in the book as well as LAYOUTS that you might enjoy.

“100 Scary, Creepy Movies” is basically an appreciative, descriptive list of 100 scary Horror & Sci-Fi type films, with 21 illustrations.  It’s a chance to show off Augusts’ appropriately edgy, weird drawings!


  • Price just reduced to $5.99.

We will also eventually put these titles up on Amazon’s ‘ChangeSpace”, which is their softcover edition publisher, so you will soon be able to choose between an e-book and a paperback version of the same book.  Barnes & Noble might get a try, as well!

 Ed Augusts now has an Android / Smartphone so you can Call OR Text:   (520) 305-8768  or just write him at:   Ed@edaugusts.com

Ed Augusts’ latest Astrology ebook!   420 pgs … just $5.99. http://www.amazon.com/Planetary-Combinations-Astrology-Esoteric-ebook/dp/B00B68AYH4     More Planets for your Dollar.  Your Amazon review would be much appreciated!  Thank You!

Kindle Edition

100 Scary, Creepy Movies — illustrated with 21 drawings by the author. Just $2.99.  Please review the book, too. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it!

Kindle Edition

Don’t forget Ed’s previous Amazon/Kindle production:  “Secrets of the Ouija Board“, a CLASSIC on the subject.  which he co-wrote with that mystical lady, Nikki Ligtelyn, back in his California days. Originally published in paperback in 1997 by “Mystic Books” in Mountain View, California.   The price has been reduced on this ebook to just $2.99.  Hope you enjoy it, and a review would be most appreciated, as well!

Secrets of the Ouija Board  http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Esoteric-Unique-Series-ebook/dp/B00BB0AKGC


Tarot Illustrations thanks to Wikipedia.org


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Please read "Strange Adventures of Ed Augusts" for hundreds of pages of info and memoir. The "Bio" page on www.edaugusts.com, and "Books That Influenced My Childhood" may also be of interest.

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