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I’ve finished my 485-page “Planetary Aspects” book which has 950-odd numbered sections of famous, notorious, and ‘every-day’ people who have one or more close or exact planetary aspects in their natal charts. The book is organized according to aspects, starting with the Sun.  The similarities and differences between people can be seen so visibly using the aspects, that it is impossible to imagine they could be any kind of coincidence.

I’m using my book as PART of what I do, when I interpret astrology charts for people I can tell anyone what famous or notorious people they, or their friends or family, resemble. Most of us are a combination of 2 to 4 major ‘types’.  Hopefully, they’re all “good”, but occasionally, some of us have 1 or 2 facets of our personality that take us into unconventional realms or which makes us aggressive, antisocial, obsessed, psychopathic, etc., at least in PART of our ‘natures’.  Often the worst aspects are repressed by the good ones, but when there are 2 or 3 ‘malefic’ aspects in the foreground of the birth chart, they do eventually come out and sometimes cause havoc. 

This is a patently obvious tool which can be used to decipher human nature — with forensic sharpness — which our ‘system’ is not set-up to use,  but which any thinking person can clearly see with the slightest perusal of the data.  As for me, all of this is just an added weapon to the arsenal of interpretive tools I have.

Here’s a an example of a few names from my book, that all shared a certain aspect.  Let’s visit the Mars-Pluto conjunction!  See for yourself!




MARS, the God of War and Male Energy.  in conjunction with PLUTO, planet of intensity, of secrets, of Plutocracy, of raw power!  There is an amazing toughness in these people, even the women are tough as nails, with early and powerful ambition, and knowing what to do to succeed (marry Bill Clinton; marry the Prince of Wales; go after modeling jobs as a young teen; be as tough as Ripley on the Alien series!) The men build weapons, win wars, start revolts and revolutions. It’s weapons or strange metal jewelry or explosive rockets for the men. The women are tough, or forced to become tough… in & of themselves.


802. MARS-PLUTO. There is an exact (within ½ a degree) conjunction of these strong, capable, and controlling plantets, in Leo, in the birth chart of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This combination makes her tough as nails, and shows that she likes taking center-stage. No wonder she could withstand all that media and Congress threw at her husband in the Lewinsky scandal. No wonder she ran for President in the 2008 election, only to be ousted by the supporters of Barack Obama, possibly because even though Mars-Pluto makes a person tough and feisty, a worthy fighter, it doesn’t necessary make a person appear to be very approachable or personally likeable, especially in Leo, which always has a spotlight shining down on it.


803. MARS-PLUTO are six degrees apart in Virgo in the birth chart of Lady Diane Spencer, Princess of Wales (See: Above). They point to a woman who just could not be “in second place”, waiting for all her ‘cues’ from her dear husband, patiently conforming and living out a storybook life, because such a life must have felt phony to her. The Virgo sign placement suggests plenty of verbal criticism of anything in the status quo she didn’t like. The combination of this aspect with her Moon opposition Mars, indicates abrasiveness, fireworks, and possibly intimidation and threats. I’m sorry, but the planets suggest: It could only have ended badly.


804. MARS-PLUTO is also in conjunction in a 1-1/2 degree conjunction in Leo, in the natal chart of screen actress Sigourney Weaver, (See above), whose bravery and fortitude (Mars) under the pressure of relentless, slavering aliens (Pluto) in the “Alien” series, as well as a keen environmentalist, and after “Gorillas in the Mist: The Tale of Diane Fossey”, makes us say: Behold! A (5′-11-1/2″) woman of wonders!


805. MARS-PLUTO. Speaking of “a woman of wonders”, (Weaver), there is a just-under 4 degree conjunction of Mars and Pluto, together with Uranus, which is also part of the conjunction, and with Mars closely opposed by Saturn in 16 Pisces, in the chart of young starlet and model Brooke Shields (See: above). All these aspects are really impinging most heavily on Mars, which, opposed by Saturn, keeps her from being ‘her own person’ throughout a childhood dominated by others, such as (I presume), her ‘stage door’ mother. That she was perceived as a sex object in a number of films such as the New Orleans prostitution saga “Pretty Baby”, rather than as a unique gifted and innocent individual and child, is evidenced by the rough treatment Mars gets no less than 3 malefics. The oppression of it all, is clear in these planets! (See also: Sun conjunction Jupiter and Mars opposition Saturn).


806. MARS-PLUTO. Mars, the planet of energy (and war) as well as intense activity, possibly of a sensitive or secret nature (Pluto), are in a 3 degree conjunction in the Twelfth House, the house of secrets and mysteries, in the natal chart of Werner von Braun, (March 23, 1912), German scientist, developing secret new weapons for the Nazis, who was (luckily for him) recruited to continue rocket research for the United States at the end of World War II. His lucky career move to the United States is seen in his Mercury-Jupiter trine, which bespeaks travel, continuing education, publications, etc. Interestingly, the Mars-Pluto aspect could just as easily appear in the chart of a criminal, positing a similarity between work (Mars) for the military (Mars) and possible criminal activity (Pluto). Look for the use of weapons in various guises, showing-up as a combination of Mars and Pluto natal energies. Von Braun got a second chance after the collapse of the German military machine; most Mars-Pluto conjunctees are not so lucky.


807. MARS-PLUTO. A close conjunction between Mars, the red planet of energy, masculinity and battle, and Pluto, the planet of intense dedication and obsession for power, occurs in Taurus on the Tenth House side of the Midheaven in the natal chart of General Douglas MacArthur, in charge of the American forces in the Pacific during World War II. This conjunction may not have worked out quite so well for MacArthur but for the fact that Mercury was in a close trine to both Mars and Pluto, showing an exceptionally powerful thought-process. Taurus is often about stubbornness, and MacArhtur was inflexible in his opinions and decisions, making both friends and enemies. Ultimately, he was replaced, but not until he had supervised the surrender of Japan and the conversion of Imperial Japan into a peacetime state. He must have supported the use of the Atomic Bomb, based on Pluto (atomic power) being in the foreground of his chart. He advocated using atomic bombs against the Communists to win the Korean War. The chart makes it seem he was, indeed, a hothead, but a well-informed and shrewd one who probably had the right answer for the situation.


808. MARS-PLUTO are in a 3 degree conjunction near the Midheaven, where their energies are more in the ‘foreground’, in the chart of Bolshevik and Communist Party strategist Leon Trotsky (November 7, 1879). This aspect shows he was eager for power and control, but it can also be a fatal aspect, showing a ‘fall’ – at some point. In fact, the first part of one’s life is filled with glory, but then Pluto (in its role of the ‘dark side’), catches up with flamboyant, or bloody, Mars. It is then that The Fates may strike. In Trotsky’s case, he was pursued by Stalinist assassins who chopped him in the head with an axe in 1940 Mexico. He could run, but he could not hide. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus is also a sign of the “outsider”, the anarchist (Uranus) who thumbed his nose at the standards of law (Jupiter).


809. MARS-PLUTO. This pair is conjunct in 6 and 11 degrees of Cancer in the chart of “Nation of Islam” spokesman and later, Sunni Muslim (just prior to his assassination), Malcolm X (May 19, 1925). Saturn in Scorpio trines Mars-Pluto, but it also opposes Mercury, (Which: See), implying lots of challenges and criticism (Saturn) of Malcolm’s statements (Mercury). There is some doubt as to the positive energies of Saturn trining a Mars that has Pluto adjacent to it, or Saturn trining Pluto that has Mars adjacent to it.


810. MARS-PLUTO are in a conjunction, just 10 minutes of longitude from exact, in the chart of occult author Dennis Wheatley. (See: Above). Although the conjunction is part of a Mars-Neptune-Pluto trio, the Mars-Pluto portion is much more powerful than the rest. This fits into the military (Mars), as well as occult subject matter categories (Pluto). Unlike some who skirt the subject of the occult, Wheatley dove into volumes of fiction that included Satanism and Witchcraft with an eagerness and believability.


811. MARS-PLUTO are conjunct in Virgo, by a little more than 3 degrees in the chart of a metal-worker and jeweler, whom we can call Metal Jeweler who invents little metallic gadgets as well as silver and metallic jewelry of unique kinds. Assisting his Mars-Pluto, are two sextiles: Mercury in Cancer, and Neptune in Scorpio, on either side of the Mars-Pluto. The Mars-Pluto is very physical. He has a side-line, a rikshaw business, and drives around at night, selling rickshaw rides. There is also a rough side to Mars-Pluto, there are problems with religion; and there are problems with a rough life that sometimes involves gangs and fights. The ornamental, artistic, and inventive side of Mars-Pluto vies for power with the anger (Mars) and control (Pluto) side of the aspect. I saw Metal Jeweler freak-out at a “fire scare”, when he thought someone was trying to burn down his building: He squeezed through a raw air conditioner duct, slicing himself in a dozen places in the process. A “fire scare” can be seen as control and fear issues (Pluto) having to do with fire (Mars).


812. MARS-PLUTO are two degrees from an exact (fairly self-contained) conjunction in the Sign of Taurus in the natal chart of Anthroposophy and Waldorf School founder, Rudolph Steiner (See: Above). Recent suspicions about the policies of the Waldorf Schools have added some slightly sinister nuances to the parochial, Germanic writings of Rudolf Steiner.  Someone with Mars-Pluto in such a strong conjunction is a veritable soldier for what he believes in.  So, the question becomes:  Do we want what he is selling?


813. MARS-PLUTO are in a 1-1/2 degree conjunction in the natal chart of the flamboyant Zelda Fitzgerald, (July 24, 1900), wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The highs and lows, adventures and jealousies of their life together became material for books each of them were separately writing. Jealousy and anger (Mars) about hidden, subterranean dalliances (Pluto) disturbed her marriage and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction kept her moving, never truly willing to settle down, and never really able to follow the rules (Jupiter) if adventure (Uranus) beckoned. Diagnosed as a schizophrenic, she spent much of her later life in mental institutions, where she died at an untimely age, in a fire. She was minded to be very competitive, which Mars-Pluto has to do with, using her husband as a foil. Mars-Pluto also inflames the passions, it was not to be that her life would be a timid or easy venture; and, seen in people who live violently, and go off to battle, the red planet Mars together with Plutonian intensity, may even at times inflame a catastrophe such as the one that killed Zelda.


814. MARS-PLUTO opposition MOON. Mars and Pluto are in a tight, 29 minute conjunction in 24-25 degrees Cancer, and both are in an opposition to the Moon in 24.03 Capricorn, in the nativity of General Norman Schwarzkopf (August 22, 1934). The Mars-Pluto is a stellar aspect of a commander, and appears to give great power; but the opposition to the Moon is a bit of a puzzler. There must have been quite a bit of moodiness in this personality, despite him rising to be a top general, along with Colin Powell , who both rose up during the same era. (See: Above).


815. MARS-PLUTO opposite SATURN. These two, Mars and Pluto, are in a wide conjunction in Cancer, but with Saturn forming an opposition in Capricorn that falls inbetween their orbs, this therefore unifies the aspect as a trio. This occurs in the natal chart of Rupert Murdoch (See: JUPITER-URANUS above), whose conjunction seems to take on some of the more sinister qualities of square or opposition between Mars and Pluto because of the Saturnian involvement which really does make it fall into the “sinister” column.

Above text is all Copyright (c) 2012 by Ed Augusts.

I’ve discovered that my using the 950-odd sections of data as a kind of ‘template’, a sort of “Who’s Who” in a wide array of biographies that run the gamut of ALL the major aspects between planets, enables me to analyze many of the character traits, abilities, etc., of any individual.  My charts are powerful, revealing, and inexpensive.  I can usually complete them for you within just 24 to 48 hours.  Click

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