New Hybrid Astrology-Tarot Method!


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New Hybrid Astrology-Tarot Method!

Hybridization for Astrology and Tarot?

Wikipedia has at least eight definitions for different kinds of hybridization. This method is very useful: Two different methods, i.e., “parents”, end-up interacting, inspiring, and blending. Hopefully, the BEST each has to offer, thus yielding more benefits, and being more useful, than either method or tool used just by itself.

So, we are not out-of-line in suggesting that a hybrid could be developed from Astrology and Tarot. Those are the two “parents” that we start with. Just like in a marriage or gene-splicing, a “wedding” could definitely be done. I have been working on this method, and I’ve found that it works in a smooth and efficient, creative and productive way! Here’s how:

Starting With a Natal Chart + Transits

We take the Natal Chart of an individual which will show us where the major factors of that person are located, in all the various areas of life. This is seen as planets in signs and houses, and aspects between planets, and planets on angles, which make them stronger or weaker. We will have unique personally identifying information, and quickly get to the major questions going on with that person at that time.

We then see where the transits are – right now! – showing powerful influences going through a person’s life.

The chart and its major features can be drawn at this point onto a White Board, the kind that uses Dry Erase multi-colored markers. This White Board is placed in the middle of the card-table in the front room, or the desk in the middle room, here at my shop. It is placed in the middle of the desk, facing you, the client. (Or it faces me if we’re doing the reading via Internet or the phone!)

Adding The Tarot Cards

When we come to the Tarot portion of the session, we will shuffle, cut, and then draw cards. We will have one card for each house of the individual chart, representing the future of that area of the chart. The kind of card, the specific card and its demeanor, will give suggestions about how the issues shown in relation to that house, will turn-out.  Second House = finances,  Fifth House = love,  Seventh House = marriage,  and so on.

We already noted in the Astrology portion where certain planets are. right now, transiting through one’s chart, and we will then draw one card for each of those transiting planets. (In astrology the word “planet” includes Moon and Sun!) This will give us clues as to how the energies where are working in one’s chart will resolve themselves during a given period of time.

In the event of a Chart Comparison, such as for compatibility, we use the cards to sum-up or answer any questions that were not readily solved through the astrology. No White Board or markers is needed for this kind of session.

If Geographical Astrology is being utilized, then after the Astrology has given a number of alternative locations, the Tarot cards can help pick the best options. No White Board is needed

The price for these Readings, combining both Astrology and Tarot, is the same as any other sessions I am doing right now: $40.00 full hour, $25.00 half hour.

I want to encourage Readings on the Internet and the Phone, as well as in-person, local readings! Once you fund me via PayPal, the Reading can immediately proceed.   I can also send you a PayPal Payment request, if you prefer, so you merely have to respond to the request.   SAME DAY READINGS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. You can reach me via e-mail at: But, you can always leave a message on my “land line”: (520) 327-6-327, and also reach me instantly on my cell phone at: (520) 409-0370. Thank You!


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