New ‘Quick Flip’ Video Tarot Readings

Tarot, Crystal, Astrology!  All Good!

Tarot, Crystal, Astrology! All Good!

Wow, this is exciting! I’m using my new Flip Video Camcorder System to tape record short little Readings using my Tarot cards, and then sharing these with my client on YouTube, so not only can you see the actual Reading — from wherever you are in the world — but you can also get friends or family to see the vids if you want to.  Meanwhile, they’re totally private — I don’t use any real names, etc.

Time of each Reading is limited by the amount of time needed to upload each short video to YouTube, which, using the Broadband connection I have now, may take 30 minutes each,  so I’m purposely keeping these short, and using a technique I call “quick flip”.

My “Quick Flip” method means I shuffle the cards with the thought in mind of the question at hand, and then select the cards, usually the first several cards will be off the top of the deck, but sometimes randomly cutting the deck and extracting further cards to more fully answer a question, as my intuition tells me to do.

AMAZING RESULTS WITH “QUICK FLIP! TAROT! ”  It is amazing how accurate and hard-hitting the Tarot cards can be, even in a situation where the time is very limited.  (You may wish to have MORE than one Quick Flip Video if your situation is important enough!)

The Cost of the Complete Experience? Just $20.00

Rather than direct you to another page on this site, let me just say you can get your Reading, often right away, by writing me at:

I will send you a PayPal request for payment invoice to your e-mail address, in the amount of $20.00.  Please ask a specific rather than a very general Reading.  Questions such as: “What do you see happening for me?” are not as productive of good answers as more specific questions.

So, please just write me at: and ask a question! You will see your Video “on the air” usually within HALF A DAY, unless I get very busy in which case it might take as long as TWO DAYS, from start to finish!

This has all the “feel” of coming to Tucson & seeing me, without you having to come to Tucson & see me! What could be better than that?

To pay & receive this service, just click:


Now. Have a look on this 10-page site for other interesting types of Readings, including Astrology, which is what I’m best known for.   Best Wishes, —-Ed

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