Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner & Others

I have just been looking at natal charts for Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, and it is hard to believe this wasn’t an on-and-off battle for mental and physical domination. with Natalie clearly being the winner throughout their time together. Ah, well!  “Some like it rough!” as they say…

Natalie’s July 20, 1938 chart is AMAZING!  Who would have thought that the thoughtful little girl in “Miracle on 34th Street“, (1947), would be having simultaneous affairs with Nicholas Ray and Dennis Hopper, as well as Elvis Presley, within 9 or 10 years, although it is not known if Elvis got to “twang” her guitar strings.  Hopper and Ray surely did.  She was called “rebellious” at that time, dating significantly older men. Ray, her director in “Rebel Without a Cause” (1957) is reported in several biographies to have taken her virginity. She was “HOT”, she had the burning fire of the SUN in close conjunction with the RED planet MARS, and the intense powerhouse planet, PLUTO. These three are in 27, 28, and 29 degrees. respectively, of Cancer, and they all closely square her MOON, meaning her emotional highs and lows must have been off the Richter scale, both demanding as well as responsive.  Her needs were such, that a variety of men, almost all of them quite a bit older than herself, dated her.  Hopper confirmed that she had dated homosexual (Perry Mason star) Raymond Burr, 21 years older than she. and that they’d looked just like a ‘couple’. Burr would have just made “Godzilla” at that time. In fact, she dated several gay male actors and ‘supported’ a gay screenwriter while he worked on a script.  So, this was an open-minded lady who surrounded herself with a wealth of personalities… almost all of whom were men.  Surely SHE was in FULL control of them, AND her love life… the planetary aspects in her chart definitely confirm that

Somehow Robert Wagner walked into all this, and even though their charts cannot be said to be compatible, Wagner must have fallen — HARD!!   He was born February 10, 1930.  Many of the events of their life together seem fairly benign at first glance. They met in 1956, married in 1957. in what was announced as “the most glittering union of the 20th century”.  Their charts. however, are NOT auspicious together, and soon after their glittering marriage took place, Wagner and Woods’ careers began waffling and wobbling. Living a bit beyond their means in Beverly Hills, they DID NOT prosper, Within a year or two of marriage, Wagner lost his contract at Warner Brothers and Woods was suspended for 14 months because she refused to film a picture in England. They languished, and filed for divorce in 1962, but remarried in 1970, despite intervening marriages for both… Despite having children together, the remarriage was a categorical mistake.  Sure, Wagner loved her, but they just weren’t all that lucky together, as the Final Act of their lives together proved.  Wagner’s Mercury and Mars were SO afflicted by an opposition by Natalie’s powerful Sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction,  — it could NOT have made for a good, clear, positive exchange of ideas, much less cemented their life together. They must have “run over each other’ with repeated serious conflicts and “tests of strength”.  I would not have thought that two people with so many ‘tough’ aspects between them would have stayed together….  but love is an anchor that sinks into the mud of blind passion as well as sentimentality.

Her second marriage to Wagner ended in her drowning off Catalina on November 29, 1981.  Her natal Mars conjunction Pluto and Sun, square Moon,  argues for a possible destructive end to her intensely-lived life; this is not a lady who was likely to die of old age in her bed… but that doesn’t mean a murder occurred. Her emotional highs and lows must have been SO intense, that a plunge into the ocean to swim away some of her blahs, or in some fit of pique, is both likely and understandable.   Ah!  I see now why her mother reported that a gypsy had told her she would drown…  Natalie’s Sun-Mars-Pluto, which are so energetic and dangerous are in the last degrees of Cancer, a Water sign.  In the last analysis, the element of water played its role.  The proximate cause was that she’d been drinking heavily on the night of her death.  Here, things get very tangled in roots and weeds and underwater obstructions… She was on the boat with both the boat’s pilot, Wagner, and another man… a man of mystery… an outsider to California, an outsider to Robert Wagner, who seems to form one corner of a “triangle”…

That’s why I am now looking at Christopher Walken’s chart. (Born: March 31, 1943).  He was on the boat that night, as well. Walken, 13 years younger than Wagner… five years younger than Natalie Wood.  Christopher and Natalie had been working on a movie in North Carolina and Natalie had insisted that he fly back with her to California.  How that went over with Robert Wagner can only be surmised.  Walken’s Sun and Mercury are, in synastry (chart comparison), in very hostile aspect to Wagner’s Uranus and Saturn, but he doesn’t appear to have been any kind of threat to Natalie.  It was Walken who received the negativity, not Wagner. Walken could not have made any impact on Wagner through polite dinner conversation and the like.  Wagner must have been furious at his mere presence.  It looks to me as if Walker could have been drawn into an argument with Wagner. The rest… is a mystery… for now! I haven’t looked at the transits of November, 1981 yet!

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